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Gilmore Girls Quiz : Secrets and Loans ...

1. What were Rory's PSAT scores?

760 Math, 740 Verbal
740 Math, 760 Verbal
An undisclosed horrible number; worse than Paris'

2. Where was Jackson hiding?

In an upstairs bedroom
In Sookie's closet
Behind the couch at Lorelai's house
In the walk-in refrigerator at the inn

3. What was printed on Jackson's pajamas?

Pin-up girls
Pictures of Sookie
Pictures of himself, wrestling

4. Who sprayed water at Rory?

Mrs. Kim

5. How many banks turned down Lorelai?

Too many to count

6. What does Dean throw at Rory?

A dirty sock
A basketball
One of her books
A pasta noodle

7. What didn't Lane tell Rory about?

She got a new car
She got a puppy
She's a cheerleader
She's been stalking Henry

8. What does Lorelai hate using?

Her nagging voice
The drill saw
The oven
The computer

9. What color are the new basketball uniforms?

Green and gold
Blue and orange
Red and white
Teal and black

10. The only way Lorelai can get the loan is?

If she dates the bank manager
Begging and pleading
Taking a second job
If Emily co-signs it