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Episode: Say Goodnight, Gracie ...

Original Airdate: May 6, 2003

The girls stop by Kyleís the morning after the big party to retrieve Laneís soiled backpack. Lorelai wonders if it is worth returning, but Rory insists. Lorelai is living vicariously through Rory, so proud of her for being at a cop-raided party. Rory downplays the evening, but Lorelai wants details, like if they brought the ďpaddy wagon,Ē to which Rory replies that they did, but she was able to sneak out of the ďspeak-easy.Ē Lorelai keeps pumping her for information, and Rory finally gives her a one-sentence recap to end the conversation: Laneís band sounded great, people talked and hung out, there was a fight, and the cops came.

Luke shows up, ranting about being woke up by John, Kyleís father, who is not happy that his son threw a party and two guys trashed the place. John wanted Luke to come and look at the damages in order to fix them. Luke says that although he doesnít know John or Kyle, he does know someone who would get into a fight and leave the place trashed, and that person is Jess. So he is heading in the house to talk to John about fixing the Hummel. Neither Luke nor Lorelai know what a Hummel is.

Lorelai looks at Rory, waiting for an explanation, and Rory hesitantly tells her that Jess and Dean got into a fight in which she was a contributing factor and although no one was hurt, the cops came anyway. Lorelai gives a one-sentence re-cap of her own: not only did Rory attend a cop-raided party, but she also started the raid, the fence is broken because of her, and the trash is on the ground because of her? Rory asks her point, to which Lorelai replies by singing ďWind Beneath My WingsĒ.

Independence Inn guests are wearing their robes in the lobby, enjoying Sookieís muffin breakfast. When Lorelai introduces them to Sookie, they want to know if she offers cooking classes. Sookie quickly says yes and starts rambling about things they can make, from spreads and jams to breads and soups, and Lorelai has to remind Sookie that there is no kitchen. Sookie offers her home instead. Lorelai notes that they need to buy thicker robes if the guests will be wearing them downstairs. Sookie wants to know what the girls are doing for the evening, and Lorelai says that she is free but that Rory has plans with the Gilmores. Sookie assumes they are all back in touch. Lorelai corrects her by saying Rory is; she isnít, although she feels a little guilty. Sookie thinks that she just misses them, and Lorelai hopes the feeling will pass.

Rory walks into the town church with Laneís backpack and finds Lane sitting at a table at the back while the priest is leading a service. Rory wonders how things are with Mrs. Kim after Laneís drunken phone call the previous evening. Lane is sick with worry: she came home, and Mrs. Kim was in bed asleep instead of waiting for her. Rory suggests that maybe she didnít understand what Lane said, but they both know itís hard to misinterpret the words ďparty,Ē ďrock music,Ē ďbeer,ď and ďin love with Daveď. Lane notices a strong odor and finds out it is her backpack. The priest is still praying, but he sees a waiting rabbi trying to speed him up, so he begins speaking more quickly. Rory tries to convince Lane to talk to Mrs. Kim and Lane explains her plan. She will work this table at church for two months, she has agreed to go to the Seventh Day Adventist college at Hartford, she will live at home, and she will forget about going to the prom. She has already told Dave to forget about it, too. Rory feels bad, but Lane insists on taking the blame. The rabbi enters the church with a group of people as the priest wraps up his prayer, and the rabbi begins a service of his own.

Jess is swamped with customers at Lukeís and rushes around trying to get everything right. When Caesar informs him they are out of ham, Jess is afraid that the woman who requested ham will eat him if he doesnít come back with some and tells Caesar to sew bacon together. There is a guy at one table who wonít order any food and wonít leave, and, to top it off, Luke is nowhere to be found. In the middle of the chaos, Taylor comes in singing. He announces that the day has arrived and Kirk starts trying to guess what day until Taylor gives him taffy to shut him up. Taylor proclaims that Taylorís Old Fashioned Soda Shoppe (yes, it is spelled that way) and Candy Store is opening the next day. Luke walks in during the speech, and Jess jumps on him because itís so busy, every table is full, and Taylor is singing. Luke doesnít mention the party damage he was busy handling, but Jess is still complaining - no ham, Caesar is slow, and a guy wonít move from one of the tables and it is cutting into his tips. Luke snaps and tells Jess they are now his tips, not Jessís. Luke informs Jess that he was at Kyleís this morning because a party got out of hand last night. Jess offers that Dean started it, but Luke finds that hard to believe, as well as Jessís claim that he was sucker punched and just defending himself. Luke wonders how he defended himself with a chair, a coffee table, and an ottoman all through the house and into the front yard. Luke isnít interested in anything except Jessís pay from the diner going towards the damages. He points out that Dean is already working on it by putting the fence back up. Jess storms off. The man who was sitting at the table not ordering any food leaves, forgetting his wallet on the table. Luke grabs it and tries to chase him down, but he canít catch him. He then opens the wallet to check the ID.

