Episode: Let the Games Begin ...

Original Airdate: November 19, 2002

Lorelai and Rory walk down the street, still recovering from the dance marathon. Their feet hurt and their brains aren't functioning from lack of sleep. They manage to make it to Luke's, but it takes them an half an hour.

Kirk comes into the diner and flaunts his trophy from the marathon. Rory has to get to school so she and Lorelai go up to the counter to grab donuts. Jess comes out and he and Rory exchange many hellos and good-byes with each other and Luke and Lorelai before they head off to their respective schools. Luke is confused by the scene until Lorelai explains that Rory and Jess are together. Luke thinks this news is great. Lorelai says that she's spent a lot of time and energy fighting the Jess situation but she's come to accept it and is just hoping for the best.

Lorelai and Rory are at dinner at the grandparents' house. They've been waiting for dinner a long time because the cook keeps making the salad wrong. Rory and Richard go into the kitchen to get new drinks and have some chocolate. Richard mentions that he's going to Yale for a day to attend a get-together and invites Rory and Lorelai along. He'll show Rory the campus during the day, and she and Lorelai can hang out in the evening while Richard and Emily attend a dinner. Rory agrees to come and tell Lorelai about the plan.

When Lorelai and Rory leave the Gilmore house, Rory breaks the news to Lorelai, who blows a gasket, feeling that Richard-the-puppet-master is manipulating Rory.

The next afternoon, Kirk runs into Luke's Diner, frantic because his trophy is missing. He thinks someone kidnapped it and interrogates Rory when she comes in.

Rory sits at the counter and orders a cheeseburger. Jess comes downstairs and says he's not hungry, and Rory asks Luke to wrap up her cheeseburger because she's not hungry either. She and Jess go upstairs to "look at a book". They've sort of awkward and don't know what to do or say. They get within a foot of each other and lean in for a kiss when Luke bangs in the door. Jess and Rory leap apart, and Rory leaves after taking the cheeseburger from Luke. Luke then lays down some rules for Jess about Rory. The door's not allowed to be shut while they're in a room alone, they can't sit on the same piece of furniture, etc.

Rory and Lorelai are getting ready to go on the Yale day trip. Lorelai makes Rory pack a ton of stuff, like rain boots, because Emily will object if they're not prepared for anything and everything. Rory and Lorelai get into a little fight when something Lorelai says about Rory's bracelet seems to be an insult to Jess, but they make up before Emily and Richard get there.

The four of them walk around the Yale campus. Emily and Richard reminisce about their relationship, finding the spot where Richard proposed, visiting the art gallery where he took her on their first date, etc.

The button on Emily's skirt breaks and Lorelai fixes it in the bathroom. Emily mentions how much showing Rory and Lorelai around Yale means to Richard. Meanwhile, outside on a bench, Richard reminisces about his time at Yale and talks about how Lorelai wanted to go to Yale when she was little.

Richard takes Rory to the office of a friend of his, who just happens to be the Dean of Admissions. He mentions that he's also arranged for Rory to have an interview with the Dean. Rory, Lorelai, and Emily are all taken aback, and Lorelai tells Rory that she doesn't have to do the interview if she doesn't want to. Rory agrees to do the interview and Richard shows her into the room. When he comes back out, Lorelai confronts him about how he tricked them all into this. She's really angry because she and Rory had already decided that Rory is going to Harvard, and now Richard is trying to get her to go to Yale. Richard says that Lorelai doesn't know anything about Rory's education and she just doesn't want Rory going to Yale because he went there, and this shouldn't be about Lorelai.

Lorelai goes out to call a cab to take she and Rory home while Emily tries to talk her out of it. Emily's pleas and explanations do nothing to slow Lorelai's anger at her father.

The Dean was very impressed with Rory and tells her and Richard so. Richard is very proud. But Rory is angry at him for the way he sprung this on her without letting her prepare for it. She and Lorelai leave to meet their cab.

Lorelai and Rory walk to Luke's after the cab ride home from Yale. Rory says that she doesn't want to talk about college for a while. They go into Luke's and take out a bag of tacos that they bought in New Haven at a recommend taco joint. Jess comes in and says that he has to go pick up a part for his car, and Rory leaves to go study. Luke sits down by Lorelai and acts smug about how he laid down the law with Jess. Lorelai explains to him that Rory and Jess are together as they speak. Luke is outraged at the trickery and goes out to find them.

Rory meets Jess at a telephone booth and they kiss. But suddenly Rory says that she has to go. Jess seems a little upset but seems more understanding after they kiss again. She then walks away.

Rory goes to Dean and climbs a tree to get to his window. She attempts to apologize to him but he doesn't really respond to her efforts. She says that she hopes that someday he won't hate her anymore. "I hope so too," says Dean and shuts his window.

Rory goes home and does some studying. Lorelai asks about the rest of Rory's evening. Rory says that she'll share details tomorrow, but it was "eventful".

Rory climbs into bed and turns out the light, but turns it back on again and looks over the Yale booklet. Upstairs in her room, Lorelai is doing the same thing.
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