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Episode: Chicken or Beef? ...

Original Airdate: October 14, 2003

Rory pulls up in front of Lorelai's house with bags of laundry. When she opens the door, a deafening alarm goes off. Lorelai runs downstairs and takes Rory into a corner of the room, where the motion detector can't detect them. Apparently, Kirk broke in while Lorelai was gone and installed a security system for the "pretty spinster", and Lorelai doesn't know how to work it. Rory is amazed that Stars Hollow has a security company. Lorelai tells her that there's even more big news; they have a new mail carrier who's been getting everyone's mail mixed up. Lorelai suddenly notices that Rory's hair is quite short. Although upset that she wasn't told about Rory's spur-of-the-moment hair trimming, she admits that she likes it. The alarm finally stops sounding, but now they're stuck in a corner.

The next day, Rory comes in the front door to find Lorelai on the floor surrounded by post-it-notes. She's mapped out a path where the motion detector doesn't detect. Lorelai asks Rory what she has planned for the weekend. Rory is planning on having a stress-free weekend, with lots of reading and eating and vegging out. As she prepares to leave, however, she notices that the post-it-note path goes in two different directions. Lorelai must have bumped a few. How are they supposed to get out of the house? Rory declares that she hates Kirk.

Rory is sitting in the gazebo, reading and listening to music. She's interrupted by a man who throws a box over her head. People are setting things up around her so she decides to leave. Rory gathers up her stuff and starts walking down the steps but stops short when she sees Lindsay and her mother standing there, deciding where they should display the giant poster of Lindsey and Dean where everyone can see it. Rory runs back into the gazebo and down the stairs on the other side, on her way to Lane's.

At Lane's, Rory asks why Lane didn't tell her about Dean's wedding. Lane apologizes for forgetting to tell Rory that the reception is taking place in the town square. They're interrupted by Brian and Zack, who have been hiding in a cabinet in case Rory was Mrs. Kim. Lane's band is holding auditions for a new guitarist, since Dave went to California for college. Brian and Dave are bitter and refuse to speak his name, saying that no true musician goes to college. Rory corrects them and reminds them of several well-known musicians have indeed gone to college.

Rory is walking down the street when she runs into Dean. He awkwardly apologizes for not inviting her to the wedding, giving her all kinds of lame excuses for why he didn't. He suddenly has a great idea and invites Rory and Lorelai to come to his wedding. She agrees.

Lorelai is at home while Kirk is upstairs, trying to fix the alarm. He's unable to do anything about the motion detector, but does fix it so that Lorelai can make up a new code and control the alarm system. Sookie comes in and asks Lorelai why her phone isn't working. Kirk runs back upstairs to fix that.

Lorelai and Sookie go to Michel's new place of business. Apparently he called Sookie and feels a bit hurt that he hasn't been included in the Dragonfly plans so far. He's also angry at Lorelai for not returning a call he made to her while she was in Europe. At Michel's new job, everyone is very chic and all of the staff talk into headsets. Michel seems to fit right in but admits that he can't stand it. He's thrilled to be re-included in the Dragonfly plans.

Lorelai and Rory are at Luke's, discussing whether or not they should go to Dean's wedding. They eventually decide to go, because if they don't it'll look like they're making a statement. Miss Patty comes in and brings them some of their mail. There's a letter from Taylor that states that the renovations must first be approved by a committee before taking place, as the Dragonfly is a historical building. This is bad news, because they're breaking ground on the Dragonfly on Monday.

Lorelai and Rory go next door into the Soda Shoppe to see Taylor about this. Rory eats ice cream while Taylor tells Lorelai that she has to give a presentation to the committe members at some town function. She asks if the town meeting tonight will be okay. Rory interrupts to tell them that her ice cream is really, really good.

Taylor is making the town meeting drag on and on. Lorelai, Sookie, and Michel sit in the front row, patiently waiting for their turn. Everyone at the meeting starts exchanging their mixed-up mail and Taylor moves to adjourn the meeting. Lorelai and Sookie stop him, and he grudgingly gives them the floor. They start talking about their proposed renovations, and Taylor keeps interrupting. Lorelai's cell phone suddenly rings, and she's surprised to see that the call is coming from her house.

Lorelai goes outside to take the call, leaving Michel and Sookie to continue with the proposal. It's Kirk on the phone, and he's apprehended Lane, Zack, and Brian in Lorelai's garage. They were there holding auditions for their new guitarist. Rory heads home to sort out the situation. Suddenly, everyone starts coming out of the building. As soon as Lorelai left, Taylor adjourned the meeting and was the first one out. Lorelai chases him down, and agrees to meet him and other committe members at the Dragonfly the next morning at 6 AM to have a walk-through.

Luke is cleaning up the diner for the night when he hears a rowdy group of boys singing the Stars Hollow High fight song. Dean and four other guys enter the diner, all drunk except one, who's the designated driver. They've come from Dean's bachelor party (beer in the JCPenney parking lot, batting cages, and laser tag) and want to refuel for "phase two" of the party. One of Dean's friends wants strippers for phase two, and Dean wants cake. Luke isn't too keen on them being there, but he offers to make them pancakes. As he's heading into the back, he hears Dean say "Rory" drunkenly. He convinces Dean's friends to abandon phase two and leave. He then helps Dean up the stairs to Luke's apartment, Dean mumbling about Rory the entire time. He talks about how she's so smart she could probably fix the world, and asks Luke why she couldn't love him. Luke doesn't answer, and it doesn't matter because Dean has already fallen asleep.

Lorelai, Sookie, and Michel stand outside of the Dragonfly while Taylor and others inspect the premises. Taylor is still firmly against the idea of the renovations and comes up with all kinds of lame excuses why. Lorelai has been pushed to the edge. She grabs Taylor by the jacket and demands to know why he's doing this to her, and what she can do to get his approval. He finally admits that he wants to park in ice cream truck in front of Luke's diner, and since Lorelai has pull with Luke, he wants her to ask Luke for him. She agrees and runs off into the woods, taking a shortcut to Luke's.

At Luke's, Lorelai begs him to let Taylor park the truck there. He readily agrees, surprising her. He tells her that Taylor never even asked Luke about the truck. He asked him about a giant ice cream cone, but not a truck. Lorelai is furious at these underhand ways at doing business.

Luke goes upstairs and rouses Dean, who is due at the church in an hour. Dean doesn't mention any of the things he said the night before, so neither does Luke.

Luke comes out of the market, where he sees Rory and Lane chatting. He asks Rory if she knows where Lorelai is. She doesn't, and Lorelai's phone is dead too. Luke doesn't quite know what to say, so he just tells Rory not to go to Dean's wedding. She's taken aback and confused, but agrees.

Lorelai is talking to Kirk about the security system. He tells her that he just wanted to protect her, she says thank you and kisses him on the cheek. Rory comes up and tells Lorelai what Luke told her. Lorelai is confused also, but since Luke seemed so serious about it they decide not to go. As they walk away, Kirk follows them in a small yellow car.

At the Dragonfly, Lorelai and Sookie are posing with sledgehammers while Michel sets the timer on the camera, and then runs to get into the phot with them.

Rory stands beside a tree and watches from afar as Dean and Lindsey's wedding party exits the church, everyone happy and exultant.

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