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Episode: Those Are Strings, Pinocchio ...

Original Airdate: May 20, 2003

Rory and Lorelai head through town with large backpacks on their backs. They walk into Luke’s and immediately drop their backpacks on the floor. Lorelai informs Rory that they are not walking around Europe with those on their backs. When Rory explains that they are “backpacking” through Europe and that is impossible to do without backpacks, Lorelai admits that she never pictured them actually carrying the backpacks. Instead, she pictured “spry, accommodating European men with neat mustaches” carrying their luggage, hailing cabs, and telling them how beautiful they are. Rory brings her back to reality, and Lorelai admits, while taking her shoes off, that at least her new walking shoes are broken in, complete with broken skin and toes. Luke walks over and asks Lorelai to leave the shoes on. Lorelai doesn’t see a “No shirt, No shoes, No service” sign, but Luke points it out to her. Rory tells him they are in pain and Luke notices how nobly they are bearing it. Luke asks them to move the backpacks, but Rory says they can’t and Lorelai admits they might not even if they could. Luke moves them himself, and an impressed Lorelai asks if he would be willing to follow them around Europe. Luke informs Lorelai that he has travel plans of his own -- taking Nicole on a cruise. Lorelai notices that a cruise is intimate and a good place to propose. Luke declares that he has no plans to propose, but Lorelai insists that you never know what will happen, while Rory chimes in that romantic cruises say commitment. Luke asks them to drop it and they agree, but then Lorelai starts singing the theme song from The Love Boat. Luke changes the subject to confirm the date and time of Rory's graduation. Luke lets Rory know he wants to be there because he feels like he's been through the whole Chilton thing with her. Rory is glad to hear Luke will be at her graduation. Luke then asks for their order, and the girls decide to go home and rest instead. They get up to leave and Luke reminds them to get the backpacks. Rory wants Luke to store them. Lorelai says they'll hire a flatbed truck to carry them home. Luke says no, and they leave without the packs anyway, arguing over who is going to carry who.

Lorelai and Sookie are standing in the front yard of the Dragonfly Inn, wondering what is taking Luke so long to finish his inspection inside. Lorelai yells at him to come on, and he walks out and right into a cobweb. Lorelai asks him what shape the inn is in, but Luke is preoccupied with the really big cobweb that is all over him. Sookie asks about the inn again, but Luke is worried that there is a spider on him. Lorelai tells him to suck it up and tell them the scoop. Luke says it's not so bad, but Sookie and Lorelai are worried. Luke starts to tell them about the floors, but Sookie and Lorelai jump in saying they're rotted and need to be replaced. Luke says they only need refinishing. Lorelai asks about the roof, but again doesn't give Luke time to answer before saying the roof and walls are caving in, along with their hopes and dreams. Luke corrects them again by saying some shingles need replacing, but that's all. Kirk then leans out of an upper-story window and says he is almost done. He hasn't found any mold, or "silent death," yet, and he wonders if he told them about the dangers of mold and how it affected Ed McMahon's dog. Even though Lorelai tells him yes, he continues to say the dog suffered memory loss due to mold infestation and forgot how to sit. Lorelai agrees that it was horrible. Kirk tells her the mold industry is growing - it's money, but he is scared to death about finding any. Lorelai tells him not to look too hard, then. Lorelai asks Luke if they are buying a money pit. He tells her they will spend money, but it might be a steal. Lorelai is excited and Sookie comments that they are great businesswomen. Luke thinks they can have it up and running in four or five months, which Sookie says will give the Independence Inn plenty of time to find their replacements. They could be running the inn in less than a year. Kirk runs out of the inn screaming and Lorelai is worried that he found mold. Kirk tells her no, it was a mouse.

The Chilton seniors are recording messages for the video yearbook. Paris and Rory wait in line for their turn and Paris makes fun of the girl who is currently in front of the camera. Rory reminds her it's the end of the year, when people get nostalgic. Paris asks how Rory's valedictorian speech is coming along and Rory stumbles around an answer, saying it's pretty standard and boring. Paris tells her to relax; she is okay with Rory being valedictorian. Rory is relieved. Paris continues by saying that she Googled the personal histories of Ivy League valedictorians back twenty-five years, and they didn't necessarily do well later in life. She continues with examples: business failures, crumbled marriages, suicides, obesity, car crash deaths, jail time, and one suffocated when his cat fell asleep on his face. Louise and Madeline are now in front of the camera, and Louise instructs the video operator to pan her body nice and slow, because she’ll never look better than she does now. Paris yells at them to hurry and tells the video operator she needs six minutes, even though they are only allowed two, and starts in on her message.