The girls are at home, discussing Roryís schedule, which is uncertain because she and Paris are going over the graduation edition of the Franklin and Paris is a ďcrazy anal micromanager.Ē Lorelai calls Emily and attempts small talk but is met with short, cold answers from Emily. Emily asks to speak with Rory, but Lorelai tells Emily she canít request a switch when someone calls her - even if Rory is standing right there. Emily wants to know why Lorelai called. Lorelai wanted to check in on them because she hasnít seen them in a while. She tries to explain that she didnít call off the obligation, Emily did, but she stops to point out that the whole thing is silly; they used to have a relationship. Emily asks if she means the relationship where Emily tricked Lorelai into calling by leaving messages about something important, but leaving no details so she would call back. Then theyíd talk about the weather, DAR, and Lorelai would put Rory on the phone, no matter how old she was. Emily informs her that the weather is fine, the DAR has a luncheon scheduled for next week, and since she canít talk to Rory, they are finished talking. Lorelai and Emily hang up and the phone immediately rings. Lorelai yells to Rory that the phone is for her.

At Chilton, when Rory walks in late for the Franklin meeting, Paris is freaking out because the paper is going to be a disaster. Rory tries to reassure her and then gets Franklin articles from Madeline and Louise, who are trying to work out a perfect combination for prom Ė dress color, guyís hair color, and limo color. Rory tells Paris that she is working on the front-page placement of the paper since Madeline and Louise are ďstaying true to who they are.Ē They are still discussing prom and how planning is essential - itís there forever. Paris goes into great detail about Jamieís plan for prom: a private car, pictures and dancing, dinner afterwards, and a helicopter ride to Marthaís Vineyard for the weekend with his parents. Paris and Rory leave together and Paris wants to know Roryís plans for the prom. Rory avoids the issue and states that since Stars Hollow is more casual, there are no big plans.

Lorelai and Sookie walk through town as Lorelai recaps her phone conversation with Emily. She blames herself for initiating contact in the first place, and is irritated that her parents have invited Rory over for a movie night, something Lorelai and Rory have always shared. As they reach the bakery, Lorelai and Sookie see a sign that says Fran has passed away. They are in shock and finally, Sookie says out loud what they are both thinking: Franís old inn, the Dragonfly, will probably be for sale now. Lorelai tries to calm Sookie down, who worries that their wishing for the Inn killed Fran. Lorelai tries to focus their attention away from the inn back to Fran. Sookie confesses she was thinking about a wood-burning oven for the inn. They feel guilty, and when Sookie suggests they buy flowers, Lorelai insists on lots and lots of them.

Lane and Mrs. Kim polish a set of chairs at Kimís Antiques, and Lane is awkwardly rambling when Dave shows up. He announces that he wants to see Mrs. Kim. Lane tries to stop him, but he pushes past her. Dave starts in by telling Mrs. Kim that he has a crush on Lane and he knows Mrs. Kimís strict rules about boys and dating, but he wants her to know that he is a good person. He rambles a list out of the good qualities he possesses like no smoking or drinking and that he really enjoys playing the hymns for her. The point is that he really wants to take Lane to the prom. Lane is watching from the other room in awe. Mrs. Kim is silent and Dave panics and asks that she not make him repeat the list again. Mrs. Kim finally says, ďLet never day nor night unhallowed pass, but still remember what the Lord hath done.Ē Dave thanks her and walks outside with Lane. They have no idea what the statement meant. Dave concludes that it must be from the Bible and he heads home to search for it. Dave kisses her and leaves.

The man who left his wallet at Lukeís, Jimmy, is sitting in his motel room when someone knocks on the door: Luke. Luke tosses his wallet back and wants to know why Jimmy is here. Jimmy says that he was passing through from California. He has been there for a few years and itís working out. Luke presses him for the real reason, saying that ďheĒ hasnít missed Jimmy and has never said a word about him because Jimmy is a loser and nobody misses a loser. Jimmy reminds Luke that itís been seventeen years, and Luke is impressed that he remembers, since the last time Luke saw him, he was going to buy diapers and never came back. Luke keeps pressing for a motive and Jimmy blurts out that he just wanted to see Jess. He thinks it is about time and wonders why Luke doesnít, also. Luke furiously rants about trying to help Jess by getting him through school, setting up a future for him, but he isnít doing well and the last thing Jess needs is for his father to show up for no good reason. Luke threatens Jimmy that if he does anything to upset Jess and make life harder on Luke, he will put his head through a wall. He tells him he needs to leave.

