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Episode: Here Comes the Son ...

Original Airdate: May 13, 2003

Lorelai and Rory are sitting at a table at Weston’s Bakery surrounded by books. Lorelai is going over the phrases they need to learn to say in other languages for their backpacking trip in Europe. She thinks they need to know, “Where’s the ladies room?”, “More coffee, please.”, and “Does Antonio Banderas live near here?” Rory doesn’t think they need to know the last question, but Lorelai insists that in Spain they need to know how to say it and in France they need to know how to say “Does Johnny Depp live near here?” Rory wonders if in Rome they need to know, “Does Gore Videl live near here?” Lorelai is sad to think that her ways are lost on Rory. She wants Rory to stop studying, but Rory has finals, so she can’t stop. Lorelai is worried because she hasn’t even touched her pie. Rory wants to finish the chapter she is currently on. Lorelai wonders if they should learn, “Help, I’m bleeding from the head.” Rory thinks they should just bring the phrase book with them, but Lorelai is afraid they will have too much to carry. Rory doesn’t think that they will able to learn it all and again insists they just bring the books. Lorelai thinks they can learn enough because everybody speaks English over there anyway, but she finally agrees to take the books and Rory takes a break to eat the pie.

Lane walks in and sits down with them. She tells them that the brochures for her college are here. Rory notices that Lane seems chipper and Lane tells her she has decided to make the experience a good one. She is looking on the bright side. Lorelai is happy for her and Rory comments on the pretty campus. Lane says that it has two parks with gardens and lakes, and there is one park for girls and one for boys. Lane says that she first thought it would be suffocating with the out of date rules and insane restrictions, but curfew is up to 9:30 PM and 9:45 PM if you’re a Master’s student. Makeup is permitted, but only if it matches your skin tone exactly. You cannot be expelled for owning a Rolling Stones CD because you can work off the demerits in the campus clean-up crew. Lorelai still can’t believe that there are separate parks for boys and girls. Lane admits that her life is over. Lorelai quickly tries to take it back because she didn’t mean it like that. Lane says that Lorelai didn’t have to say it because she knows and she leaves. Lorelai admits to Rory that Lane’s life is over, but Rory doesn’t think so. Lorelai states that everyone in the brochure looked awkward and panicked. Rory tells her to add “Just sit there and look pretty” to her list and goes back to studying. Lorelai wants to add one more question: “Does that sexy guy in the Peugeot ad who had a bit part in Armageddon live near here?”

Lorelai is walking down the stairs at her house carrying her shoes and trying to be quiet. She starts to make coffee when Rory walks out of her bedroom and says hey, scaring Lorelai, who had been trying not to wake her up. Rory admits that she has been up for hours. Lorelai worries that she had a bad dream. Rory tells her that she didn’t have a bad dream, but she just realized that she is never going to finish all the work she has to do. Lorelai wants to know what work she is talking about. Rory, shocked that Lorelai doesn’t know, hands Lorelai a list - “things to do before graduation.” While going over the list with Lorelai, she realizes that she is supposed to run the yearbook distribution table at the Senior Palooza that afternoon. Lorelai has to run the Booster Club Grad Night table too. Rory realizes that she can’t finish everything and still get some sleep. Lorelai tells her that sleep is what keeps her pretty. Rory knows no one will care about her looks if she doesn’t pass her finals. Lorelai thinks she has it backwards and then wonders why Rory has everything so spread out on the table. Rory explains that she is afraid of overloading on one subject and is shifting from one to another because it seems to produce better results.

Lorelai thinks Rory is pushing herself too hard. Rory tells her that every moment is accounted for from that moment until graduation. Then they realize she has forgotten the Kiwanis Luncheon that Rory has to attend because they gave her a scholarship. So, Rory will have to move something around and she also will have to fit Grandma in because she wants Rory to help her pick out a dress for graduation. Lorelai doesn’t want her to go, but Rory can’t say no. Lorelai thinks Emily will understand if Rory tells her about the koala bears (Kiwanis Club). Luke appears at the back door, trying to get Lorelai’s attention without having Rory see him. Rory continues telling Lorelai that she shouldn’t make fun of the Kiwanis Club because she needs the scholarship - Yale is expensive and they haven’t heard from financial aid yet. Luke is still gesturing for Lorelai to come outside. Lorelai tells Rory to relax, they will hear from Yale - but Rory wants it to be soon because she has to put a deposit on the dorm room and buy supplies before going to Europe so that she won’t obsess during the trip. Lorelai tells Rory she is going to get the paper, but Rory doesn’t want to see it until sometime in June. Lorelai tells her to schedule a “chill session” for right now.