Michel and Sookie complain about only having one guest at the Independence Inn. To make things worse, Michel has towel duty, so he knows exactly who has been using the towels. Michel thinks it is degrading for a man of his capabilities to be on towel duty, while Sookie complains that with no kitchen, her skills as a chief are deteriorating. Michel needs mental stimulation and Sookie needs to fry a dead animal in a skillet. Michel is getting sick of Sookie, but he isn't as sick of her as she is of him. Michel tells her to do the towels - he isn't doing them anymore. Sookie refuses - she hates the stupid guy with his stupid newspaper. Lorelai walks over and tells them not to bicker in front of the guest. Michel wonders how long they can keep the inn up with just one guest - half of the rooms are still closed because of the fire, most of the staff were laid off, Michel is stuck doing mite-covered towels, and the owner's son is walking around with a bunch of men in suits. Sookie doesn't think it's good that John is there. Lorelai convinces them to stop worrying; John is just looking over things to get the inn up and fully running again. Michel and Sookie agree and walk away.

Emily calls Lorelai, wondering if they will be sitting together at graduation. Lorelai tells her of course, they are family. Emily admits that she knew that, she was just making sure Lorelai knew. Lorelai again says they are sitting together. Richard, who is on the other line, wants Emily to ask about their gift for Rory. It's a big gift, but it's a big occasion. They want to get Rory a car. Emily is shocked to hear that Lorelai thinks it’s a great idea: Rory needs a way to and from Yale and the quicker she can do it, the more Lorelai can see her. Basically, it's a gift for Lorelai too. Lorelai’s only condition is that the car not be a gas-guzzler: no Ferrari or Lamborghini. Lorelai tells them she will see them at graduation and they hang up. John walks over to the front desk and Lorelai admits that she has been lying to people about him all day, saying it's not a big deal that they are walking around with concerned looks. She thinks she has been lying to herself, too. John tells her that they have to close off three more rooms, which will only leave them with two rooms. John also says that the estimate for the repairs is not pretty, and his mom is leaning toward selling, but nothing's final yet. Lorelai is shocked - she just keeps thinking about how Rory grew up there. John leaves to get back to the group, and Lorelai tells him not to trip over their one guest.

Sookie and Jackson are home watching television when they receive a surprise visit from Lorelai, who is ready to celebrate. Sookie wonders what the celebration is for as Lorelai tells her and Jackson to get some glasses and put on some festive music. Sookie admits that she doesn't know what's going on, but it is fun. Jackson goes through their music choices, while Sookie wipes off the fancy glasses. They settle on Herb Albert and the Tijuana Brass and Lorelai says she has Dom for herself and Jackson and the apple bubbly stuff for Sookie and the baby. They all yell cheers. Again, Sookie asks what they are celebrating. Lorelai tells them that the Independence Inn is closed - they are boarding it up right now. At this point, she asks if anyone wants more to drink. A confused Jackson wonders if gold was found in the basement, because this doesn’t seem to be a reason to celebrate. Lorelai offers that one should always celebrate new challenges, like soon not being paid. Sookie is devastated that the inn is closed, but Jackson looks to the positive -- Sookie and Lorelai can now focus solely on the Dragonfly. Sookie and Lorelai agree, but Lorelai still has more news. She tells them to drink more. Sookie admits that she already feels a little drunk, and Lorelai is glad, because now she can tell them that they can't buy the Dragonfly. She no longer has a steady income. Sookie wonders if that is an exciting challenge, too, and Lorelai confirms that it is: Now they can do anything because they are not penned in. Sookie says that thinking of new challenges will keep her distracted from the fact that they no longer work together and will see way less of each other. Lorelai offers it will make their time together more enjoyable. Jackson adds that he is also losing work as their vegetable supplier, and will be seeing less of his wife and close friend than before. Lorelai offers another cheer on this final note.

