Episode: Sadie, Sadie ...

Original Airdate: October 9, 2001

We're finally back in Stars Hollow, and it's not a moment too soon. The big question on our mind is, "When and where will Lorelai get married?" But she's not even sure yet if she's going to do it. Rory has all sorts of suggestions, and Lorelai is quick to point out that there's no use in fantasizing about a wedding that might never happen.

Rory goes to visit Lane, who's totally upset because she's being sent to Korea to visit her cousins, and her parents only bought her a one-way ticket. Her folks won't tell Lane when she's coming back. Rory tries to calm her friend down. Maybe there's a perfectly reasonable explanation why Lane has a one-way ticket. But then again, it is Lane's Mom, and we all know how crazy she is.

Meanwhile, Lorelai is at the newsstand contemplating a purchase of a bride magazine. Will she really buy one? She lets herself peruse through one and has the hint of a smile on her face. Rory sneaks up on her, and Lorelai tries to deny she's got wedding gowns on the brain. Then, Patty arrives just in time and is convinced Lorelai is really going to do it. But has she told Luke yet? She hasn't, and Patty thinks he'll be devastated. In fact, the whole town thinks Luke will be devastated.

As Rory and Lorelai head over to Luke's, the whole town follows so they can witness her little revelation. The crowd stops short of entering the diner, but gather around the windows. Why does everyone care so much? Because Luke loves Lorelai! She won't admit that's the truth, but then why is she so reluctant to spill the beans?

Finally, Lorelai approaches the counter and tentatively spits it out. Max has proposed. Boom. There it is. Luke sort of already knew. He's not at all surprised, and she doesn't like his reaction at all. He thinks it's good that she's getting married. And then he starts asking questions, like where will they live, will she keep the inn, and will they have kids? She doesn't know any of this, which makes it so obvious how Lorelai doesn't really know Max that well at all.

Friday night at Emily and Richard's house, Lorelai is super nervous. Yes, as soon as the door opens, Emily is a bundle of energy. She's really excited about something, but won't say a word until Richard comes into the room. But can't wait for him. So, Emily reveals that Rory has finished in the top 3% of her class at Chilton. Um, Lorelai already knows that piece of information. The grandparents are so proud of Rory and want to have a special dinner to celebrate next week. Very discreetly, Lorelai makes a call to Max while the others sit down for dinner.

Poor Max is assaulted with questions about living space, the amount of stuff she has and the fact that she likes her bank. Wait a second, here, what's going on? Well, Lorelai says she needs to figure this stuff out before they agree to get married. So, does this mean Lorelai is saying yes?

When she finally enters the dining room, Rory knows exactly what's going on and starts jumping up and down. Emily and Richard don't have any idea and it's going to stay that way for now.

At the inn the next day, Lorelai comes into the kitchen and makes her big announcement. Michel couldn't care less. Sookie on the other hand is dying to know. When she gets the news, Sookie freaks out and starts belting out Streisand. Then, to no one's surprise, starts planning the wedding menu. But seconds later, our perky chef is in tears. They're not sad tears. They're tears of joy because Lorelai totally deserves this. Then, Jackson walks in with a bunch of brussel sprouts and gets all nervous at Lorelai's engagement news. Clearly, he's all concerned that if Lorelai gets married, then Sookie will start wanting a ring.

Later that night, Lane calls to say that she's got a new Korean name. Things are getting really serious. Rory promises to call back later and then heads down to the kitchen for more wedding talk and a healthy dinner of tater tots. Then, Max calls saying that he needs help with the engagement ring. He has three kinds in mind. As he rattles off the choices, Rory repeats everything he says out loud so Lorelai can figure out what she wants without Max knowing about it. The winner is an antique ring from the 1920's with a big diamond in the middle. Sweet! Of course, he figures out that Lorelai is right there and demands to talk to her. Which is fine because that gives Rory a chance to answer the door and find Dean standing outside. A long kiss follows and the two are back together.

While Dean is put to work doing manly chores, Rory invites him to the special dinner at her grandparents' house. Dean is reluctant to accept but only because the last time he met Emily was the night of the school dance where they fell asleep in Patty's barn and got busted big time in the morning. Rory insists that it's no big deal, so Dean agrees to go.

The night of the big dinner, Emily is cold as ice to Dean. So, Lorelai points out that this dinner is for Rory, and Emily better be on her best behavior. After a little teasing, everyone warms up to Dean. That is until Richard arrives and refuses to even shake his hand. Ouch! At dinner, Richard is quiet as a mouse while Emily is a veritable chatterbox. Finally, just before dessert, Richard speaks up and demands to know where Dean is going to college. He of course doesn't know. And then Richard wants to know Dean's grades. Dean is honest, he gets a mixture of As, Bs, and Cs. Which doesn't go over well with Richard at all. Things go from bad to worse when he asks Dean what he plans to do for a living. What high school student knows that?! Well, Richard knew what he wanted to do and Rory knows what she wants to do. Rory tries to stand up for Dean, but Richard thinks he's just going to hold her back. And then he excuses himself from the table. Rory then decides it's time to leave. As for Emily and Lorelai, they can hardly believe what just happened. Usually, it's the two of them going at each other's throats.

Back in Stars Hollow, Rory profusely apologizes, but Dean knows it's not her fault. He claims to be fine, but she's not so sure. He heads home, and Rory rants and raves with Lorelai for minutes on end. Lorelai tries to explain how Richard, as mean as he is, loves nothing more in this world as much as he loves Rory. And she is the great white hope in the Gilmore family. So, when Richard saw Dean, all he could think about was the mistakes that Lorelai made and the fact that his worst nightmare is for Rory to ruin her life for a cute boy.

Meanwhile, Richard is ranting and raving himself about how Rory shouldn't have a boyfriend. And even if she did have a boyfriend, it shouldn't be Dean. In the middle of the conversation, Sookie calls to tell Emily about the surprise-wedding shower for Lorelai and Max. Emily is speechless, of course, because she doesn't know a thing about her daughter getting married. Before bed, Emily demands that Richard apologize to Rory. Before Richard can object, Emily blurts out that Lorelai is getting married and she didn't even tell them. When Rory gets married, Emily would like to be informed, so Richard better apologize. End of discussion.

Later that night, Max comes over and presents Lorelai with the ring. And she loves it. Really loves it.
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