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Episode: A Deep Fried Korean Thanksgiving ...

Original Airdate: November 26, 2002

Lorelai and Rory are sitting on the couch watching Grey Gardens (1975) and making comments about "Little Edie" and "Big Edie". Lorelai and Rory discuss how the Edies have their cats, raccoons, pretty house, and each other. Lorelai and Rory come to the conclusion that in a few years, they will be the Edies.

Sookie is rushing around the Independence Inn kitchen giving instructions. Lorelai is trying to calm her down, but Sookie is freaking out. She will be leaving the Thanksgiving meal to Bob this year and he has never done Thanksgiving before. As Lorelai tries to reassure her that everything will be fine, Sookie comments that even when Dan Rather is on vacation, they still say "And now the CBS Evening News with Dan Rather." Therefore, Sookie will be attached to any meal served at the Inn. Sookie then proceeds to rummage through the garbage because people are throwing away useful stuff!

Emily shows up in the Inn’s kitchen and scares Lorelai because she thought Sookie was just joking when she said hello to Emily. Lorelai has been avoiding Emily's calls and will only leave messages on their machine when she does call; she even goes so far as to hang up if anyone answers. Emily has come to talk to Lorelai about Thanksgiving. Since Lorelai hasn't been coming to Friday night dinners, using the excuse that she is sick, Emily wanted to make sure she was feeling better because she wants her and Rory to come to Thanksgiving dinner. Even though Lorelai says that they have plans, Emily still insists that they come and alter the other plans. Emily then reminds Lorelai that she did not set up the meeting at Yale, Richard did. Emily really wants Lorelai and Rory there and says that if Lorelai is still sick, Lorelai’s doctor has to come to the house himself to convince Emily that Lorelai is really sick.

At Chilton, Rory, Madeline, and Paris are talking about their Thanksgiving plans. Louise is having dinner with her father in jail. Paris compares her Thanksgiving to a Wes Craven movie because she can't find a shelter to volunteer at. She has been put on waiting lists for several, but she knows she won't get in. She is mad because she needs something to put on her Harvard application. Madeline will be filling out college applications for backup schools even though she should have finished the applications by now, as Paris points out. Paris gets a call from a shelter and starts arguing that she is small and can fit in anywhere, but there is apparently no room at this shelter, either.

Lorelai breaks the news to Rory about Thanksgiving at the Gilmores‘, making their total Thanksgiving meals for the day come to four: Lane's, Sookie's, Luke's, and the Gilmores‘. They decide to try to skip Luke's because he usually doesn't like the holiday traditions and therefore, it will be the easiest to skip. Before going to the Diner, they run into Kirk on the sidewalk. Kirk tells them that he bought a cat, who he named Kirk. Lorelai asks about the name. Kirk insists that it won't be confusing, but after thinking about it, he realizes that since his mom calls him Kirk, it might be best if she says Cat Kirk or Human Kirk when referring to them.

At the diner, Lorelai asks Luke where they should sit and when he says anywhere, she asks someone to move. This frustrates Luke every time she does it and Lorelai insists that it is her showstopper. When they are ready to order, Luke informs them that he has already ordered their Wednesday usual - the French Dip, extra fries, and the every-Wednesday cherry pie. Lorelai reluctantly tells Luke that they won't be able to make it to his Thanksgiving dinner and to their surprise, he seems disappointed. After noticing his disappointment, Lorelai acts like she is talking on her cell phone and switching stuff around so that they can make it. She then tells Luke to expect them there. Rory and Lorelai then try to decide how they will eat four Thanksgiving dinners and Lorelai suggests skipping the rolls.

On Thanksgiving morning, Lorelai and Rory are heading to the market to get flowers for everyone and cranberry sauce for the Kims‘. They decide to add Tums to the list also. Rory goes to get the flowers while Lorelai head towards Doose's. Jess walks up behind Rory and kisses her. Rory asks him to stop and then moves further away from Doose's before kissing him again. She doesn't want to flaunt their relationship in front of Dean. She wants Jess to give it a little more time. In Doose's, Lorelai sees Kirk buying an assortment of first aid medication - Bactine, Neosporin, Mercurochrome - and also notices scratches on him. Kirk explains that he is going through an adjustment period with Cat Kirk and it is no big deal. His scratches happened as a result of walking into the room without announcing himself. Cat Kirk gets testy if not asked "Is it okay if I come in?" Kirk then says that he does not even know if Cat Kirk is a boy or girl because he has not gotten a look yet. Lorelai then walks over to Dean and chats with him about working the Thanksgiving shift. Lorelai wants Dean to know that no matter what happened between him and Rory, they didn't break up. So, there is no need for them to keep avoiding each other. Dean agrees.

Lorelai meets Rory outside where Lorelai shows Rory the chocolate turkeys she picked up. Rory asks if Dean was in there and if he seemed good. Lorelai tells her that he was doing well and getting time and a half. So, they head off to start their day of eating.