At the Town Meeting, Taylor rambles on while everyone looks bored. He asks for a call in favor and receives no response. His call for those opposed is silent, as well. Taylor asks what is going on, and Miss Patty apologizes. Luke thinks that it's the first time sixty people have lost their train of thought at the same time, and Babette admits that Taylor's voice reminds her of their grocery list. She tells Morey they need croutons. Taylor moves on to the monstrous deer population in Stars Hollow. Gypsy can't believe he is bringing it up again, and Miss Patty agrees that he keeps going on about the deer. Luke tells Taylor to leave the deer alone, but Taylor insists they are taking over the town. He wants to institute partial elimination, because deer cause Lyme disease, auto accidents, and plane accidents. Luke is worried that they have flying deer and Miss Patty says that is scary. Babette tells Taylor that he can snuff out the flying deer, but Taylor continues saying that the worst problem is crop loss. He asks Dean to hand him the blow-up. Gypsy asks if Taylor is paying him for helping and Dean tells her yes. Kirk wants to know how much. Taylor continues with a "randomly-chose" area that was denuded by the deer. Luke points out that it is Taylor's own backyard and Babette agrees, because no one else has a "Kiss the Gardener" sign. Taylor can't believe that no one else is interested in addressing the problem, but Kirk thinks they need to have a controlled hunt with wolves to eat the deer, although then they'll have to deal with the wolves. Miss Patty wants to defer the topic for another year and asks for all in favor. Everyone says aye, and Miss Patty adjourns the meeting.

Rory walks in as everyone is leaving. She can't believe that she missed the meeting and since Lane is still semi-grounded, they have to hurry. Rory wants to see her prom pictures and Lane holds up a large bag. Rory wants to know how many she took, and Lane admits it was 300. She will leave them with Rory because they are self-explanatory. Rory discovers the first several pictures are of the chicken piccata served for dinner, and decides that she can follow the order. Lane has to leave, but asks Rory to keep the pictures in order. Rory walks up to Dean, who is cleaning up Taylor's presentation, and they exchange greetings and small talk. Dean tells Rory that Taylor knows he needs the money, so he's helping Dean out. Rory asks how the wedding plans are going. Dean says they are fine. Rory explains that Lorelai has held many weddings at the inn and has showed Rory a lot of tips: the photographer should take candid photos instead of only posed shots, and if the ring bearer is younger than 5 years old, don't give him the ring until the last second. Dean admits that it's all kind of overwhelming. The hall has to be rented a year in advance - the deposit is refundable - and there is so much to buy for their place. Rory hands Dean a shopping catalog and tells him it's his wedding gift. They can pick out anything they want, but Rory has marked some pages with appropriate stuff. Dean flips through the catalog and is shocked because it is everything. Rory recommends the mixing bowls or the knife set and a sharpener. She learned from Sookie that sharpening is very important - you need to respect your knives. Dean thanks her. Rory tells him to look through it with Lindsay, pick out what they want, and she'll order it. Dean says he will and they say goodbye.

Rory is trying on her graduation dress for Lorelai and Sookie in the living room. Sookie thinks they should bring it in a little more, but Rory says they would have to crush her ribs and flatten her spinal cord in order to do that. Lorelai tells her not to be subtle, because they're slow. Sookie tells them she has to go - she has a job interview and she's nervous. Lorelai asks where the interview is, and Sookie tells her at Harrington's in Westbridge. They want her to be the executive chef four nights a week. She just can't imagine working someplace else without Lorelai. Rory doesn't think it will be bad - it will only be a few months until the Dragonfly opens. Lorelai still hasn't told Rory the bad news - she was waiting for an opportunity, which has apparently come up right now. She tells Rory they are not buying the Dragonfly because it's not the right time. Rory thinks it is the perfect time because if they wait, someone else will buy it. Sookie excuses herself and apologizes for telling.

