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E-Mail of the Week ... receives quite a bit of e-mail everyday. Most of the letters contain praise for both the show and the site, others are silly and humorous, and then there are some that don't fall into any category. The point is, good or bad, they're all pretty interesting. In this section, will highlight one e-mail per week that was especially intriguing and then respond with our own opinion. The idea is not to make fun of e-mails, but rather to share different people's views.

E-Mails of the Week ... Please note: is a completely unofficial fansite. It is in no way affiliated with Warner Bros., Gilmore Girls, or anyone on the cast and crew.

In addition, does not actually send a response to the E-Mail of the Week. The " responses" seen in the featured e-mails are only available on the site. Also, the views expressed in the E-Mails of the Week do not necessarily represent the views of; comments all belong to their respective owners.

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