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Episode: Haunted Leg ...

Original Airdate: October 1, 2002

Rory and Lorelai are in the living room of the Elder Gilmores' residence. Richard is out of town, so it's just the girls. Rory tries in vain to start harmless small talk by bringing up a mouse that's been at the inn lately, but it backfires when Emily begins to lecture Lorelai about keeping the inn clean and the proper way to get rid of mice. Obviously, things are still very tense because Emily and Lorelai haven't forgotten the Christopher argument from when they last saw each other.

Lorelai and Rory are at Luke's diner. Lorelai has a cold but wishes she had an impressive illness so she could say things like, "Yeah, I'm not feeling so good, my leg is haunted." Luke brings them their food and a bowl of soup for Lorelai. He lectures her about her nutritional values and tells her that the only way she'll get a better immune system is by eating a vegatable now and then. After he leaves, she gives the carrots in her soup to Rory.

Shane, Jess's girlfriend, walks up to the counter. They kiss and exchange just a few words, then leave. Dean walks up to their table and tells them that he's already eaten his breakfast. Rory is appreciative that he uses full sentences.

At the inn, Michel and Lorelai are looking at the fireplace. They saw the mouse run across the inn floor and into the fireplace, but now they can't find it. They're trying to decide what to do until the exterminator comes when Kirk walks up. He has a delivery of wedding photos for Sookie. She offers to take them to her, but he wants to know if he can speak with Lorelai.

Kirk asks Lorelai out on a date in two weeks, because by then she'll be over her cold. Lorelai is taken aback. Kirk leaves, telling her to think about it for a few days. Before he leaves, he tells her that she's the prettiest girl he's ever seen, outside of a "really filthy magazine."

It's the first day of school. Rory wakes up to find Lorelai sitting in a chair looking at her. She's been sitting there for an hour and a half, because this is the last first day of high school Rory will ever have. Lorelai's been feeling sentimental, and she's also been crunching the numbers -- she hands Rory a bill, which shows what Rory has cost her over the years. Finally Lorelai tells Rory the real reason she's been waiting for her to wake up: Rory got home too late the night before for Lorelai to talk to her. Lorelai tells Rory about Kirk asking her out. Rory can't believe it at first and then finds the whole thing very amusing. Lorelai needs help turning him down, but Rory doesn't have any suggestions to offer. Lorelai knows she has to do something, because Kirk works at every business in town and she sees him all the time.

They go into the kitchen and Rory reminds Lorelai not to be late to her swearing in ceremony at three that afternoon. She then breaks the news that Emily is coming. Lorelai is upset, but Rory tells her that Emily found out about it herself and called about it. Lorelai pouts, but feels a little better when Rory reminds her that they won't have to talk much, just sit by each other.

That afternoon at one minute past three, Rory is standing in a Chilton hallway as Lorelai runs up. Apparently she hit every traffic light in town. Rory says it's okay because it doesn't start until 3:15; she lied to Lorelai to get her there on time. They walk into the auditorium and Rory tells Lorelai to save a seat for Grandma. Lorelai isn't enthusiastic but puts her purse on the chair next to her. As Rory walks away, Lorelai picks up it up and holds it in her lap. Then she puts it back down. She picks it up again and is about to put it down on the chair again when Emily walks in and sits down. Emily tells Lorelai that she could have used her handbag to save a seat for her.

During the ceremony, Rory gives a nice speech about cleaning up some of their messes so that future generations won't have to do it. Later, Paris gives a scary speech about how, unlike the Romans, she will succeed and keep the Chilton empire and legacy going, dammit. If she comes back in twenty years and sees it changed she'll dismantle it with her bare hands. The new officers then swear an oath on the Chilton Handbook.

Lorelai and Emily are waiting outside in the hallway for Rory. They both mention that it was long, and Emily is about to say something more to Lorelai when Rory walks up. She tells Lorelai that she's going to get her backpack and then they can go. As she walks off, Lorelai tells Emily that she doesn't have to wait if she has things to do. Emily starts to walk off but stops and asks Lorelai if they can have lunch, tomorrow, just the two of them. Surprisingly, Emily says that they can have lunch at Luke's, since Lorelai seems to like it so much. Lorelai is a little taken aback but agrees to meet Emily at one o'clock at Luke's the next day.