Rory wants to know why Lorelai and Sookie are putting off buying the inn, since they still have the rest of Grandpa's money. She offers that they'll just have to scrimp on everything until it's running and successful. Lorelai admits that would take a lot of scrimping and finally breaks the news that they didn't get financial aid at Yale. Rory doesn't understand, but Lorelai explains that the money from Grandpa makes it look like they have money. Rory wants her to send proof - a bank statement, a letter from Grandpa, and a picture of their couch. Lorelai swears that she tried everything. Rory wants to know why Lorelai didn't tell her. Lorelai admits that she didn't want Rory worrying about this on top of everything else she has going on. Lorelai says that Grandpa's money is paying for Yale, but Rory disagrees. She wants to take out a student loan from the bank, but Lorelai doesn't want her to be in debt when she graduates. Rory starts freaking out, saying she'll change her major to business or engineering so she will make a lot of money when she graduates to pay it back. Rory corrects Lorelai that it is "our" lack of money. Rory thinks there should be another way, but Lorelai's looked and there's nothing else. Rory doesn't think it's fair to Lorelai, but Lorelai tells her that she will have her own inn one day - Yale just comes first. Rory starts walking to her bedroom and Lorelai asks what she is going to do. Rory tells her she is going to "rail at God for awhile" and Lorelai asks Rory to "tell her I said hi."

Lorelai looks around her living room, which is surrounded with clothes and other stuff for their trip to Europe. She wonders what happened to the packing elves that were supposed to pack their bags overnight. Rory walks into the living room holding up a black sweater. Lorelai can't believe that Rory hates the dress she made her that much, but Rory is talking about bring it for Europe, not graduation. Lorelai, relieved, says it's perfect - it won't show dirt or wrinkles and she may be mistaken for Simone de Beauvoir. Rory says it's too heavy -- the sweater, not the reference -- and explains that they both need to cut weight from their packs. Lorelai tells Rory that she is doing her part, but Rory doesn't think Lorelai needs five pairs of boots. Lorelai agrees to drop some boots if Rory will drop some books, but Rory can't drop any of her twelve books. Rory tells Lorelai that she also needs to cut back on her undergarments because they will rinse with Woolite every few days. Lorelai decides Europe will be an uncomfortable place. Rory then brings up Lorelai’s toothpaste - she is bringing three tubes because if she loses one, she'll have one to take its place. Rory counters that if Lorelai brings three tubes of toothpaste, Rory will bring twelve books, plus a dictionary. Lorelai tops that latest statement with her comment that she will bring the densest and heaviest substance known to man - mercury. They give up and Lorelai tells Rory to cancel Europe. Rory leaves and tells Lorelai that she loves her graduation dress and jokes that it's a shame about Europe being cancelled. Rory strikes a final compromise - nine books for two toothpastes. It‘s a deal.

Richard and Emily answer the door to find Rory on the porch. Richard wonders what she is doing there on her graduation day, and Rory tells them she needs to talk to them about a time-sensitive issue. They walk into the living room, where Richard explains he was retying his tie for the third time. Rory asks them to sit, and Emily wonders if they should be nervous. Rory admits that she is, a little, but they shouldn‘t be. Rory tells the Gilmores she needs money for Yale. It's a long story, she explains, but that they were denied financial aid and she has no other options. She then explains that she would like a loan for all four years and she will get a part time job to help pay them back. She will also reinstate Friday night dinners. Emily thinks it's a wonderful idea and Richard tells Rory they've missed her. Rory says she's missed them, too, and asks if the plan works out for everyone. Emily says they are happy to do it, but Richard has a condition. He is happy to pay for Yale, but he doesn’t' want it to be a loan. Rory insists that it has to be a loan, because it would be too easy otherwise. Richard suggests a compromise - she will not start paying it back until five years after graduation, seven years it she gets her Master's degree. Rory agrees, but she wants to pay interest. Richards says that would break the deal. Rory reluctantly agrees, and Richard and Emily are pleased. Richard tells Rory that if journalism doesn’t work out for her, she should work for him because she has great deal-making skills. Emily wonders if Lorelai knows that Rory is there with them, and Rory tells her no. She tells them that she will see them at the ceremony and leaves.