Lorelai and Rory head to the funeral. Lorelai is reminiscing about the first time she met Fran. She had stopped by the Westonís Bakery, asking directions to the Independence Inn, and Fran fed Rory cookies and didnít want Lorelai and Rory to leave. Rory tells Lorelai that she will meet her at the church because she needs to buy tissues. Lorelai offers to come with her, but Rory makes an excuse so she can be alone. They walk up on Miss Patty who is sitting on a bench, crying. She doesnít want to go to the funeral, and Lorelai tries to convince her to go. Rory agrees to meet them both at the church. When Miss Patty tells Lorelai that times like this make you realize how important things are, and how glad she is she had all that sex, Lorelai reminds Rory to hurry.

Rory starts to walk into Lukeís, stops, walks away, comes back, and stops again. Luke walks downstairs and watches while Rory walks away. Jess sees Rory and starts to go after her, stops, walks back to the counter, goes after her again, and finally comes back in. He sees Luke watching and asks him what he is looking at, as he storms upstairs.

At the church, Taylor is greeting people at the door, thanking them for coming, and telling them that the grand opening of the soda shoppe has been postponed. The funeral service begins, and a close friend of Franís goes to the podium to speak. Sookie wonders if she and Lorelai will still be friends when they are dead. Lorelai says that she will if Sookie will. Marjorie starts to speak about the Dragonfly and suddenly, the microphone goes out. Sookie and Lorelai panic because they donít know what she is saying. Kirk shushes them. The microphone cuts in and out as she continues, and Lorelai and Sookie try to piece together what she is saying. Sookie and Lorelai wonder if she said who got the inn and who the man in the suit is. The priest steps back up and fixes the microphone. He thanks Marjorie and announces that since it is 12:00, the time Fran would open on Sundays after church, he would like everyone to bow their heads in a moment of silence for Fran. During the moment of silence, a marching band begins playing outside for Taylorís grand opening, and Taylor runs out screaming for them to stop.

The priest closes the service, saying that at Franís request, there will be a final stroll around the town square for anyone interested before going to Franís final resting place. Rory asks Lorelai where Sookie is, and Lorelai tells her that Sookie is giving their condolences. Rory knows they are still trying to find out what was said during the funeral service. Sookie returns with the information: the suited man is a lawyer handling Franís affairs. Lorelai and Sookie notice he is a pallbearer, and decide their plan of attack will be to hover respectively and politely ask him to call them. Rory informs both of them she will be at the back so she can tell the story when the earth opens up and swallows them whole.

Rory walks out of the church and runs into Dean, who asks Rory to come with him because he has something he wants to tell her. After a minute of stalling, he announces that he and Lindsay are engaged. Rory is speechless. He wants her to say something, and she finally does, asking why. Rory explains her concerns that they are young and if married, Dean wonít go to college. Dean thanks Rory sarcastically for her congratulations. When Rory tries to explain that she was surprised, caught off guard, Dean lashes out at her, telling her heís sorry that Rory has a boyfriend that treats her like dirt, and that everyone hates, but that was her choice. Rory argues that Jess does not treat her like dirt. Dean tells her to have a nice life and walks away. Rory calls out after him, still exclaiming that Jess does not treat her like dirt.

At Kimís Antiques, Mrs. Kim is making coffee. Lane offers to help by getting the soy scones and tofutter. Mrs. Kim gives her short, cold answers. Lane canít stand the tension anymore and apologizes for what happened at the party, promising to make it up to Mrs. Kim and fix it. She is going to her room to iron her dress for church and think about what she has done. As she starts up the stairs, the doorbell rings. Itís Dave, who has stayed up all night reading the Bible and still canít figure out what Mrs. Kim said. Dave begs her to tell him. She finally confesses that itís not from the Bible, but from Henry VI, Shakespeare. Apparently, Mrs. Kim likes to goof off, too, sometimes. She is impressed that Dave read the Bible in one night, as she has only done it three times before, and she agrees to let Lane and Dave go to the prom together but not get married. Dave and Lane think that is fair. Mrs. Kim lays down the rules Ė Lane is grounded until the prom and two months after, but Dave can call every other day for ten minutes. Dave thanks her and he and Lane smile at each other. Mrs. Kim notices that Lane is still on the stairs and yells at her. Lane exclaims, ďthinking about what Iíve doneĒ and goes upstairs.

Walking around the town square with Franís casket is not a fast process, and Sookie and Lorelai decide to make a move. They casually move up beside Franís lawyer and begin chatting about the nice service and how the walk was a nice idea. They introduce themselves and although they know it isnít the best time, they were wondering what was happening to the Dragonfly because they want it. They ramble about their work at the Independence Inn, how it is the one that burned down, but that was an accident and no reflection on their inn-running abilities. The lawyer wants to discuss this later because he is carrying the casket and needs to focus. Lorelai offers to help, and then so does Sookie. A persistent Lorelai asks if Fran left the Dragonfly to anyone. The lawyer confirms that she did not and he is pretty sure that the family is going to sell. Lorelai and Sookie desperately want to buy it, keep it as an inn, dedicate it to Fran, keep the name as the Dragonfly, and promise not to burn it down. After Kirk interrupts them because Lorelai is blocking Franís view, the lawyer tells Lorelai and Sookie to contact him on Monday, but in his opinion, if the check clears, itís all theirs. Lorelai and Sookie are ecstatic and canít contain their excitement during the funeral walk.