In the Chilton cafeteria, several students are sitting around a table while Paris walks around, talking about how the last administration didn't accomplish anything, and how this year's will be better. Apparently she's been talking about this for an hour and they haven't even learned anyone's names yet. Paris is about to dismiss them when Francie brings up the major issue on the mind of the senior class that she'd like to discuss: hemlines. She proposes that the limits on hemlines be raised an inch and a half. Paris obviously thinks this is ridiculous, but tells Francie that she'll take it under advisement. She then dismisses the meeting, banging a gavel on the table.

Rory walks up to Paris. She says that the point of the meeting was an informal get-to-know-you meeting (they even had donuts and coffee, which were never passed out), and Paris spent the entire time talking about her agenda. Paris doesn't see Rory's point. France walks up and congratulates Paris on her win and tells her that she looks forward to working with her throughout the year. After she walks off, Paris tells Rory that she's going to turn in the demand to get the librarian to resign. Rory sympathizes with the ninety-three year old woman, but Paris shows no mercy to a woman who only has three volumes on the Crusades.

At the Independence Inn, a group of guests have turned in a request for a vegetarian meal. Sookie is upset because she'd planned to make stuffed pork chops, and now she'll have to make pasta, which anyone can make. Lorelai and Sookie then speculate about what Emily might want to talk to Lorelai about. Sookie says that maybe Emily has changed ... like a vegetarian who suddenly takes a bite of stuffed pork and has their whole frame of mind altered. Lorelai warns Sookie to stick with the pasta.

At Chilton, Rory is walking down the hall when someone suddenly pulls her into a bathroom. It's France and two of her friends. Francie tells Rory that Paris is not in charge, even though she thinks she is. Francie warns Rory that she has the power to make Paris's life a living hell when it comes to student council. She tells Rory to tell Paris that she should support Francie's issues for the rest of the year, or Francie will make her ineffectual. Rory doesn't like all of the backdoor dealing. Francie tells her to wise up; this is politics. She then tells Rory not to tell Paris about this little meeting, or Paris may get paranoid and not make Rory's vice presidency very easy.

Lorelai walks into Luke's diner and looks around for Emily. Luke asks her what the hell she's doing there. Lorelai tells him that she's meeting someone and he teases her about Kirk. Apparently Kirk approached Luke and asked him if he had a chance with Lorelai. Lorelai needs to sit down and feels like sticking a fork through Luke's hand. Luke sings "Love is in the Air", and Lorelai throws a spoon at him.

Emily walks in just in time to see Lorelai throw the spoon. She sits down (after wiping off the seat) and examines the menu. She asks how the Caeser salad is, and Lorelai can't tell her. Lorelai doesn't know whether or not they coddle the eggs either. Emily gets a little frustrated. Lorelai asks her what this is all about, but Emily again says that she just wanted to have lunch with her daughter. Finally she lets on that she called and talked to Christopher. Lorelai is stunned. Emily tells her that Christopher is most definitely not in love with "that woman", and Lorelai can't let him get away just because of this little complication. Lorelai is angry that Emily called Christopher and gets up to leave, saying that she doesn't want to discuss this, now or ever. As she leaves, Emily shouts that you have to fight for a family life.

At Chilton, they're having another student council meeting. Madeline and Louise bring up dances and professional photography. Francie asks if Paris has had time to look over her proposal. Paris says no. The students leave, and Rory walks up to Paris. She convinces her to throw the class presidents a bone so that they'll be easier to work with. After Paris hears that raising hemlines will make her beloved as well as respected, she agrees to the plan.

At Lorelai's house, Rory is ready for Friday dinner while Lorelai tells her how she's never going to go to Emily's house again. Rory tells her that it's not an option. The phone rings and they let the machine get it (in case it's Emily). It's Kirk, but the answering machine confused him so he hangs up. They're about to leave when it rings again and the answering machine picks up. It's Kirk again, about to ask Lorelai a few questions. His mother gets on the phone and they start talking back and forth on Lorelai's answering machine. Kirk hangs up and Lorelai and Rory leave.