The first dinner of the day is at the Kims‘. Mrs. Kim answers the door in a somewhat chipper mood. They give her the flowers and the cranberry sauce, but the chocolate turkey Lorelai offers for the children doesn't go over so well. Mrs. Kim remarks that it will be bad for their teeth and then Lorelai's suggestion that they just play with it doesn't go over any better, especially since the one she gives to Mrs. Kim doesn't have a head (Lorelai has already ate it). As they walk into the house, they realize the singing has already begun and recognize the guitar player as being Dave, Lane's Dave. Lane then walks up and, after taking them into another room, explains that the musician is not Dave Rygalski that she is in a band with, but Dave Rygalski, Christian guitar player. The plan was that after Lane and her mom met Dave at the dance marathon, they would run across a flier from him seeking Christian guitar accompaniment gigs. Lane explains that they are laying the groundwork to begin dating. Lorelai, Rory, and Lane then walk into the room where the food will be served and Mrs. Kim offers Lorelai and Rory some tofurkey, which they say they will have to try later. Mrs. Kim introduces them to Dave. After Mrs. Kim walks away, Rory questions Lorelai about getting the tofurkey later, but Lorelai insists that she is taking extra napkins in order to toss it away when no one is looking. Mrs. Kim instructs Dave to play softly in the background while everyone eats. Once outside of the Kim house, Lorelai complains about having to actually eat the tofurkey because Mrs. Kim watched her the whole time, not allowing her to hide it in the napkin to throw away.

Next up is Sookie's. Sookie is relieved to see them and starts complaining about Jackson cooking the turkey. He asked if he could cook the turkey this year and Sookie, thinking he would just roast it, said yes. She thought that she could sneak in and fix it after he put it in the oven. Instead, he springs it on her that he is deep-frying her "beautiful, expensive, organically grown turkey." By then he was too excited and she couldn't talk him out of it. Jackson then comes out of the house with the turkey to cheers by his family. Lorelai describes it as being like Thunderdome. The cousins begin a countdown and Sookie feels like there has been a death in the family when it goes into the vat of oil. When Lorelai tries to comfort her that at least her mind is off of the dinner at the Inn, Sookie panics again, thinking that Bob will do something like that to the turkey. Jackson walks over and announces that it only takes 40 minutes! Lorelai hands Sookie a beer and Sookie wants them to keep coming.

At Luke's, Rory hands the flowers they bought earlier to Luke and they go through the same conversation they do every year when Luke asks where he is supposed to put them. Lorelai tells him to buy a vase. Luke tells her to stop bringing flowers. They decide that this is their tradition. Kirk is in the diner and has been scratched over 60% of his body by Cat Kirk. Babette and Maury announce that they don't like that cat. Kirk explains that he tried to play with him (he got a peek) and the cat attacked him with a ball of yarn. So, Kirk then decided that since cats are supposed to be afraid of water, he would strip naked and hide in the bathtub under water. Kirk soon found out, though, that Cat Kirk isn't afraid of water and most of the scratching took place there. Lorelai thinks Cat Kirk needs a little space and tells Kirk to enjoy his food - but he can't taste it. Jess walks over to the table and kisses Rory. He is joining them for dinner and is starved because Luke made him wait on Rory and Lorelai before he could eat. According to Luke, it just worked out that way. Lorelai and Rory explain that they've already been to the Kims’ and Sookie's and have the grandparents left. Luke says they can skip this one, but, according to Lorelai, this is the main event. When Luke and Jess walk away to refill other customers’ coffees, Lorelai comments that Jess and Rory's kiss was lame and compares them to chickens pecking at each other. Rory gets defensive because she feels like everyone is watching her. Rory doesn't know how the second boyfriend thing is supposed to go and it seems weird to her because the town was used to her and Dean. Lorelai reassures her that the town will adjust to seeing her with Jess. Rory is mostly worried about Dean, but Lorelai thinks he'll be moving on soon. Babette and Maury get up to leave and Babette tells Rory that the kiss needed a little something more, which reiterates Rory's worry that the whole town is watching.

At the Gilmores‘, Rory and Lorelai try to get themselves ready for the dinner while standing outside of the house, with Lorelai saying that they are leaving in two hours. Emily greets them and as they walk in, Lorelai notices a piano player, Brad. Emily got him at Nordstrom's because she wanted background music and he knows every song ever written. Of course, Lorelai tries to challenge him by yelling "Free Bird". Emily takes them into the living room to meet everyone. Emily introduces the guests - Natalie and Douglas Swope and Claude and Monique Clemenceau, who are just in from France. Monique only speaks French, so Claude and Richard have to translate for her throughout the night. Rory has a short conversation in French with Claude and Lorelai breaks in with a line from Lady Marmalade. Richard is shocked that she just asked Claude to go to bed with her. Lorelai tries to explain that it was a joke - just a line from a song. Thankfully, Monique understands and they find it funny. Claude mentions that this is his first American Thanksgiving and that people seem to eat too much. Lorelai agrees, but Natalie says it's about giving thanks and when Claude comments about the three things he gives thanks for as being Cuban cigars, French champagne, and gorgeous women, Lorelai asks Richard and Douglas to leave. This is another joke that the men do not understand. Claude asks if this is their 2nd dinner because Emily mentioned that they had another commitment. Rory says it's their fourth and Richard thanks them for fitting their dinner in. Lorelai says that they are the main event.