Jimmy walks into the diner as Jess is cleaning up. Without looking to see who it is, Jess tells the intruder they are closed. When he discovers it is the ďloser coffee guy,Ē he announces again that they are closed. Jimmy cuts him off and tells him that he heard. Jess tries a third time to tell him that they are closed, and Jimmy blurts out that he is, in fact, Jessís father. He assumed that Luke would have told Jess, since Luke came to see him. Itís obvious that Luke didnít, and Jess is in shock. He doesnít know what to do, so he offers Jimmy some old coffee. They sit down and drink their coffee in silence, listening to the radio. Father and son find themselves head bouncing simultaneously to David Bowie, and a freaked-out Jimmy runs out of the diner.

The girls walk home after the funeral service. Lorelai still canít believe that she was negotiating at a funeral, but it turns out that was not the most inappropriate part. She was trumped by Kirk freaking out and dropping the casket. Lorelai notices a prom dress in a store window on the way home, telling Rory that it would look great on her. Rory brushes the comment off, but Lorelai continues talking about a dress for prom. Rory turns down her offer. When Lorelai suggests going to the mall after school, Rory says that she doesnít want to talk about prom dresses anymore and finally admits she doesnít know if she will even go to prom. She starts to explain, and when she mentions Kyleís bedroom, Lorelai takes her to the Jeep so they can talk. Rory rants about Jess and how he never tells her anything. Lorelai wants to know about Kyleís bedroom. Rory continues on, talking how hard it is to be in a relationship with Jess, but Lorelai is starting to freak out about what happened in Kyleís bedroom and tells Rory that she has to tell her. Rory explains that Jess was upset, she found him in Kyleís bedroom, they started kissing, and it seemed like he wanted to -- but she didnít and then he acted like he was mad at her. Lorelai tells her that if he was mad because she wouldnít, then he is a jerk. Rory replies that she doesnĎt know if heĎs mad, because, once again, he wonít talk to her. Outside the Jeep, a car is waiting to take their parking space. Rory explains that she didnít tell Lorelai about what was going on because she was embarrassed about being that girl, the girl who lets her boyfriend treat her like dirt and then lies to her mom about it. Lorelai reminds Rory to breathe. Outside the Jeep, the car waiting to take their parking spot refuses to leave. Lorelai yells out the window that they arenít leaving; they are going to live and die in the car. Rory tells Lorelai that she doesnít want to talk about it anymore.

At Lukeís apartment, Jess is sitting at the table when Luke walks in. Luke offers to make him some eggs and is shocked when Jess asks about seeing his father and wonders if Luke was ever going to tell him. Luke explains he didnít think it should have come from him, but Jess argues that Luke at least owed it to him to prepare him. Luke blames Jimmy and Jess wants to know why Luke gets to decide the right move. Luke says that itís because he is the one helping Jess with his future. Jess tells him heís not graduating. Luke and Jess argue back and forth until Luke finally tells him that they had an agreement Ė Luke would let him live there and Jess would go to school and graduate. Jess retorts that his job isnít as fancy as a diner. Luke reminds him that he owns it, he is the boss, and he is always employee of the month; he is employee of the universe. Luke instructs Jess to live there another year, quit Wal-Mart, and graduate. When Jess refuses, Luke tells him that he has to leave.

Lorelai has breakfast ready for Rory at the house. She has brought Lukeís to her, since she figured Rory wasnít in the mood to go there. Rory sees Lindsay and Deanís engagement announcement in the paper, and Lorelai notices that they are a good-looking couple. Rory still doesnít understand why they need to get married, but she points out that she really wants Dean to be happy. Rory also sees a picture of Kirk pinned by Franís casket. The girls agree that this one is fridge-worthy.

When Rory gets on the bus for school the next morning, she sees Jess sitting in the back. Jess is surprised to see Rory. He thought she took an earlier bus, but she explains that her first class was cancelled so she is a little later today. They make awkward small talk about Fran and the funeral, and then Jess confesses that he couldnít get tickets to the prom and apologizes. Rory is clearly disappointed and upset, and as she gets off at her stop, she asks him to call her. He says he will. As Rory gets off of the bus, Jess pulls a book out of a large duffel bag and the bus pulls away.
Credit: Michelle

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