Lorelai walks outside to where Luke is standing. He needs to talk to her and he refuses to come inside because Rory is in there. Lorelai tells him not to be scared of Rory; he could take her. Luke wonders if Rory can hear them because he really needs to tell Lorelai something. Lorelai tells him that Rory can’t hear, but he wants her to move away from the door, just in case. Luke is acting weird and finally tells her that Jess is gone and he doesn’t think he is coming back. Luke doesn’t even know when he left because he went to get money out of the safe and noticed Jess’ stuff was missing. Lorelai tells Luke she is sorry, but Luke says that he is finished with Jess - he’s eighteen and can do what he wants. Luke is actually relieved because Jess was driving him crazy. He wants Jess to see how far he can go without someone watching his back. Luke is mostly worried about Rory and assumes she doesn’t know. Rory hasn’t said anything to Lorelai, so Luke offers to tell her, but Lorelai says she will tell her. She just has to figure out when because Rory has a lot going on. Luke doesn’t want her to wait too long because she will notice soon. Lorelai thanks him for coming over, but before Luke leaves he admits that he failed Jess. Lorelai doesn’t want him to think that because Luke supported him, defended him, gave him a chance, and there is nothing more Luke could’ve done to help him. Lorelai asks if he knows where Jess went and Luke thinks he knows where, but he doesn’t tell Lorelai. Luke leaves and Lorelai goes inside through the front door. Rory walks up to her and tells her she doesn’t have time for her jokes about the chill time. When Rory walks back into the kitchen, Lorelai realizes that telling Rory later is good.

Jess gets off of a bus in California and is walking down the street when someone asks if he needs some help. Jess refuses, but the guy keeps pestering Jess because he has lived there for twenty-five years and he can point Jess in the right direction. Jess walks away and the guy tells him to enjoy the day. Jess says to himself, “I’ll have the alfalfa sprouts and a plate of mashed yeast.” He then stands on the beach and watches the ocean.

Lorelai pulls up at her house and opens a letter she has taken out of the mailbox. Once inside, she calls Yale trying to figure out why Rory did not qualify for financial aid. She finds out Rory was denied financial aid because of the money they received from the Richard and Emily is the cause. She tries to explain that they no longer have that money because they paid her parents back for Rory’s tuition at Chilton, but Yale doesn’t care. So, Lorelai will have to figure something out.

Jess walks up to a house in California and as he tries to walk through the gate, a pack of dogs run up and start barking at him. Jess yells, asking if someone is home. A woman, Sasha, is up on the roof and tells the dogs to be quiet. She wonders if Jess is selling something and then when Jess asks for Jimmy, she is afraid Jimmy owes him money. Jess reassures her that Jimmy doesn’t owe him money and he tells Sasha his name. As Jess starts to tell her his last name, a dog begins barking and Sasha asks him to repeat it. Jess just says that he wants to see Jimmy. Sasha asks if Jess has seen the Wizard of Oz and the part where they are at the Emerald City and the guy with the beard won’t let them in. So they tell him that Dorothy has the ruby slippers and he says, “well, that’s a horse of a different color - come on in.” Jess tells her that he has seen it. Sasha then says that she is the guy with the beard and unless he can come up with the ruby slippers, she is saying no. Jess tells her that he is Jimmy’s son. Sasha says, “Well, that’s a horse of a different color - come on in.” Jess wonders if the dogs will bite and Sasha tells him that two will, but she walks away leaving Jess to wonder which two. He tells the dogs that he will bite back. Sasha walks over to greet Jess and apologizes because she didn’t know he was coming. Jess confesses that he didn’t know either. Sasha introduces herself and all ten of the dogs and tells Jess that Jimmy isn’t there. Jess says he will just hang out and walk around if she will tell him when Jimmy will be home, but Sasha invites him in and offers to call Jimmy at work. As they walk inside, Jess asks about her pets. She tells him that they aren’t all hers and even though they drive Jimmy crazy, someone needs to take care of them. She picks up the phone to find Jimmy and tells Jess to wander. Jess is looking around the house - clowns, cats, dogs and he sarcastically wonders where the tap shoes are. Jess walks into another room, opens a cabinet and finds a young girl, Lily, reading inside, which startles him. Sasha comes to the door and tells Jess that Jimmy wasn’t at work, but he should be back soon. Sasha tells Lily that Koko will be over to watch her while she is gone and for her to put the books back when she is finished. Sasha and Jess start to leave and Lily asks Jess to close the cabinet door. He closes it and then leaves with Sasha.

