Episode: Take the Deviled Eggs ...

Original Airdate: November 5, 2002

Rory comes out of her bedroom one morning to find Lorelai in project mode. She's surrounded by stacks of magazines. Rory warns Lorelai not to abandon this project in the middle and reminds her about the time Lorelai tried making her own seashell candles. Lorelai explains that she's gathered together every catalogue they've received in the last three months and is going to call the companies that are sending them duplicates and tell them to stop. Each company is sending them around ten duplicate catalogues, all adressed to variations of Lorelai's or Rory's name. Rory offers to call half of the companies. Lorelai tells Rory to call her half first and then leaves the room, abandoning the project.

At the town meeting, Taylor is complaining about birds. The problem, according to Taylor, is that the birds relieve themselves on people and he wants to put an end to it by placing spikes on top of the things the birds land on. Miss Patty's new beau, JÚsus, stops by the town meeting briefly and she tells him she'll be out soon. Taylor wants to continue discussing the bird issue, but everyone else wants to hear about JÚsus. Miss Patty says that she met him at a funeral. Everyone wants all the juicy details about the date later. But before the town meeting ends, Taylor mentions that there's a guy who wants to stage a protest in the town square.

Lorelai, Rory and Luke leave the meeting together and they see Jess drive by in a junky-looking car. Lorelai is a little annoyed that Jess is even driving. Rory leaves to go study and Lorelai asks Luke about Jess's car. Luke has no clue when, where or how Jess got the car but pretends like he knows. Luke is very puzzled about how Jess paid for the car, so he asks him about it a little later. Jess smartly replies that he mugged an old lady. When asked again, Jess says that he saved up his money and bought it from Gypsy.

Lorelai comes home to find Rory studying as usual. She brought the mail in and there is a letter for Rory-an invitation. And not just any invitation, but an invitation to Sherry's baby shower! Lorelai is a puzzled, especially since they haven't been in contact with Christopher for months. However, Rory says that she has, in fact, had some contact with Christopher and apologizes about it. Lorelai tells her that it's nothing to apologize for since he's her dad. Rory admits that she didn't tell Lorelai about it because she didn't want to betray her or make her feel bad. As for the baby shower invitation, Rory isn't sure if she should go or not. She decides she will go since the baby will be her little half-brother or half-sister and that she should try to make some sort of connection with Sherry.

Over at Luke's, Jess is acting suspicious and says that he has to "go on a few errands" before school. Jess leaves and Luke is left with Kirk, who apparently likes his patty melts cut into stars and squares. Jess drives by in his car and Kirk ogles it and says how sweet it is. Kirk wishes that his mom would let him have a car, or even a bike or roller skates.

Later on, Luke goes over to Gypsy's garage and finds Gypsy telling Jackson all the things that are wrong with his truck. Luke interrupts them to find out how in the world Jess paid for his truck. Gypsy says he paid in cash, in twenties, but that she never asks where the money comes from.

Back at Luke's, Taylor, Reverend Archie Skinner and David the Rabbi are talking about the man who wants to protest. Taylor is annoyed (as usual) that the Reverend and Rabbi might allow the man to protest from the church when everyone else in the town voted against the protest. Taylor says that God would not want the man to protest in town, so the Reverend and the Rabbi quiz him on how exactly he talks to God and what God is like. The Reverend and Rabbi are taking every chance possible to poke fun of Taylor, who becomes more and more perturbed minute by minute. Taylor is completely appalled that they would do this to him after all the support he has given them over the years-basically going to church, singing and leaving a dollar. The Reverend says that with his voice, he should leave two dollars! He and the Rabbi continue to pester Taylor, offering up suggestions as to which church might allow Taylor to join their congregation.

Meanwhile, Luke is still wondering what Jess is up to and starts looking through his things.

Rory and Lane are walking down the street, talking about Sherry's baby gift (a blanket) and pregnancy, when they pass Jess's car. Lane didn't know whose car it was, so when Rory tells her that it belongs to Jess, Lane gets very upset. At that moment Jess walks up to them and Lane starts berating him about having a car and asks him how he got it. Rory ends their bickering, tells Jess to leave and, having previously noticed a woman's bra in the back seat, reminds him that he left the bra there.

