Episode: The Deer-Hunters ...

Original Airdate: October 26, 2000

Guest Starring:
Alex Borstein (Drella)
Dakin Matthews (Hanlin Charleston)
Liza Weil (Paris Geller)
Emily Kuroda (Mrs. Kim)
Scott Cohen (Max Medina)

It is amazing how a bad mark at school, can change the course of a week. Rory finds this out when she receives a "D" on an assignment. To make things worse, a huge Shakespearian test is announced and Pairs starts to gloat about her perfect grade.

Back at the Independence Inn, things are not going any better. A critic recently published a review of the inn's food and it stated that Sookie's Risotto was just "fine". This immediately depresses Sookie and she initiates a search to find out who the critic was so she can remedy the Risotto.

Meanwhile, Lorelai arrives at a parent-teacher interview and finds out about Rory's bad grade. Shocked, she leaves to find and comfort Rory. Together, the two girls spend the rest of the week studying for the big Shakespearian test.

Finally the test day is here and they both have over slept. A "Gilmore panic" arises and Rory runs out the door with the keys to Lorelai's jeep. On her way to Chilton, a deer hits the car (not the car hits the deer) and Rory becomes even more flustered. This delay causes her to walk into class late and results in her being told she cannot take the test. Rory doesn't think that is fair at all and creates such a fuss she is sent to the headmaster's office and her mom is called. With the mother and daughter pair being so much a like, Lorelai too agrees that it is unfair Rory isn't allowed to take the test. She then reenacts Rory's earlier "tantrum" giving the headmaster a good idea of what it is like to mess with a Gilmore.

On their way home, Rory insists that they stop and look for the deer. While they walk, Lorelai tries to encourage Rory and tell her that she will be able to make it at Chilton. Once they are done looking for the deer, the two bond and head for home.
Credit: Reelteen.com

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