At Chilton, Louise and Madeline are arguing about whether jean jackets are out or not because apparently Marie Claire says they are. Rory walks over and thanks them for handing out the yearbooks for her so she can study. Rory offers to help them bring the boxes in, but they have taken care of it. Two guys walk by carrying the boxes. Louise tells them to hurry because they need to get started. Emily calls Rory’s cell phone and is angry because Rory hasn’t returned any of her calls. Rory apologizes and says that she has been really busy. Emily is relentless – Rory should call her grandmother back no matter how busy she gets because Emily won’t be around forever. Rory apologizes again, knowing there is nothing else she can say. Emily is calling to see when Rory would be coming over to discuss Emily’s graduation attire. Emily is afraid that a suit would be too formal, but Rory says it will be fine. Emily isn’t convinced and wants Rory to ask her friends what their families will be wearing. Rory proceeds to ask Louise, who sarcastically replies that hopefully her grandmother will be wearing “the pearls I get when she kicks.” Rory realizes she made a mistake by asking Louise and just tells Emily that she will be over as soon as she can get away. Emily wants her to bring a color swatch from her cap and gown so she won’t clash. Rory hangs up and calls Lorelai. Rory breaks the news to Lorelai about having to go to grandma’s, but Lorelai doesn’t want Rory to leave her alone. Rory wonders where she is and Lorelai tells Rory that she is across the room by the Old Spice ad. Rory spots her and Lorelai wants her to come over, but Rory knows that if she walks in the room, people will attack her to sign their yearbooks and she doesn’t have time to write anything other than cheesy lines. Plus Paris will give her tons to do. Lorelai tells Rory that she needs to stand up to Paris. Paris, meanwhile, walks up behind Lorelai. She says hey and asks what she is doing. Lorelai is rattled and tells her that the phone rang and then tells her that her hair is really shiny. Paris is angry because their table isn’t set up yet and she wants the list from Lorelai. Lorelai tells her it is in her purse, but Paris informs her that it should be on the table. Lorelai tells Paris that her hair is shiny again, trying to calm her down. Paris is going to make the rounds and will be back, but she asks about Rory before leaving. Lorelai hasn’t seen Rory. As Paris walks away, Lorelai yells in the phone for Rory to run, run, run! Rory asks Lorelai to pick her up from grandma’s in an hour. If Paris hasn’t flogged Lorelai by then, she’ll be there. They hang up and Lorelai begins searching for the list, praying she didn’t forget it.

Jess and Sasha are walking down the street towards Jimmy’s workplace. Jess asks about Lily. Sasha tells Jess that Lily is hers, not Jimmy’s. She tells him that she was married for the longest minute and a half in the world; she left him, but got Lily. She met Jimmy 5 ½ years ago and Lily’s crazy about him. As they are walking, Sasha greets a couple of people they meet. She tells Ronnie, one of the guys she speaks to, that she found his keys and that he needs to drop his jacket off at her house so that she can sew up the hole in the pocket. Sasha asks Jess if he has any brothers and sisters – Jess says apparently not. Sasha tells him that Lily wants a brother, but she wants to be married first. Jess thought Sasha and Jimmy were married and Sasha thought Jess knew they weren’t. She sarcastically says that Jess and Jimmy had quite a talk. She then announces that they are there.