Lorelai and Sookie head for seats in the courtyard for the Chilton graduation. Lorelai is disappointed that there is no special seating for the family and friends of the valedictorian. Luke and Jackson are standing by the building, and Lorelai and Sookie know they are talking about things like the building's construction and insurance costs because that's what men do around big, fancy buildings. Sookie yells for them to come over. They figure out that they need six seats. Luke and Jackson walk up talking about the stones being hand carved and having to use pulleys and fulcrums. Lorelai and Sookie make a promise not to make fun of any kids, because their parents could be sitting behind them, just like "the big-eared Romeo fiasco of '98." Lorelai's pager goes off and Sookie wonders who would be paging her. Lorelai thinks there may be a special surprise party for the valedictorian's mother backstage. She starts to leave and tells Luke and Jackson to look at the gargoyles. This sets them off again - the gargoyles are imported from Europe and the insurance for the building must be astronomical.

Inside Chilton's crowded cafeteria, Lorelai is busy pretending to look for Rory so she can brag about Rory being valedictorian and her daughter. When Rory appears, Lorelai wants her to leave so she can continue bragging. Rory takes Lorelai into the hallway and tells her that she is getting the inn. She tells Lorelai to put in the bid and use Grandpa's money. Rory explains to her confused mother that Grandma and Grandpa are paying for Yale. Lorelai stops her right there, but Rory continues by telling Lorelai that she explained the situation and they are loaning her the money. Lorelai assumes that this was the Gilmores’ idea, but Rory insists that she approached them. Lorelai tells her no, but Rory insists that it's a done deal and Lorelai needs to put in the bid before they lose the inn. Lorelai tries to explain that with the Gilmores, strings are attached to everything. Rory tells her there are no strings and explains the payback plan, including the Friday night dinners. Lorelai calls her Pinocchio, telling her those are, indeed, strings. Rory again insists that the dinners were her idea and that she is the only one obligated to go. Lorelai is in no way a part of it. Lorelai says that Rory shouldn't have done it behind her back, but Rory insists that Yale was her thing and she needed money, so she got it. Lorelai calls the Gilmores "master manipulators,” but Rory informs her that she is the one manipulating Lorelai. Lorelai isn’t buying it. She believes that the Gilmores are manipulating Rory to manipulate Lorelai because Emily knows Lorelai will come back to the dinners to be with Rory. Rory offers that everyone is getting what they want, but Lorelai wants just once for her and Rory to get what they want and the Gilmores to get nothing. Rory gives final words to Lorelai to buy the inn and leaves for the graduation ceremony.

Lorelai walks back outside to the courtyard and finds Emily and Richard sitting by themselves. Lorelai asks if they have seen Sookie; they have seats saved. They did, just didn’t sit there because they weren't sure the seating issue had been resolved. A frustrated Lorelai tells them to just stay where they are. Emily hopes Lorelai is kidding and they finally walk over to the saved seats. They all exchange hellos and Richard asks about Christopher, who is obviously not at the ceremony. Lorelai explains that Christopher is out of town, but there will be tons of pictures, a video, and maybe even a reenactment for him when he gets home. They sit down, and Lorelai gives Sookie a short rundown of the situation with the inn and tells her they can put a bid in on it now, but she can’t go into the details at the moment. Lorelai tells her that everything has changed. Sookie leaves to call the lawyer and has to step over the people in the row, telling them it won't happen again. Lorelai notices that her parents left an empty chair between her and them and tells them to move over and be part of the group. Emily thought someone else might be coming and Lorelai tells her no. Richard wants to be sure and Lorelai tells him she is sure. Emily thinks it will be awkward to have to move during the ceremony, but they finally move over. It seems the seating issue is resolved once and for all, and then Emily sighs. Lorelai asks what's wrong, and Emily tells her that an extraordinarily tall man is sitting in front of her.

The students exit the school and take their seats as the ceremony begins. Sookie pushes back through the row of people to her seat and tells Lorelai that she had to leave a message for the attorney. Sookie asks if Rory walked in yet and is bummed that she didn't get a picture, but she pushes past the row of people again to get a picture of her in her chair, apologizing the whole way and saying that she is with the valedictorian. Headmaster Charleston begins the ceremony by welcoming everyone and praising the entire class. He then asks Paris, the student body president, to lead the Pledge of Allegiance. Paris whispers to Rory that Charleston never answered her on the three aspects of the Pledge that she had considered rewriting, but that wouldn't stop her from using air quotes. Later in the ceremony, Brad Langford is at the podium, speaking of his time at Chilton and saying that he had planned on reciting a poem he'd written. Louise hopes he reconsidered and Madeline quietly encourages him not to from her seat. Brad continues, saying he realized that what he wanted to share would be better expressed in a song - one of his favorites. He begins to sing Cherish, and the students cringe.

