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Episode: Keg! Max! ...

Original Airdate: April 29, 2003

The show begins as Rory and Lorelai are sitting on their couch at home thinking about what to do on their first Friday with no dinner to attend at Emily and Richard's. The two Gilmores are totally out of ideas, so Rory ends up calling Emily and Richard to see how they're doing. Richards answers and happily tells Rory about the huge party they are having at their house with a grand total of sixty people. She hangs up soon after and the two girls sit in awe of how social their parents have been without the two of them.

Lorelai is inside Luke's amusing herself with her new digital camera when Rory walks in. She gives Lorelai a letter from Chilton, which states that Lorelai hasn't gotten involved in many of their school functions. For this fact, the school points out that it would be greatly appreciated if she would attend the Booster Club meetings. She reluctantly agrees to.

Rory and Jess are watching Lane's band rehearse for their first gig. A guy from school, named Kyle, is throwing a huge party while his parents are away and he invited Lane's band to play at it. Brian and Zack, the other two members of the band, have a heated discussion about what the name of their band should be. Rory and Jess then leave. They start talking about prom and Jess mentions that he's buying tickets this week.

Lorelai walks in to the Independence Inn kitchen to find Sookie upset over another staff member she had to fire. Luke is there checking to see if the stove is working properly, and he's in such a position that his butt is displayed to a great advantage. Sookie and Lorelai admire it and agree that it's a pretty nice butt. Luke tells Lorelai that there is no hope in saving the stove. As the conversation continues, Luke mentions that he and Nicole are going skiing on the weekend and will have to get up ridiculously early because Nicole needs to drive up from New York and cannot stay the night at Luke's because of Jess. Lorelai offers him a room at the inn, free of charge. Luke is appreciative of the offer but doesn't make a decision.

Later that night Lorelai is attending the Booster Club meeting where the ladies in charge are seriously picking on the only man there. The ladies tell Lorelai that she is in charge of the cash box for Grad Night. Lorelai has no choice in the matter, even though she isn't great with money, so she unwillingly takes the job. Then to Lorelai's surprise, Max, the faculty representative for the meeting, walks in and joins the meeting. He treats Lorelai no different from any of the other ladies, despite their kiss the other day. This completely surprises Lorelai, so she plays it cool too.

Jess walks into his principal's office where he was sent after he wasn't allowed to buy prom tickets. The principal tells him that he flunked out and cannot graduate or attend the prom, which is for graduating seniors only. Jess can't believe his ears and says that he will catch up. The principal tells Jess that it's too late for Jess to catch up so Jess will have to repeat the whole year. Jess gets upset and storms out.

At the Gilmore house, Rory is getting ready for the party and Lorelai is furiously counting the money in the cashbox. She realizes that she is short 18 dollars somehow. As Rory is about to leave, Lorelai's train of thought changes and she gives Rory some party tips so that she won't lose anything, contaminate herself, or make a fool of herself.

Rory and Jess arrive at the party really early to help the band set up. Kyle, who's throwing the party, is trying to hide all of the valuables so they won't get destroyed or stolen. Kyle's cousin Rick, who just turned 21, shows up with a keg. Young Chui tagged along with Lane and is underfoot as the band tries to set up. Dave is annoyed by Young Chui's presence and tries to encourage him to leave.

Guests begin to arrive, and Rory and Jess take a tour of the house. They walk into the kitchen, where Kyle and Rick are staring at the keg, dismayed because it's not working. Jess comes to the rescue and hooks up the tap for them. They are astonished and make a toast to him.

The band is about to go on and they ask Rory to introduce them. She gets up in front of the mike and realizes that she doesn't know what their name is. The guys in the band give her two different names, so she just mumbles something unintelligible into the microphone and walks off stage.

At the inn, Michel is swamped with work because they had to fire a lot of their staff. Lorelai helps him out by doing the room-to-room "turn down". She knocks on one door and to her surprise she finds Luke and Nicole there. She's pretty uncomfortable and fumbles around trying to do everything while Luke and Nicole watch her from the bed.

Meanwhile at the party, the band has finished their first set, which was awesome. Dave seems upset about something, and finally tells Lane that Young Chui is driving him crazy and asks her when Young Chui is going to break up with her. Lane finally tells Dave that Young Chui will not break up with her because he is in love with her. Dave gets frustrated and leaves.

Jess is in a really bad mood because of the whole school thing. He hasn't told Rory about this yet, so she has no idea why he's so angry. They run into Dean and Lindsay, who comments that Jess used to go to their school. Rory is confused, but she backs up Jess and tells them that he still goes to school. After learning that Lindsay's taste in music isn't up to par, Jess walks away.

Lane is upset that Dave is avoiding her and that Young Chui is following her around. She goes into the kitchen and has some beer.

Lorelai arrives at the Booster meeting and tells them that the cash box flew open when she was carrying it, and she may have lost eighteen dollars. The ladies are talking about dock fees when Paris walks in. They quietly panic, but let Paris say her piece. After she leaves, they resume their conversation as though Paris had never been there. Then a lady walks in and introduces herself as the faculty rep for their meeting. Lorelai suddenly decides to go for a walk. She sees Max inside a classroom and goes inside to ask for an explanation about the other night. He tells her that they can no longer see each other under any circumstances, because she seems to cast a spell over him that makes him act stupid.

At the party, Rory can't find Jess. Lane is in the kitchen finishing off another beer. She calls her mom and tells her that she just had some beer, she just finished playing the drums at a party, and that she's in love with Dave Rygalski and will be going to the prom with him, not Young Chui. Dave walks by and hears part of the conversation. He grabs the phone from her and hangs it up. He freaks out when he realizes that it was Mrs. Kim on the phone, and that Lane, who has to go on in five minutes, is most definitely drunk.

Rory goes upstairs and finds Jess sitting in an empty bedroom. She asks him what's going on because he was really looking forward to this party and now he's acting miserable. Jess denies everything and tells Rory that nothing's wrong; but Rory doesn't entirely believe him. They start kissing and then making out on the bed. Rory begins to feel uncomfortable when Jess tries to go a little further than she intended and tells him to stop, and jumps up off the bed. She tells Jess that she didn't want "it" to happen like this. Jess blows up at her and says that he didn't invite her to come up there; she came on her own. Rory asks what she did wrong, starts to cry, and leaves the room. Jess says that Rory did nothing, but she doesn't hear him. Rory walks downstairs past Dean, who notices that she's crying. He asks what's wrong just as Jess comes down, sees them together, and says "figures". Dean has had enough and punches Jess.

In another part of the house, Dave walks up to Young Chui and says that they need to talk. Young Chui seems nervous and tells Dave not to touch him. Dave tells him that they'll keep it friendly just as Dean and Jess burst through the door, fists flying, knocking Dave into Young Chui.

Dean and Jess get into a huge brawl. The other kids at the party try to break it up and it's eventually moved outside. The police pull up and tell everyone to dump their cups and go home. Rory calls out to Jess but he just brushes her off and leaves, so she goes over to Lane, who's throwing up in the bushes.

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