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Episode: That'll Do, Pig ...

Original Airdate: January 14, 2003

Lorelai, Rory and Lane are walking to Luke's. Lorelai agrees to let Lane's band play in her garage, under one condition: that under no circumstances will Lane pose naked on the cover of Rolling Stone. Rory points out that it's Winter Carnival time again, and asks Lane if she's going. Lane complains that she has to because the school band needs to raise money for letters, leading to a rant about band uniforms.

Rory jolts awake a distracted Paris in math class. When Paris freaks out about not having notes, Rory reassures her. They chat about Student Council, and Paris suggests that they cancel the supplementary Student Council meeting. Francie hears this and discovers an opportunity. In the hall, Paris explains her strange behavior by reporting details of her Christmas holiday with Jamie, where she bonded with his family and Jamie told her he loved her. Rory is happy for Paris.

As Lorelai walks out of the dining room, she overhears Michel saying something in Hungarian to a group of people. They become angry and Michel panics, checking his Hungarian phrase book. Itís anybodyís guess how he has insulted them.
Emily calls the Inn to inform Lorelai that Richard's 60th birthday dinner is back on and to bring a gift - but not what Emily got him, which is a cigar humidor. Michel runs back to the front desk and grabs some money, saying that if they pay the ransom, they'll get the busboy back from the Hungarian group.

Back at home, Lorelai is faced with getting rid of a spider. Dean arrives to return Roryís things in a break-up box. He disposes of the intruder, and then comes back in for an awkward encounter with Rory. He hands her the box, and when he leaves, she looks disappointed. Rory reassures Lorelai that she's fine.

Rory and Jess are making out near the gazebo when Rory brings up the winter carnival and tries to convince Jess to go. Jess refuses, and offers to meet Rory afterwards. They walk into Luke's, but their efforts to go upstairs are thwarted by a frustrated Lorelai, who seeks Roryís help in buying Richard a good birthday gift. After seeing Lorelaiís options, Rory offers to get the gift herself.

Rory bumps into Dean after leaving Lukeís, where he suggests that they go to Weston's for coffee. Rory, at first feeling awkward, realizes how much she misses Dean and is happy to catch up with him and find out he has applied to college. They decide to be friends.

The presents are a hit at Richardís birthday party. Everyone is having a great time when they receive an unexpected visit from Gran, who explains she needs to take care of her home in Hartford. Richard asks for Gran's reasons about coming to Connecticut, and she explains she has rented out her house to the band Korn. Gran also announces she wants to see Lorelai's house before a family dinner. Lorelai tries to avoid the visit by telling Gran she and Rory have plans to attend the winter carnival, but Gran only excuses Rory, saying it will be an adult affair. Gran upstages Emilyís gift for Richard.

Sookie is in the kitchen, talking about the meal she has planned for Gran's dinner. Emily calls Lorelai and informs her she is on the way to the girlsí house to organize it for Gran, despite Lorelaiís pleas not to. Rory is pulled into the Student Council meeting that was put back on the schedule by Francie without notifying Paris. Rory tries postponing it, but no one goes for it. Francie takes the lead in getting a vote against a senior present and for a high-class location for the prom.

Lorelai arrives home to find Emily trying to move the couch. Emily, afraid that Gran will blame her, complains about Lorelaiís messy house. Lorelai suggests Emily take on a defense mechanism to Gran's disapproval: take pleasure in every insult Gran gives her. When Emily isnít convinced it will work, Lorelai points out how well it has worked for her.

Rory pulls a Francie (literally) in the bathroom at Chilton, and tells her she's finished being Francie's ally. Francie threatens Rory that sheíll regret it.

Gran arrives at the girlsí house and does a quick run-through with a scrutinous eye before instructing everyone to leave for dinner.

Jess and Rory arrive at the Winter Carnival. Jess is about to take off when Clara, Dean's sister, runs up to greet Rory. Dean is following her, and asks if Rory would like to join the two of them. Jess suddenly has a change of heart to stay for the festivities, making an odd foursome of the group.

The Gilmores arrive at the Independence Inn for dinner. An uncharacteristically friendly Michel greets them and is instructed by Gran to deliver a lengthy set of demands to the servers.

Clara is annoying Jess with a seemingly unending list of questions. Lane meets up with Rory, and inquires about the unusual group Rory is with. They make plans to talk later, and an oblivious Rory is accused by Jess of planning to go to the winter carnival with Dean. Rory admits she talked with Dean, and Jess reassures her that heís not mad.

Sookie is the next in line at the Independence Inn to be judged by Gran, as she arrives at the table in a torn shirt. Gran announces that she will be moving back into her Hartford house. By the time Gran has demanded the next course, Emily has had enough and refuses to finish. She defiantly cuts a string bean into little pieces, infuriating Gran.

Dean is at the school looking over some flyers when Jess confronts him, telling him Rory takes pity on him. A confident Dean points out that now he and Rory are just friends, just as Rory and Jess once were.

The girls end their night on the porch. They discuss Granís string bean torture and Roryís belief that everything is fine with Jess, then sit back and watch the snow.
Credit: Lily

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