Headmaster Charleston introduces Rory, the valedictorian, by giving her very high praises - "humble, hard working, competitive when need be, and unparalleled in her academic achievements." As Rory walks on stage, Sookie and Lorelai agree they are not crying because they don't want to miss anything. Jackson agrees and Luke says he's not crying, either. Rory begins her speech and speaks of the two worlds she lives in: a world of books, and a second world that is superior by far because people who are her ultimate inspiration for everything populate it. She mentions Richard and Emily Gilmore, her "twin pillars," and says that she is proud to be their grandchild. The Gilmores start tearing up in their seats. She then says that her ultimate inspiration comes from her "best friend," the "dazzling woman" from whom she received her name and life's blood, Lorelai Gilmore. Lorelai tells Sookie to hang in there with the crying. Rory continues to tell how Lorelai taught her to be anything she wanted to be and she gave Rory role models such Jane Austen, Edora Welty, and Patti Smith. Rory then confesses that the person she looked up to and most wanted to be was Lorelai. Sookie and Lorelai admit that they are crying, but not blubbering. Rory thanks Lorelai and tells her that she is Rory's guidepost for everything. Sookie is now on the verge of blubbering and Jackson realizes that he isn't doing so well, either. Lorelai can't believe it got to Jackson, too. Luke then tells them that they are freaks; he is blubbering. Rory, meanwhile, continues her speech.

Rory and Paris stand in line to get their diplomas. As a name is announced, Paris realizes that she does not recognize half of the people and she asks the girl in front of her what her name and story is. In the audience, Emily and Lorelai can't pick Rory out of the "sea of blue polyester." Jackson, Luke, and Richard talk about how much it would take to insure the building. Lorelai tells them to stop and pay attention because Rory's coming up. Richard apologizes and Sookie pushes out of the row yet again to get a better shot of Rory. When Paris’s turn arrives, she tells the Headmaster "no hard feelings." Next up is Rory. Emily and Richard agree that she looks solemn, like a Gilmore. Then as Rory walks across the stage, she and Lorelai make faces at each other. Emily scolds Lorelai, but Lorelai is proud to have taught Rory everything she knows. When Sookie returns to her seat, she whispers something to Lorelai and Lorelai starts desperately searching for a pen. She asks Luke first; who doesn't have one and wishes she would stop assuming that he always has a pen. Richard hands one over, because you should never be without a pen. Lorelai thanks him and writes, "We got the inn!" on the graduation program. Lorelai holds it up to show Rory and they smile and make faces at each other again. Emily wonders how many more times they are going to do that and Lorelai tells her about six. Headmaster Charleston closes the ceremony with applause for the class of 2003.

Rory meets Lorelai and Luke in the courtyard, asking about her speech. Lorelai tells her it made everyone cry, including Luke. Rory calls him an old softie. Luke realizes that he will never live it down and Lorelai reassures him that she will definitely help him remember it. Luke tells them he has to get back to the diner and tells Rory the building is amazing, and so is she. Rory thanks him and walks away to find the others. Lorelai mentions his upcoming trip with Nicole. She is afraid that she won’t see him before he leaves and she wants him to have fun on his trip. Luke tells her that they may not go because he doesn’t know if the timing is right. Lorelai is afraid it’s because she teased him about commitment and proposing, but Luke tells her it’s not; although he does admit that she wasn’t wrong about it and it is like committing to her – he just doesn’t want to lead her on. Lorelai asks if he likes Nicole and he says that she is great. Lorelai tells him to go, no matter what Nicole is thinking. Luke finally decides that he will probably go and realizes that he was nervous about nothing. He tells Lorelai that he will see her in a couple of months and leaves.

