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Original Airdate: April 9, 2002

We open at Lukeís, where all hell is breaking loose while he completes renovations on his apartment upstairs. The ceiling is falling through and drywall is ending up in the customersí breakfasts. And thatís just the beginning. We all know that a construction job is never ever finished on time. Meanwhile, Emily calls Lorelai and offers her a gift certificate for a weekend spa getaway. Emily won in it a charity auction and doesnít want it. That is, until Lorelai makes it sound so good and gets so excited about getting pampered that Emily decides sheíll go too. So much for relaxation!

In order to make the trip bearable, Lorelai schedules all her treatments in such a way so that sheíll only have to have dinner with Emily. Rory thinks her mom is being rude, but Lorelai knows itís the only way to survive the weekend. And what about Rory, what is she going to do? Throw a big bash while her momís away? Yeah, right. Good girl Rory plans on doing laundry, ordering in Indian food and going to bed early. Lorelai is outraged and practically orders Rory to do something deviant. When Emily arrives to pick up Lorelai, she arrives in a chauffeured limo. Lorelai can barely stand it, but it looks like she has no choice.

At Chilton that day, Paris is having yet another meltdown. This time sheís freaking in Chemistry class (she got an A- on a paper! Itís the terrible ďminusĒ sign.) and desperately wants to find a study partner. The problem is, that itís Friday night, so Madeline and Louise are definitely not available. That leaves poor Rory. Even though Paris fully believes her chances of getting into Harvard are in jeopardy, and even though Paris begs Rory for help, itís a no go. Rory apologizes for not being able to help her tonight and then promises sheíll help Paris every day the week before the final.

Meanwhile, Emily and Lorelai arrive at the spa and itís just delightful. Emily loves it immediately while Lorelai is finding it difficult to fully relax and is preparing herself for having a bad time. The fact that the spa doesnít have coffee (nothing with caffeine, in fact) means that Lorelai is not off to a good start. What is she going to do without her necessary jolt of java? If thatís not bad enough, Emily called ahead and made sure that all of their spa treatments were done together. So, all of Lorelaiís careful planning has been thrown right out the window. Itís bonding time!

Back in Stars Hollow, Rory and Dean are in a serious lip lock but things are about to go sour. When Dean suggests that he pay a little visit to the Gilmore house since Lorelai is out of town, he is shut down. Rory explains that she really wants to spend the night alone so she can do laundry and eat Indian food. Dean is visibly upset that heís being dissed for the washer and dryer but finally understands that itís what Rory wants to do because she never gets the house to herself. He is such an understanding boyfriend, but maybe he shouldnít be. Rory does say that Saturday is all about Dean, which makes him feel a little better. He claims that heís not mad, a little confused, but not mad.

As for Lorelai, sheís getting more disturbed by the minute. She discovers that Emily booked them adjoining rooms so they donít have to go into the hallway to talk to each other. Before they head for their first spa treatment, Emily badgers Lorelai into putting on the spa robe, even though sheíd rather wear her own clothes. Emily is bound and determined to enjoy this spa weekend, while it seems that Lorelai is bound and determined not to enjoy it. The next time we see Lorelai, she is all pampered and relaxed. But thatís because sheís in a room all by herself. When Emily comes in to talk about their next treatment, Lorelai looks like sheís going to have a breakdown. Emily just wonít stop talking! When the two of them get massages, Lorelai freaks out. Emily signed them up for a coupleís massage, a massage usually reserved for a romantic situation. Lorelai just wants to be alone for some of the treatments. Is that so wrong? Apparently it is. Emily is fed up with Lorelaiís sulking and sighing. She shouldnít be wasting all her relaxation time acting like a petulant four-year-old. Lorelai apologizes and promises to be more relaxed.

Later that night, Lorelai calls Rory to see whatís going on. Nothing at all. Rory is ordering food and sorting clothes. Lorelai wants to complain about her weekend, but Rory cuts her off so she can answer the door. Who could that be? Itís Paris. Sheís having a breakdown and says she tried to stay home, but she doesnít know what anything means anymore. She canít even read her own handwriting. When she finishes ranting and raving, Paris realizes that Roryís big night involved just a lot of laundry. Sheís insulted and tries to leave. Feeling badly, Rory lets her stay and study, but for just one hour.

Lorelai and Emily are getting ready for dinner, and, dare we say it, bonding a bit. Lorelai compliments Emily on her dress and Emily likes Lorelaiís lipstick. However, when the girls take a look at the dinner menu, they are horrified. Thereís just a lot of steamed stuff and tofu. Yuck. Lorelai suggest they get the hell out of dodge, find a restaurant, and get a big steak. Emily is ready, and itís a momentous occasion because mother and daughter have finally agreed on something.