After everyone sits down in the dining room, Richard carves a ceremonial piece of turkey and sends it back to the kitchen, which confuses Lorelai. The talk at dinner turns to Rory and college. Rory says that she has applied to Harvard and when they ask for her backups, she tries to keep the subject on Harvard. They keep pressing her because they know she didn't apply only to Harvard because Chilton would not allow it. Lorelai is surprised to learn that Rory has indeed applied to other colleges and tries to get Rory to confess the other colleges. Douglas mentions Princeton, Yale, Vassar, and Wesleyan. Rory is still being vague by saying “places like those.” Lorelai asks again and Rory finally breaks down. She tells them that she has applied to Princeton and hesitantly tells them Yale. Lorelai is furious and starts accusing Richard of forcing her hand on Yale, even though he didn't know, either - but he is obviously pleased. The bickering starts - Lorelai is angry thinking they brainwashed Rory, Richard is trying to explain that they didn't know, and Rory is trying to calm everyone down. Rory mentions that if she went to Yale, she could live at home - which is the same thing Emily mentioned at their Yale visit. Lorelai is now furious at Emily, too. Natalie tries to apologize for starting everything. Emily didn't mention to Rory about living at home and Rory says she figured it out. Lorelai apologizes to the guests and starts to leave. Before leaving Lorelai states that she is baffled that for 17 years, it has always been Harvard and now suddenly Rory has applied to Yale and is copying everything Richard and Emily have said before. Furious, Lorelai storms out of the house.

Outside, Emily is trying to calm Lorelai down by explaining that Yale is just an alternative to Harvard, but Lorelai doesn't want to talk. She wants to think about everything, it's a lot to grasp, but Emily gets angry and thinks that Lorelai has reacted this way because she hates them so much that she doesn't want Rory to have any part of their lives, even if it is Rory’s choice.

At the Kims’ house, everyone is leaving. Lane and Mrs. Kim are talking about how well everything went this year. Dave begins to leave and Mrs. Kim thanks him with some rice, spinach, and lots of tofurkey. After Dave leaves, Lane notices that he has left his Bible behind and offers to run it out to him. But before she can, Mrs. Kim opens the cover where it reads "This Bible belongs to God, but is being used by Dave Rygalski." Pleased with what she has read, Mrs. Kim allows Lane to take the Bible to Dave. Outside, Lane runs up to Dave and starts apologizing because her mom made him play for five straight hours. But Dave thinks he has Kurt Cobain calluses now, so it's cool, plus she paid him $20. Lane thinks they did too much with the whole charade. But Dave has gotten other calls about playing and he's happy. Lane can't believe that after it all, Dave still wants to date her. Even more surprising to Lane, she is about to get her first kiss.

Lorelai and Rory are walking down the street in Stars Hollow. Rory thinks that Lorelai is mad about Yale, but Lorelai insists she's not. Lorelai knows that anywhere Rory goes will be great and she will be a better person, but Lorelai's mostly worried about her parents being involved in any way. They come upon Sookie's house, where Jackson and his cousins are deep-frying everything from vegetables to a napkin. Sookie, though, is calm because she has already been through the five stages of grieving, plus she's drunk. Sookie mentions that it was suggested earlier that they throw Junior in the vat, which she agreed to, and they set the lawn on fire. Phil also broke her salad bowl that she brought back from Belgium. Lane pages Rory with "Bible kiss Bible," which Rory cannot decipher the meaning of. Lorelai and Rory decide to leave Sookie and tell her to get some rest, but she's afraid that they've deep-fried her bed too. Lorelai hopes that Sookie doesn't remember any of this in the morning.

At Luke's, Jess and Luke are outside arguing over Luke's need for more trash cans. Luke wants the extra trash dumped in Taylor's bin because it'll drive him crazy. Lorelai and Rory walk up. Luke says there's no more food, but they aren't planning on eating again for a year or until tomorrow morning, whichever comes first. Lorelai goes in to get coffee, and Luke asks if he saw a fire at Sookie's earlier in the evening. Rory follows Jess down the sidewalk where she kisses him, then leaves. Jess runs into Dean on the sidewalk. Jess doesn't want to fight Dean, but Dean keeps trying to urge it on. Dean thinks Rory has Jess wrapped around her finger and asks how it feels. Jess thinks it feels like he's with Rory and Dean isn't. Dean admits that at first he thought it would be best to lay low and stay out of the way, but he says that this is his town and he wonders why he thought he had to hide. So, from now on, he doesn't have to hide and he likes the feeling.

At the diner, Luke is asking about the four dinners and wonders how they ate everything. They admit that they didn't even eat at the grandparents because of all of the chaos. Then they realize that they didn't have to skip the rolls! Obliviously, Lorelai wants rolls and asks Luke for some. He reluctantly gives Lorelai and Rory a bag of rolls, still not knowing how they eat everything.

Outside, they discuss how this Thanksgiving was nice and notice Kirk sleeping on the bench in the gazebo. Lorelai mentions how it was nicer for some than others.
Credit: Michelle

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