Later, in Boston, Lorelai pulls up in front of Sherry's house to drop Rory off. There are green balloons everywhere and Lorelai and Rory wonder what happened to having pink or blue balloons. Lorelai is about to leave to go shopping when Sherry pops up outside the car and encourages her to come to the baby shower as well. Undeterred by Lorelai and Rory's excuses as to why Lorelai can't (doesn't want to) attend the party, Sherry convinces Lorelai to put off shopping for another day and join in the baby shower fun. Inside Sherry's apartment are six of Sherry's yuppie friends (all as annoyingly cheery as Sherry), rows of alphabetized CDs, and green-colored baby gifts galore. The party's festivities include playing lots of baby games (karaoke, feeding cotton balls to baby shoeboxes and smelling diapers), eating (they have a green cake and deviled eggs) and socializing.

Although the games and food are somewhat bearable, it's the socializing (especially with Sherry) that makes Lorelai feel like she's at the baby shower from hell. First of all, it turns out that Sherry will be having a girl who will be named Georgia, G.G. for short. Lorelai can't help but see the similarity to Rory -- it's a girl, and the name has two syllables and repeating consonants -- like Rory's name. Secondly, Sherry and her friends talk about Christopher-about what a wonderful person he is and what a great dad he will be. Sherry knows that Lorelai said something to him long ago that made him become more dedicated to Sherry, but she doesn't know what exactly. Of course, it's a very sore spot for Lorelai since, if Sherry hadn't gotten pregnant, she might be back together with Christopher. Thirdly, Sherry asks Rory to come visit her and the baby often after she's settled at Harvard. Rory politely says yes, and Sherry goes on to say that she has clocked the exact time it takes to travel between her home and Harvard and suggests that it will be easy for Rory to come over in the afternoons and on the weekends. If that wasn't the icing on the cake, Sherry goes on to again say how caring Christopher has been lately and that he even sings to the baby!

Lorelai makes a mad dash for the bathroom to take a break, collect herself, and disorganize the contents of Sherry's perfectly arranged medicine cabinet. Rory joins Lorelai in the bathroom and they have a heart-to-heart talk where Lorelai voices all of her frustrations and Rory assures her mom that she will not be spending very much time at Sherry's. They leave a short while later, after Rory neatens Sherry's medicine cabinet.

Meanwhile, Jess accuses Luke of going through his things. Luke insists he hasn't been snooping but Jess doesn't believe him, so Luke asserts that he only did it for Jess's own good. After being asked numerous times where he got the money for the car, Jess says he was paid for his services. Luke asks Jess if he's a gigolo. Poor Jess is so fed-up with being treated so suspiciously that he admits that he works at Wal-Mart. Trying to keep from laughing hysterically, Luke casually asks what Jess does at Wal-Mart and if he wears a vest. Jess asks to be left alone and so Luke leaves.

On the drive home from the shower, Rory senses that Lorelai is still mad at Sherry. Lorelai starts ranting about the deviled eggs that Sherry forced upon them, how they stayed at Sherry's much longer than they had planned, and makes fun of nearly everything Sherry said that evening. Suddenly, Rory tells Lorelai to stop the car because there's something she can do to feel better-egg Jess's car (technically, devil-egg the car). So they throw the deviled eggs at Jess's car and speed away in the jeep.

The next morning, Lorelai and Rory are downtown when they realize they forgot about the protest. They run over to the church to watch the protest. The Town Loner carries a large banner into the church. He then appears from a church window and drops the banner, but the banner is blank. He must have dropped it from the wrong side. The Town Loner then shouts a couple of phrases, but it's completely inaudible. Nobody can figure out what he said. That's the end of the protest. Everyone is disappointed.

Jess and Luke find Jess's car covered in deviled eggs. Luke says that someone must hate Jess a lot to have prepared deviled eggs to throw at his car. Lorelai and Rory pass Jess and they sheepishly say that they didn't devil-egg his car and that they even have alibis.
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