Episode: Dear Emily and Richard ...

Original Airdate: February 4, 2003

At the elder Gilmores' residence, Lorelai and her mother discuss a relative while Richard reads the paper. Rory comes in, late because she stopped at the bookstore to get books for their trip to Europe. Emily disapproves of the books, which are about backpacking and staying in hostels. Richard and Emily think that Lorelai and Rory are joking about these plans, but once they realize that they're actually serious, they plan to call their travel agent.

The next day in Stars Hollow, the construction crew is working in front of the soda shoppe. Dean is helping them and is told to get them some food. In Luke's Diner, Luke is reading a book, "Hidden Romantic Gems of the Restaurant World." Jess notices this and teases Luke, who is planning to take Nicole to a special place for dinner. Dean walks up to the counter and orders a number of burgers with different combinations of toppings. Jess gets annoyed.

At the Independence Inn, Lorelai is at the front desk talking on the phone. She talks to Michel about a client who's changed his mind about the theme of his retirement party, again. Rory comes in and tells Lorelai about an invitation she got from Sherry, her dad's girlfriend, for her delivery. Rory is not sure if she's going to go, but Lorelai tells her that she should.

At Lorelai's house, Lorelai and Rory are talking about the now Beanie Babies-themed retirement party. They see a box on the porch from Emily. It's a box of outdated travel books from Richard's study. They sit down and look through the books.

Flashback to elder Gilmore residence. Young Lorelai and Young Christopher walk through the front door. Lorelai calls out to her mom, but no one seems to be home. They decide to celebrate no midterms with a drink. Young Christopher notices that the Gilmores are planning a trip. He announces that he's not going to college; he'll take a year off and go to Europe. He's going to backpack, sleep on a bench and see the world. He invites Young Lorelai to come with him. Young Lorelai hesitates at first, but agrees.

Present time at Lorelai's house. They're still looking through the guidebooks.

At Chilton, Madeline and Louise are chatting about Paris having a boyfriend. They ask Rory what Jamie is like. Paris walks in and shows them the yearbook picture of the Franklin staff. Rory is upset, because she's sneezing in the picture, and since they took ninety pictures, why did Paris choose the one where Rory is sneezing? Rory's cell phone rings. It's Sherry's friend, Maureen, telling her that there have been change of plans because Sherry just went into labor. She asks Rory if she could come, and says goodbye before Rory even says yes.

Flashback to elder Gilmore residence. A photographer is setting up in the living room. Lorelai is still upstairs getting ready. Emily knocks at her door and tells her to come out. Lorelai won't, so Emily comes in. She notices that Lorelai's dress doesn't fit and asks her if she's gained weight.

Present time at Luke's diner, Lorelai walks in, already talking to Luke, and then notices that Luke's not there. Luke walks in and Lorelai asks him what happened to his face. He shaved. And he's wearing a new sweater. Nicole walks in, and Lorelai figures out what's going on. Luke introduces the women.

At the hospital, Rory steps off the elevator and walks up to a woman, Maureen. Rory asks Maureen where Sherry's other friends are. Sherry tells her that they're all working. Maureen also has to go back to work, so Rory's alone with Sherry. She walks in to Sherry's room, where Sherry is panicking, because her friends are at work and Christopher isn't there and her having the baby wasn't supposed to happen until next week.

At the elder Gilmore residence, Emily opens the door for Lorelai. Emily asks about Rory and Lorelai says she's in the hospital, excited to see her half-sister being born. Richard is out of town for two weeks, so it's just Emily and Lorelai. Lorelai asks her mother what she does when her dad isn't home. Emily says she's busy with the house, organizations and fundraising events. Lorelai asks her what she does at night; does she watch televison? Emily says that she can never find the guide, so when she turns on the TV movies are already in progress. Lorelai suggests a DVD player so she could watch all of her favorite musicals whenever she wants to. Emily reminds Lorelai that she's not an invalid and tries to end the conversation, but Lorelai presses on.

Flashback to elder Gilmore residence. Young Lorelai's and Young Christopher's parents are talking in the living room. They are arguing about what they are going to do with the two of them. Young Lorelai and Young Christopher are sitting on the staircase, listening to their parents. Richard says that they will get married, live at the Gilmores' and Christopher will work at his company. Christopher thinks this is fine, but Lorelai disagrees.

Hospital, present. Rory is calling up Sherry's friends. Christopher's not in yet, so Rory's going to be the one to accompany Sherry in the delivery room. Rory calls her mom and tells her about it. Rory is freaking out and asks Lorelai to get there.

Flashback to Young Lorelai's bedroom, she feels pain.

Flashback to the hospital where Young Lorelai fills out some forms.

Present day at the hospital. Lorelai asks for Sherry's room. Rory sees her and thanks her for coming. She's trying to look for a Xerox machine because Sherry forgot to fax some status reports. The two go to Sherry's room. Sherry is on the phone. Lorelai tells her to hang up and just focus on the baby.

In the hallway, Rory is getting some coffee. Lorelai walks to her and tells her that Sherry is jogging in place. Christopher sees them and calls out. They go into Sherry's room, where she's being transferred to a gurney. He follows Sherry and the nurses to the delivery room, leaving a grateful Lorelai and Rory behind.

Flashback to the hospital. A nurse is wheeling Young Lorelai down the hall on a gurney. Emily calls out to Young Lorelai, with Richard jogging behind. Emily asks Lorelai about a vague note that she left informing them of her labor. The nurse tells them to wait, because they're going into the delivery room. Richard and Emily sit outside.

Present day Luke's Diner. Jess is arguing with Kirk, who's been there all night.
Nicole and Luke come in, Luke finishing a story about cheese. He asks her if she wants coffee. Jess comes over with the coffee and tells Luke that he's going "out" for "about an hour". Luke doesn't get that Jess is saying this so he and Nicole can be alone, and they go outside and argue. They come back inside and Jess says that he's not going out for an hour after all.

At the hospital, present, Lorelai is reading in the waiting room, Rory asleep next to her. Christopher walks over to them. He asks Lorelai to come with him and go look at the baby. They look at the baby and Christopher tells her how great he feels, forgetting that Lorelai has gone through this before with Rory. He thanks Lorelai for being there.

Flashback to the hospital. Young Christopher and Young Lorelai stand at the nursery window, looking at baby Rory. Christopher says that she's pretty; Lorelai says that she's perfect. Christopher says that he supposes they should get married.

Present day at the hospital. Christopher and Lorelai are still looking at his baby. They decide to go wake Rory.

Present day at the elder Gilmore residence. Emily opens the door to find Lorelai is standing there with a DVD player and several DVDs. Emily wants to know what it's for; Lorelai tells her that she thought she'd enjoy it. Lorelai's going to set it up for her, and once it's set up Emily will have no problem getting used to DVDs. Emily is resistant until she looks at the DVDs and realizes that she loves the movies Lorelai has selected

Flashback to the elder Gilmore residence. Emily and Richard walk down the stairs, on their way to some function. Emily notices that Rory's stroller has finally been put away. While Richard looks for his scarf, Emily finds a note on the table and starts to cry.

Present time at the Gilmore mansion. Lorelai is reading through the instruction manual. Although she has no clue how to set it up, she's still going to try. She walks up stairs singing "In your Easter Bonnet" while Emily follows her, voicing concerns.
Credit: GilmoreGirls.org

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