Lorelai and Rory arrive at the elder Gilmores' house. They have to ring the doorbell several times because the new maid keeps confusing the doorbell with the bell on the oven. Emily finally lets them in. They go into the living room and she pours them drinks. Lorelai notices that she seems tense but Emily brushes it off. The maid comes in and announces that dinner is ready. Emily says that it's a half an hour too early, but crossly agrees to eat dinner now. Lorelai is amazed that Emily didn't immediately fire this maid; she's had women deported who were better than this one. Emily admits that Richard made a joke about her not being able to keep a maid. It turns out that Emily hasn't really liked a maid since Lorelai was four or five.

The doorbell rings and the maid goes to answer the "big bell". Christopher walks into the room and says that he needs to talk to Lorelai, because she hasn't been returning his calls and he knew she'd be here. Lorelai is angry and assumes that this is Emily's doing. Emily denies it, and Christopher says that he's not leaving until Lorelai talks to him, so they walk down the hallway to talk.

Christopher asks Lorelai why she won't call him back. She tells him that this is a bad time to hold this conversation and she'll call him tomorrow. He doesn't believe her. He says that her shutting him out like this is wrong, and what's even worse is her keeping Rory from him. Lorelai denies that she's keeping Rory from him. He doesn't believe her and says that there's never been a time that Rory hasn't called him back. Rory walks up and tells him that she hasn't called him back because she didn't want to. He promised her at Sookie's wedding that things were going to work and that he'd be there. Christopher asks Rory to try to understand. Rory says that she always understands, and she doesn't want to understand; she has Lorelai and that's all she needs. She tells him to go be someone else's dad and goes upstairs, telling Lorelai to call her when he's gone.

Christopher blames Lorelai for this, saying that Rory did not get to this point by herself. Lorelai reminds him that Rory can get anywhere by herself. Christopher wants to go talk to her, but Lorelai warns him to respect Rory's wish to be left alone. Christopher tells Lorelai that this situation isn't easy for him either, and he doesn't like how things are. Lorelai tells him that since Sherry is pregnant and he's going to marry her, things are how they are, and he needs to accept it. Christopher says that he can't. Lorelai tells him that she can't talk to him because talking to him really, really hurts, and standing here right now talking to him is killing her. Emily walks up and asks Christopher to leave now.

Outside, Christopher is sitting on his motorcycle when Lorelai walks outside. She tells him to give it time. He nods and drives off.

Rory and Lorelai walk through Stars Hollow. Lorelai says that she hasn't had this much fun since labor. Rory says that no matter what, she is not going to Christopher's and Sherry's wedding, because it's the wrong one. They then decide that they're both starving because dinner sucked, so they head to the market. Kirk calls to Lorelai from down the street, and Lorelai tells Rory to go into the market alone and start shopping.

Kirk asks Lorelai if she's allergic to tuna. She says no, but she has made up her mind. She tells him that she just got out of a really weird relationship and she's not totally over the shock of it yet, and Kirk is her friend so she doesn't want to hurt him. Kirk asks if the tuna inquiry was too personal. When he's assured that her mind is really made up and that it won't be changing anytime soon, Kirk says that at least he asked, and says goodnight.

In the market, Rory walks into an aisle and sees Jess. She gives him the cold shoulder, and he asks how her summer went. She tells him that it went fine and asks about his. Did anything interesting happen? Jess tells her that her name is Shane. Rory seems a little perturbed, and Jess asks her if she's upset. She admits that after what happened at Sookie's wedding, coming back and seeing him with Shane threw her for a sec. Jess gets mad. After the kiss, she ran off to Washington and didn't call him or write him or anything, then acts put out that he didn't wait around like Dean would have. And speaking of Dean, she's still with him, right? Rory finally admits that she is. They snipe at each other a little more, then Rory leaves.

Rory meets Lorelai outside with her bag of groceries. Lorelai asks if she's done. Oh yeah, she's done.

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