Episode: Lorelai Out of Water ...

Original Airdate: January 28, 2003

Lorelai and Rory are standing outside looking at their garage. They haven't opened it in four years, and even then they only got so far as opening the door (a bat flew out). But, they did promise that Lane and her band could practice in the garage, so they have to open it. It's full of junk, including boxes from their attic that Lorelai had supposedly donated to charity. Rory finds her old Hug-A-World, a stuffed globe that she learned the continents on. Now you can only see Canada. Lorelai says that she'll clean it up if she doesn't have to get rid of the boxes. Suddenly they notice that the Hug-A-World is moving. Something is living in there, besides Canadians. Rory runs off to shower, since she hugged the Hug-A-World.

Inside Luke's diner, he is trying to take orders, but can't because of all of the loud noises coming from next door, where Taylor is renovating the building to make it into an old-fashioned soda shoppe. Luke finally gets fed up and rushes over to yell at Taylor. Taylor mentions that Luke hasn't returned any of his lawyer's calls about the lease agreement. Luke tells Taylor that it's a standard lease form that he bought at Office Depot, and he can just walk them over to Luke's.

At the Gilmores' garage, Lane's band is moving their stuff inside. One of the members of the band, Zach, is flirting with Lorelai. She makes up some crazy excuses to get away from him.

Dave comes up to Lane and tells her that she needs to step up her drumming and play like a guy. He walks away and Rory gets really mad. Lane tells Rory not to worry; she arranged for Dave to talk to her like that so the other guys in the band won't get suspicious that there's something going on between them. Lane is pleased that they managed to fool Rory.

Alex and Lorelai are on a date tasting coffees. They talk about work, kids, and hobbies. Alex mentions that he likes fishing, and Lorelai makes the stupid mistake of saying she loves the great outdoors, and then an even stupider mistake of agreeing to go fishing with him the next weekend.

Rory and Lane are at the town beauty supply store, where Kirk currently works. They're picking out make-up for a bride that will be getting married at an upcoming Kim family wedding. Lane tells Rory that she may get to go to the senior prom; Mrs. Kim said "maybe" after Lane promised her full chaperone and dress approval, no actual dancing at the prom, and that the escort will attend at least four family dinners before the prom. Lane, of course, wants the escort to be Dave. Mrs. Kim loves him and even let him sit in their pew last week, and he's playing at the upcoming wedding. Kirk throws in some extra samples, and they leave.

Meanwhile Lorelai and Sookie are talking in the Inn kitchen while Sookie carefully places raspberries on top of a three tiered cake. Lorelai tells Sookie about going fishing with Alex, and Sookie tells her that she made the same mistake with Jackson. She told him she liked frogs when they first met, and ever since he and his family have bought her frog figurines. She's now the "frog girl", but it's kind of cute.

At Chilton, Paris is fifteen minutes late to a student council meeting. Rory is just about to begin the meeting, when Paris walks in fuming. After calling the meeting to order, she starts rambling on about how she wants to impeach Rory for espionage and treason. The advisor says that no one is going to be impeached, so Paris tells Rory to resign. Rory refuses and tells Paris to resign. They go back and forth until the advisor tells them to move on. Paris starts talking about the swimming pool.

Back at Luke's, Taylor's lawyer Nicole Leahy comes in and asks Luke to sign the papers for the lease. He agrees after offering her a cup of coffee. He asks her how it is being Taylor's lawyer, and she tells him that she's not actually his lawyer; all of the attorneys in her firm deal with him on a rotating basis and it's her month. After she leaves, Jess teases Luke about Nicole; apparently she was coming on to him. Jess asks when Luke's last date was, a year or two ago? Luke replies that he had a date last week. Jess tells him that he gave someone a ride home, which is not a date. Then Jess goes off to have a real date with Rory.