They are at a hot dog stand, The Inferno, where Jimmy and Lee are arguing about pickles. Jimmy finally gets Lee to call the pickle guy because they look different. Sasha and Jess walk up to the stand and she tells Jimmy that he has a visitor. They invite Jess to stay for dinner, and then Sasha leaves. Jess apologizes for not calling first, but Jimmy admits that he loves spontaneity. Jess asks if the hot dog stand is Jimmy’s and Jimmy says that it is. Jimmy tells Lee that he is taking a break and joins Jess. Jimmy asks if it is his first time on the West Coast and Jess confirms that it is. Jimmy shows him the sites: ocean, sand, sky, boardwalk – where you can buy sunglasses, smoothies, and bootlegged CD’s. Jimmy has never bought one, but his former neighbor, Stan, did. Jimmy tells Jess that they are currently in Santa Monica; they technically live in Venice. After Venice, there’s Marina Del Rey; then the beaches – Manhattan and Redondo - and that’s it. Jess wonders if that is all of Los Angeles. There are rumors of more if you actually drive east away from the beach, but Jimmy doesn’t believe them. Jess asks about his love for the beach and Jimmy confesses that he would marry it if he could because nowhere else compares to it. He’s lived in Minneapolis, Chicago, Biloxi, Maine, New Jersey, and New Hampshire. Jess adds New York to the list, obviously. Jimmy stumbles around about New York and Jess stops him, saying that he didn’t come to give him a hard time. Jimmy is relieved. Lee calls for Jimmy from the hot dog stand; the pickle guy is on the phone. Jimmy says he should take the call and Jess tells him that he will just hang out since he has his book.

Rory rings the doorbell at her grandparent’s house. The maid answers and tells her that Emily is with Miss Celine in the living room. There are clothes everywhere and Emily is trying on an evening gown. Miss Celine loves the gown because it moves the same way Ginger Roger’s dresses always did. But Emily has better legs than Ginger. Rory says hello and Emily asks her opinion on the dress. Rory thinks she looks beautiful. Emily introduces Rory to Miss Celine, the Gilmore’s fashion consultant. Miss Celine is taken aback at how much Rory looks like Audrey Hepburn in Sabrina. Richard comes in talking about a handkerchief and Miss Celine asks Richard about Rory’s resemblance to Audrey. Richard agrees while Emily adds that Rory is even prettier. Emily informs Miss Celine that Rory will be starting at Yale in the fall. Miss Celine begins questioning Rory about needing a new wardrobe. Emily interrupts because she found a suit that she loves. Miss Celine tells Emily that she had the same one made for Mrs. Walter Cronkite last week. Emily asks Richard’s opinion and he confesses that he liked the green one with the beads; it was very mermaid-like. Rory informs them that graduation is casual with folding chairs and grass. Miss Celine wants Emily to try on the red one because she cannot wear green around grass. Richard leaves to try on a grey linen suit with white silk shirt – exactly like the shirt she had on Jimmy Stewart before his colonoscopy and he came through it great. Never underestimate the power of a good shirt.

Louise and Madeline are handing out the yearbooks, but they are ripping out a page in every one because it has a really bad picture of them on it. Brad Langford is mad because that page also has the only picture of him in the entire yearbook. Madeline rips his picture off of the page and hands it to him. At the Grad Night ticket table, Paris is complaining to Lorelai about not selling enough tickets. Paris tries to get Lorelai to unbutton her top to attract the boys because if Paris unbuttons her own top, it won’t help any. Lorelai tries to get Paris to stop looking at her boobs and calm down. Paris gets even more upset when she sees that the class poster table has a line. Lorelai tries to distract her by talking about college. Paris is deciding between Princeton – where Jamie goes; Columbia –which she is not interested in, but it horrifies her mother that she might go there; and Yale. Princeton is a good school, but Paris doesn’t want it to look like she followed Jamie. Lorelai tells her to just pick the school she wants to go to and to forget all the other reasons. Paris thanks her and is shocked that Lorelai is trying to hug her. Lorelai tells her to just give into it.