While Rory is helping Paris study, thereís another knock at the door. She thinks itís her Indian food, but itís not. Itís Jess. Apparently, Luke was worried that Rory would have no food in the house so he sent over a care package. Rory reluctantly lets Jess in and waits for him to leave. But he doesnít. He wanted to get out of the construction mess for a while and starts making himself comfortable. (Which, in turn, makes Rory really uncomfortable.) When it seems that Jess is going to stay and eat with Rory, she invites Paris to stay and hang out. While Paris makes a call, Jess accuses Rory of asking Paris to stay because he thinks that Rory thinks they need a chaperone. Rory denies it up and down, but we think she really is afraid of being alone with Jess.

At the restaurant, there is an hour wait, so Lorelai suggest they eat at the bar. Emilyís never done that but, why not? The girls saddle up to the bar, order some martinis and ask for a menu. They drink, they chat and actually have a good time. Then, Lorelai points out that a silver-haired fox is totally checking out Emily. This could get interesting.

Back at Roryís, the three of them are having a healthy disagreement about Kerouac and Bukowski while downing chow. It seems that Jess can hold his own when it comes to talking about literature, and Paris loves learning about the best way to eat fries. Itís all good until Dean calls and announces heís making a brief visit. Rory tries her best to dissuade him (Dean will freak if he finds Jess there) but itís not happening. Dean is on his way. So, Rory tries to do some damage control and get Jess out of there. Jess knows the score and teases Rory about the whole thing. But Rory really needs him to leave and asks, as a friend, if heíll do it. He agrees, but he doesnít agree quickly enough because as Rory is pushing Jess out of the house, Dean walks up and sees the whole thing.

Rory immediately explains, saying Jess just stopped by to drop off food, but her frantic tone makes her seem oh-so guilty. And Jess, of course, just antagonizes Dean until he looks like heís going to blow. Once Jess bails, Dean walks into the kitchen and sees that thereís been a feast going on for quite some time. He starts yelling, and Rory doesnít know what to say. The fight escalates until Paris stands up and lies for Rory. She says that she wanted Jess to come over because she has a crush on him. And Rory set the whole thing up. Paris leaves immediately after weaving this large lie, and Dean asks Rory if itís all true. Rory says yes, and Dean says that he believes her. If Rory says itís true, then it must be true. But thereís something in Deanís eyes that says he knows Rory is lying to him and he decides to leave. And when Rory kisses him goodnight, Dean doesnít look like he wants to kiss her back.

Rory is so thankful that Paris helped her out that she asks Paris to stay the night and have a little slumber party. Paris is surprised but touched. Rory might be the first real friend sheís ever had.

As dinner progresses for Emily and Lorelai, they start having a really great time. Then, the silver-haired fox, Chad, approaches and tells the girls they look like theyíre having more fun than anyone else in the place. He tries to charm Emily and ask her to dance, but she refuses. Lorelai encourages her mom to do it, so she does. And Lorelai has a ball watching her mom dance with a stranger. When the dance gets a little too close for comfort, Emily bails and freaks out because she thinks sheís cheating on Richard. Lorelai tries to calm down her mom, but Emily is convinced that Lorelai has forced her to engage in inappropriate behavior. Sheís acting just like the old Emily, and Lorelai doesnít understand what the big deal is. Emily has got to let her guard down every once in a while if she and Lorelai are going to have a good relationship. Well, if Emily has any say in the matter, thatís just not going to happen. They decide to leave the spa early.

Up in the room, Emily asks Lorelai why their relationship isnít like the one between Lorelai and Rory. And the hard truth is that Rory and Lorelai are best friends first and mother/daughter second, while Lorelai and Emily are mother/daughter all the time. Emily bemoans the fact that she wasnít able to be her daughterís friend because she decided to be a mother, a protector, a role model, Emily sacrificed a real relationship with her daughter. On the other hand, just because a weekend at a spa didnít work out doesnít mean that Lorelai and Emily canít try to build a better relationship. They just have to start small. And the way to start small is to steal the spa robes. (Thatís Lorelaiís solution.) Emily loves the robe and it will be symbolic of their trip together. Despite Emilyís protests, Lorelai puts her robe in her bag and dares her mom to do the same. And she does.

At Lukeís the next morning, Rory and Lorelai have a little pow-wow and trade stories about their weekend. Afterwards, Rory goes to thank Luke for the care package. But guess what? He doesnít know anything about it. Ah ha! She confronts Jess about his big, fat lie, but he denies everything. As they talk at the counter, Lorelai walks outside and sees Dean. Heís watching Rory and Jess talk, so Lorelai tries to make him feel better by saying that Rory is really sorry about what happened last night. Unfortunately, Lorelai knows the truth and doesnít know Dean has been lied to. She spills the beans, saying it was all a big misunderstanding. All Dean can say in response is: ďRory wouldnít lie.Ē And nothing could be further from the truth.
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