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Episode: Eight O'Clock at the Oasis ...

Original Airdate: October 22, 2002

Lorelai and Rory are at Luke’s diner. It’s unusually crowded and Luke is very annoyed. Luke says that the “JCrew catalog” has taken over his diner: people occupy all of the tables and hardly order anything, and their children are sticky and drooling. One woman starts breastfeeding her baby and Luke can’t believe that she would do that in public. He can’t quite get himself to go over to her table and ask her to stop breastfeeding in his restaurant.

Over at the Independence Inn, Michel is carrying some pillows that some guests, whom he calls fat and ugly, think are toxic. Emily calls Lorelai at work and asks her to come to an antique auction at the Society Matron’s League. Michel overhears the conversation and practically begs Lorelai to take him with her. She agrees to let him come only if he promises to work a few weekends, answer the phone (in English), and help out some nature hikers. Michel reluctantly agrees.

That evening, Lorelai and Rory arrive home with pizza. Apparently Lorelai got in a fight with the pizza guy, Pete, about garlic being an extra topping. When they realize that Pete gave them some free cheesy bread, Lorelai decides that she’ll apologize to Pete later. Rory goes inside with the pizza and Lorelai retrieves the mail. A man, Dwight, walks over to Lorelai and introduces himself as her new neighbor. After Lorelai casually offers to help him out if he ever needs anything, he immediately takes her up on it and asks her to water his lawn for a few days. Lorelai, a bit bewildered, agrees. Dwight insists on showing her his lawn then even though Lorelai would rather go inside and eat some pizza. So they go over to Dwight’s, and he tells her that he has named his garden the Oasis and tells her about the horrible marriage he used to be in. After being shown how to turn the spigot on and off, Lorelai gladly leaves.

At the auction, Michel and Lorelai are patiently waiting for something good to come up. So far there has only been ‘crap’, as Lorelai puts it. Emily and her friend, Natalie walk up to Lorelai and Michel. Natalie calls Emily the Cobra because she always gets her way or will squeeze until she gets what she wants. Lorelai leaves Michel for a bit to go get a drink. A man is at the bar. They start talking and have a cute conversation about bidding on the last glass of merlot. They end up sharing it.

The next day, Lorelai is on the phone trying to get the guy's name, which she didn’t catch, and his number. She can’t seem to get it. So later at dinner at Richard and Emily’s house, Rory brings up the auction and probes Lorelai to ask Emily about the man at the bar. Lorelai mentions that she met a nice guy at the auction but didn’t catch his name. Emily knows who he is: Peyton Sanders. Lorelai asks Emily to get his phone number for her.

The next morning, Lorelai and Rory are in a hurry to get to Luke’s for breakfast when Lorelai remembers that she needs to water Dwight’s lawn. They quickly go over to his house, turn the sprinkler on, and find a letter from Dwight asking Lorelai to water his African violets inside. They go inside and his house is a little bit peculiar. There is a huge cabinet filled with board games. Right then, Peyton calls Lorelai and asks her out to dinner the next night as well as a David Bowie concert the next week.

The next evening, Lorelai is trying to figure out what to wear on her date. Lorelai mentions that she’s a little bit worried about having a good time on the date since she only talked to Peyton for about ten minutes. She also can’t remember if he’s cute. But soon, Peyton pulls up in a nice car, Lorelai feels better, and they leave on their date.

Later that evening when Lorelai comes home, she goes to see Rory. Rory wonders why she’s home so early—it’s only a little after ten. Lorelai says that Peyton had no personality, no sense of humor and was utterly boring. He is very interested in cars and wine. Lorelai says that she is not going to go with him to the David Bowie concert.

At the Independence Inn, Michel tells Lorelai that some lamps from the auction were mixed up and that Lorelai has Emily’s lamp and Emily has Lorelai’s lamp. Michel apparently purchased something for himself at the auction—an 18th century bleeding bowl.

Lorelai takes the lamp from the auction over to Emily’s and retrieves her own. Emily asks her to stay a bit and have some coffee. She asks about the date with Peyton and Lorelai says it was fine. Emily keeps asking about it and mentions that Peyton had a wonderful time. Emily is very excited that they’re dating. So Lorelai tells her not to be too excited since she isn’t interested in Peyton—he’s not her type and they don’t share any of the same interests. And she says that she’s not going on another date with him. Emily gets upset at Lorelai because she’s going to cancel the date. They get into an argument—Lorelai says that her relationships and dates are her own business, and Emily says that Lorelai is very judgmental. Lorelai leaves to get Rory from school.

At Luke’s, Lorelai and Rory are sitting and ready to order when Dwight calls Lorelai. Lorelai is finding Dwight to be very annoying. Lorelai asks Rory to go water his lawn since she can’t. Lorelai’s phone rings again; this time it’s Richard. He says that he’s going to play golf with Peyton’s father on Sunday and that he will figure out what to do and how to proceed. Lorelai is confused. Richard says that he doesn’t know how much damage has been done and that Lorelai needs to apologize for how she treated Peyton. Lorelai is stunned and says that it isn’t his business, and they get into a fight about it. Richard tells Lorelai how much it has affected Emily—apparently Emily is in jeopardy of losing her prime tea spot at the DAR meetings.

Over at Dwight’s house, Rory overhears a message on the answering machine. It’s Dwight’s wife, who is very upset with him, demanding all of the board games back. Back outside, Rory tries to turn the sprinklers off but there’s something wrong with them. She pages Dean to come help. Then she runs down the street and runs into Jess. She explains that she’s soaking wet because Dwight’s sprinklers won’t turn off. Jess easily fixes the sprinkler and turns it off. He and Rory have a nice, short little conversation. When Dean calls Rory back about the sprinkler, Jess turns it back on so that Dean can turn it off.

Lorelai and Rory go over to Richard and Emily’s. Rory is wearing a blue sweater which Emily really likes, and she tells Lorelai that she must buy Rory more blue. There is a lot of tension in the air between Lorelai and Emily, and Lorelai recognizes that if she doesn't go apologize the night will be unbearable. Lorelai goes into the kitchen where Emily is preparing cheese and apologizes about the Peyton situation. She says that she didn’t understand that it would interfere with Emily’s social life or that it would bother Emily if she didn’t go out with him again. She continues to say that even though she had an exceptionally boring time with Peyton, that she will go with him to the concert if Emily really wants her to. Emily says that Lorelai saying that means a lot. It seems that they've made amends Lorelai is off the hook, until Emily instructs Lorelai to borrow Rory's sweater when she goes to the concert.

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