Jess and Jimmy walk into Jimmy’s house in California. Jimmy puts his hat in the cabinet and finds Lily inside. He asks her if she wants pineapple on her pizza and she says yes. Jess asks if Lily sits in the cabinet a lot and Jimmy tells him that she does all the time. Jess then wonders if Jimmy finds that weird and Jimmy again says, “All the time.” Jimmy asks Jess to wait for a minute or more while he talks to Sasha and then do a special knock before entering the room. Jess tells him that he will just go check out a bookstore he saw on the boardwalk. Jimmy says okay, but he thought the knock idea was kind of cool. After Jess leaves, Jimmy joins Sasha in the kitchen. Sasha wonders if last week when he was supposedly in Sacramento, he actually went to Connecticut to see Jess, but Jimmy confesses by finishing her sentence. Sasha tells him that she didn’t believe the elaborate story about Sacramento anyway. She wonders though why he didn’t tell her about going to Connecticut. Jimmy doesn’t know why. Sasha keeps nodding her head and shrugging her shoulders at him, which worries Jimmy. Sasha tells him that she will pick up the pizza, although Jimmy wants it delivered. They realize that it’ll take forever because the delivery guys are always stoned after 6. Sasha is angry with Jimmy and blows him off when he tries to explain about visiting Jess. She calls him “roomie,” which hurts Jimmy because they are partners, soul mates. Sasha thinks that if they were more than roomies, Jimmy would have told her about going to see Jess. Jimmy apologizes and Sasha asks him to get out the extra mattress for Jess to sleep on. Jimmy is confused because he didn’t even ask Jess if he was spending the night or how long he was staying. Sasha is worried that Jess is in some kind of trouble. Jimmy wonders what kind of trouble Jess is in. Obliviously, Sasha doesn’t know, but Jimmy, still confused, says that Sasha just told him that Jess was in trouble. Sasha clarifies that she said he could be in trouble; he could be running from the cops. She is just curious as to why he came all the way from Connecticut to have pizza with his father who he hasn’t heard from in 17 years. Jimmy is really hoping that is all Jess is there for. Sasha tells Jimmy to do whatever he wants – talk to Jess or not – she doesn’t care. She then calls for Lily and leaves to pick up the pizza.

Miss Celine is making a fuss over Rory, who she still insists is Sabrina. She thinks Rory needs a whole new wardrobe for college. Emily walks downstairs exhausted from having tried on so many dresses. She has settled on the blue, which she thinks is quite suitable for the graduation. Lorelai walks in and Emily demands to know what she is doing there. Lorelai tells her that she is picking up Rory. Miss Celine thinks Lorelai looks like Natalie Wood and Lorelai can’t believe that Miss Celine is still working. Emily begins to go upstairs to get the discarded clothing, but Miss Celine, “keeper of the clothes,” goes upstairs to get them. Lorelai is shocked that Miss Celine is still around because she thought Miss Celine was like a thousand years old when Lorelai was ten. Rory tells Lorelai that Emily picked a beautiful blue dress for graduation. When Lorelai asks to see it, Emily tells her that it needs to be altered. So, Lorelai says that she’ll just see it at graduation. Lorelai notices that Emily is acting tense and so she apologizes for just dropping in without notice. Emily says that she is just tired and has a busy evening ahead, she isn’t tense. The maid, Lupe, comes in and tells Emily that dinner is ready. Emily tells her that it is not ready and for her to make the salad. Lupe tells her that the salad is ready also. Emily yells at her and she walks away. Lorelai then realizes that it is 7:00 – the Gilmore’s dinnertime. Emily argues with her that they do not have a set dinnertime, but Lorelai knows Emily is only saying that because she is there. Lorelai knows that if dinner is served, Emily will have to invite Lorelai to stay. Emily tells her that dinner is not ready, but even if it was they must eat quickly. She explains that they have plans to go to the Thompson’s house for their book club where they are ready Lovely Bones. Lorelai, sensing that Emily is lying, asks her if she liked it to which Emily responds that it wasn’t her taste, but it was a good attempt. Lorelai now realizes where she gets her knack for making up lies. Emily tells Lorelai that they will have dinner another time. Lorelai can’t believe that Emily is kicking them out. Lorelai asks if she couldn’t stay, but Rory could, would Emily want Rory to stay? Emily says of course, but they have plans. Richard comes in wondering why they aren’t eating yet – it’s 7:10! Lorelai tells Richard that Rory will be staying for dinner if they don’t have plans. Richard is thrilled and says they don’t have plans. Lorelai praises Emily for her acting ability and tells them to enjoy their dinner as she storms out of the house. Rory follows her wondering where she is going. Lorelai wants to reverse time to before she came over. She can’t figure out what she was thinking. Rory says that Lorelai didn’t want her to have to walk back to Stars Hollow, but Lorelai doesn’t think a 30 mile hike would hurt her. Lorelai can’t believe Emily would do that and Rory can’t believe that Lorelai was going to leave her there. Rory never said that she wanted to stay. Lorelai apologizes and realizes that she can never come back there, but at least now she can stop feeling guilty. Rory apologizes for asking Lorelai to pick her up. They decide to leave, but Rory has to go and get her books from the house. Emily asks Rory when she comes inside if she is staying for dinner. She tells Emily that she has to go. Emily says she will see her at graduation and then goes on about how everything has to be a scene with Lorelai. Rory tells Emily she is being really stupid and leaves.