Later that evening, Lorelai is at Luke's. She's really bored because Rory's late. Rory comes in carrying a bunch of books. Apparently she went to the library and checked out all of the books on fishing, so that Lorelai can learn to fish before her date. They're attempting to learn when Luke walks by and asks why she's learning to fish. Lorelai is vague and doesn't tell him that it's for a date. Luke offers to teach her himself, since he knows a thing or two about fishing.

The next day at Chilton, Rory goes into the Headmaster's office and tells the receptionist she got a note saying she should come see Headmaster Charleston. She sees Paris sitting and waiting also and can guess why she's there. So the two of them go into his office, and sit down. Charleston is upset; apparently their constant public fighting has been causing quite a stir on campus. He asks them what's been going on, but they don't give him a straight answer, so he says that they'd better shape up or he'll have to write a second letter to Harvard about them -- one correcting his errors in judgement from his personal reccomendation of them.

Once they're in the hallway, Rory tries to be nice to Paris, but Paris just stomps off.

Luke comes to Lorelai's house, ready to teach her to fish. Lorelai comes out in a fishing outfit. Luke dumps trout in an inflatable kiddie pool that he's set up in her front yard. After Lorelai gives all of the fish names, Luke shows her how to cast a line and asks which one of her friends she's going fishing with. She finally admits that it's a date, and there's a very awkward moment between them. Luke finally recovers and says he thinks that's good, but Lorelai can tell he doesn't mean it. Still, he offers to lend her his rod and tackle box.

Early in the morning, Rory's sitting at the kitchen table in her pajamas half asleep. Lorelai had set Rory's alarm for 5:15 AM so she'd be sure to wake up on time. She hasn't had time to have coffee yet, but thankfully Alex arrives and has brought coffee for her. She grabs it and goes out to the car. Alex asks Rory if Lorelai has ever been fishing before, and Rory lies in defense of her mom. Alex knows what's going on and tells Rory that he's booked lunch at a lodge and spa afterwards. Rory says that Lorelai will love it, and Alex tells her to go back to sleep.

Later that day, Rory and Lane are getting the bride ready for the wedding. They get out some of Lane's good makeup, since the Mrs. Kim-approved make-up has developed a smell. As they put makeup on the bride, they talk about their boyfriends. Rory thinks it's cool that Lane has found a boyfriend who shares her tastes and is willing to do stuff like play at Korean weddings to be with her. Rory tells Lane that it's okay if she doesn't like Jess, but she could try giving him a second chance. Lane agrees and mentions that they could all go out as a group. Mrs. Kim comes into the room and Rory pushes the makeup onto the floor. After she leaves, Rory and Lane reminisce about all of the weddings that have been in the Kim house over the years. Seems like at least two a year, since elementary school when they met. Rory tells Lane that maybe the next Kim wedding they do makeup for will be Lane's.

At the diner, Luke sees Nicole outside talking to Taylor. He waves to her, thinks something over, and rushes outside. After a lot of babbling, he finally asks her out for dinner sometime that week. She says that she'd love to. Luke walks into the diner and tells Jess to shut up, even though he hadn't said anything yet.

Back at Lane's house, the ceremony is coming to a close. Instead of kissing, the bride and groom bow to each other. Lane asks Rory if she's coming to the reception, but Rory says she's hanging out with Jess, and Jess isn't really a reception kind of guy. Rory leaves and Mrs. Kim comes over with a Korean boy named Young Chui and tells Lane that since she wanted to go to the prom, she can go with this boy. After assuring Young Chui that he's probably very nice, Lane goes and tells her mom that she wanted to go to the prom with Dave. Mrs. Kim just replies "He's not Korean." Mrs. Kim and Lane leave out the front door, and Dave asks a dazed Lane if everything is okay. "You're not Korean," she replies.

Later that evening, Rory gets home and finds Lorelai by the upstairs bathtub, where a trout named Jayne is swimming. Besides acquiring a pet fish, the Lorelai's date went great and they're going out again. Lorelai and Rory say goodnight to Jayne.
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