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Gilmore Girls Quiz : Forgiveness and Stuff ...

1. Since what year has baby Jesus been in the Christmas pagent?


2. What book did Rory get for Dean?

The Beach
Ann Frank, The Diary of a Young Girl
The Basic Kafka

3. What does Lorelai wait all year for?

Apple Tarts
Apple Salad
Christmas Brownies

4. Where is the key to Emily and Richard's safe?

Emily's top drawer
Richard's top drawer
Behind a family painting
Underneath a rug in the hall

5. What does Lorelai fix herself to eat?

Frozen Pizza
Turkey Sandwich
Bean Burrito

6. What does Rory's message on Lorelai's voicemail say?

Grampa's in the hospital, please come
Grampa had a stroke and is in the hospital
I'm at the hospital, please come
Grampa's sick, come to the hospital

7. What does Emily demand from Richard?

To get everything in his will
To have Lorelai taken out of his will
That he get some rest
To be the first to die

8. What does Luke find revolting?

Guys that wear their pants too tight
People who don't brush their teeth
Guys giving girls their handkerchief
The music they play in the hospital

9. What does Luke tell Rory to do?

Never look back
Walk fast and look straight ahead
Always follow your dreams
Grab some coffee

10. Who will Rory call when she gets home?