Lorelai and Rory drive through the town square discussing their dinner at Souplantation and Lorelai decides that they have to go back with Tupperware. Rory tells her that the traffic light is turning yellow and that she should gun it because they need to get home. Lorelai tells her that she already has two tickets and can’t get another, so she stops at the light. Rory can’t believe it, but Lorelai can’t believe that Rory wanted her to run it. Rory says there is no one around, but Lorelai knows that as soon as she runs the light, she’ll get caught. As they are waiting, they see Luke sweeping the sidewalk in front of the diner. Rory wonders if he will be able to see the all-you-can-eat glow. She is afraid that he will know they went to Souplantation and never give them extra fries. Luke then sees them and runs inside the diner. Rory is curious as to why he ran away from them. She doesn’t believe Lorelai when she says that he saw “the glow.” Rory pressures Lorelai to tell her what is going on. Lorelai apologizes that she didn’t tell her earlier and then tells her that Jess is gone. Rory wants to know where, but Lorelai doesn’t know. Luke knows, but he didn’t tell her and Luke also doesn’t think Jess will be coming back. Rory agrees and says she is okay. Lorelai gets frustrated and runs through the red light. As she pulls off, a police motorcycle pulls out behind her.

Jimmy walks up to Jess in a bookstore frustrated because Jess wasn’t specific when he told him a bookstore on the boardwalk. Jimmy has been wondering around for an hour and looked in three bookstores – he was worried sick. Jess tells him that he is sorry, but Jimmy asks him to step outside. Jimmy wants to know if he is in trouble because he just showed up without a call or letter. Jess reminds him that he did the same thing when he showed up in Stars Hollow. Jess tells him that he is not in trouble, but he wants to know why Jimmy came to Stars Hollow and then didn’t even talk to him. He just had a cup of coffee and left. Jimmy admits that he chickened out. Jess tells Jimmy that he came to see him and thought he might be able to crash for a while. Jimmy starts talking about how Sasha is always right and he would love to be right once in a while. Jess tells Jimmy that he won’t stay long. Jimmy tells Jess that he can’t stay because he is not a father – he can’t take him in and raise him. Jess reminds him that he is eighteen; he doesn’t need to be raised. He just needs a place to crash. Jimmy tells Jess that he is a screw-up, but Jess admits that he is too. Jess can do anything because he is still young. Jess asks to stay for a month and when Jimmy tells Jess that he has nothing to offer him, Jess rants about how he has no place to go, not Luke’s, not Stars Hollow, HE has nothing. He also isn’t graduating and if he doesn’t figure something out soon, he’ll be one of the people on the boardwalk selling hemp hats. Jimmy agrees to talk it over with Sasha and Jess says to tell her that he is a dog. Jimmy tells Jess to sit and lick himself while she decides. Jess thanks him. If Sasha says it’s okay, then they’ll see. It may not work out, but he will ask.

Rory and Lorelai walk in the house and Rory is complaining about being tired. She can’t go to bed though because she has to study. Lorelai tells her to make a pot of coffee and stay up all night. As Rory walks into the kitchen, Lorelai begins flipping though Rory’s yearbook. She has a lot of signatures and Lorelai starts reading some random ones out loud. A girl named Shauna thought Rory was in South Pacific. Rory admits that Shauna gets people mixed up often. Lorelai walks into the kitchen and wonders why a lot of kids are calling Rory valedictorian. Rory admits she was named valedictorian, but it just means one more speech to write with no time to write it. Lorelai tells her to freak out and study like crazy, but once finals are over, they are celebrating because her being named valedictorian is amazing. Rory agrees that it is. Lorelai tells Rory to go make Mommy nervous.
Credit: Michelle

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