Paris walks up to Rory, figuring they should say their goodbyes. Rory is glad that Paris found her because she wanted to say goodbye too. Paris tells her good luck and they agree that it’s weird because they hated each other most of the time. They share a hug and Paris leaves. Lorelai, Emily, and Richard walk over to Rory. Richard and Emily think it’s the perfect time to give Rory her present. Rory insists that they did not have to give her anything, and Richard tells her it wouldn’t fit in an envelope. The Gilmores are really excited. They walk toward the parking lot, and Richard tells her that it’s the one with the bow. They look over to find a parking lot filled with bow-topped cars, and Richard swears that it was the only one there when he drove up. Rory can’t believe that they got her a car, thanks them, and asks which one it is. Lorelai hopes they got her a different one for every day of the week like the underwear. Richard tells her they got one car, a Prius – safe and great gas mileage. Emily adds that Leonardo DiCaprio drives one. Rory thanks them repeatedly and tells them that she loves them. Emily says they love her too. Richard reminds her to call about insurance and Rory promises to call as soon as she gets home. Richard congratulates her and thanks her for the speech. Rory says that she meant it and thanks them again for everything. Emily tells them to have fun in Europe and asks when they get back. Lorelai gives the date, and Emily tells them they are expected for dinner that Friday night. The Gilmores leave and Rory and Lorelai walk toward the school building. Lorelai wants Rory to explain the “win-win-win” situation again. She still doesn’t believe it.

Rory’s cell phone rings and it’s another hang up. Lorelai points out that she’s been getting a lot of those lately. Rory’s phone rings again. She says hello twice and still doesn’t hear anything, so she walks into the school. She asks if it is Jess and then rants into the phone. She is angry that he didn’t talk to her about everything and that he didn’t take her to prom or come to her graduation or even say goodbye. She tells him that she is leaving for Europe tomorrow and is going to Yale in the fall. She is moving on and even though she may have loved him, she needs to let go. She finally tells him that she hopes he’s good and she tells him goodbye, even if it sounds lame and stupid. Rory hangs up and in California, the caller, Jess, hangs up a payphone and walks down the street. Lorelai walks into the school and asks if Rory is okay. She says that she is and Lorelai tells Rory to come with her. Lorelai wants to make one more stop before meeting up with Sookie and Jackson and going home.

Lorelai walks into the diner while Luke is cleaning tables. He asks where Rory is and Lorelai tells him she is in the car. Lorelai wants to tell Luke something before he goes on his trip. She says, “Don’t get engaged.” Luke is confused and asks why, but Lorelai is already on her way out and Luke just stares after her. Luke then wakes up in his apartment; he was dreaming.

Lorelai and Rory rush down a hallway at Chilton and Lorelai tells her to hurry, but Rory’s outfit produces a lot of wind resistance. They stop at the bottom of the stairs and Rory asks what they are doing. Lorelai tells her that they are leaving their mark and asks if Rory has a knife to carve their initials. Rory sarcastically tells her that she left her switchblade at home. Lorelai looks in her purse for something and finds a safety pin. Rory says that they can’t do it, but Lorelai wants people to know they were there. Rory insists that she was in the yearbook, but that is not enough for Lorelai, who asks about putting it on the wall. Lorelai doesn’t think LG and RG will be figured out. Lorelai asks about the floor, but the marble is 200 years old and Harriet Beecher Stowe walked on it. Robert Frost donated the banister and Thomas Edison ceremonially lighted the sconce for the first time. Lorelai wonders if there is anything in the school that doesn’t have something to do with a famous dead person. They hear people walking by and talk gibberish about the architectural do-dads and hoo-has. When the people are gone, Rory tells Lorelai to carve it really small on the baseboard and to reverse the initials to GL and GR. Lorelai then realizes that it may not be such a good idea after all and Rory thinks that the madness has passed. Sookie opens the door at the top of the stairs, asks if they are coming, and confirms that the party is at Lorelai’s house. Rory didn’t know there was a party and Lorelai tells her that it’s just a little gathering. Lorelai tells Sookie that they will meet her back at the house and Sookie leaves. They start walking up the stairs and Lorelai tells Rory to wait and look around. She asks if Rory notices that it’s not so scary anymore, and Rory agrees.
Credit: Michelle

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