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Original Airdate: March 22, 2001

Emily, Lorelai, and Rory are having Friday night dinner and find they have little to talk about when Richard comes in late and announces that his mother, Lorelai I, is coming to visit from London. Rory is psyched to meet her great-grandmother; however, Emily seems a little tense. And when she finds out her mother-in-law will arrive in one week, she quickly excuses herself from the dinner table.

Lorelai soon finds Emily unpacking everything Lorelai I has ever given them. Thirty-five years of "stuff" that now must be put on display. Lorelai suggests that maybe Lorelai I won't notice if the gifts are missing. But Emily stresses that this woman notices everything. And her visit is sure to make Emily absolutely crazy. On the way home, Rory asks for some info. on the great Lorelai I, but Lorelai admits she knows very little about her own grandmother. She moved to London when her husband died and Lorelai never got to accompany Emily and Richard on their visits across the Atlantic. So, this will be a voyage of discovery for both of the Gilmore girls.

At Chilton, Paris is heading up a study group about government, and as she assigns roles to classmates in their own mock government, she tries to make Rory and Tristan the queen and king. They both back down (clearly, they're feeling awkward about that kiss), so Madeline volunteers to be queen while Louise announces that she will be the lady in waiting. However, Paris is quick to point out that lady in waiting is not a political position. Paris is about to go into a certified tizzy fit because she's the only one taking this assignment seriously. Everyone agrees to stop clowning around but they're all bummed when Paris announces they all must work over the weekend to get everything done.

After class, Paris wants the scoop on Rory and Tristan. She can sense some tension but Rory denies it up and down. When Rory realizes she forgot her notebook in class, she runs right back into class and right into Tristan. They share more awkwardness until Rory (clearly the bigger person here) suggests they talk about what happened. After all, they have to work on this government project together, not to mention share classes for the next two and half years, so they really should hash out some stuff. Tristan agrees.

After a brief conversation, Rory and Tristan decide that the kiss didn't mean anything. But Rory admits the kiss was nice, even if she did start crying right after. See, the kiss didn't make her cry; Rory was just confused after her breakup with Dean. Tristan jokingly asks her if she wants to try it again before announcing that he's swearing off girls for a while. Rory has a really hard time believing that one! She tells him that instead of swearing off all girls, he should swear off a type of girl. Meaning, Tristan should go after a girl with ambition and intelligence, like…Paris. Tristan has a hard time picturing Paris as his girlfriend. After all, she's got major baggage. Rory, however, convinces him to think about it.

Meanwhile Lorelai is busy trying to fix a computer glitch at the Inn when Emily calls in a panic because she needs the hat rack back, namely the hat rack that she gave Lorelai long ago for Christmas. She needs it back because Lorelai I gave it to Emily. Did Emily really give a used present to her own daughter?

That Friday, Lorelai is actually looking forward to dinner, prompting Rory to call her mother mean. After all, Lorelai really just wants to see Emily squirm. Lorelai denies it, but Rory makes her mom promise that she won't outwardly revel in Emily's pain. Fat chance! When they arrive, Rory and Lorelai are dragging the hat rack with them. They put it in place before Lorelai I can see that it was missing. Emily, of course, is a total wreck, and the evening has only just begun. Introductions are made and then Lorelai I inspects them closely while Emily runs around trying to please Trix (Richard's pet name for his mother). Turns out, even though Trix is displeased with the scandal surrounding Lorelai's life, she does appreciate self-sufficiency and hard work, two things that are abundant in Lorelai and Rory's lives.

As the night wears on, Emily just can't do anything right according to Trix. She insults the dinner as well as Rory's choice of future education, i.e. Harvard. How can she go to Harvard when Richard is a Yale man? Then, she inquires on how Lorelai is paying for Chilton. Can you say awkward? Lorelai insists she's paying back every borrowed cent, but it doesn't matter, Trix has heard enough and she's had enough of Emily's lousy dinner too.

In the morning, the Chilton students gather for their government meeting. Rory brings java and donuts for everyone. While they discuss their mock society, Tristan walks in and asks for some private time with Paris. They take a moment in the hall and then return to the group. At Louise and Madeline's prodding, Paris reveals that Tristan asked her out. The girls can hardly believe it and they are so jealous. Since Paris is not Tristan's type at all, the girls offer to make her over like Sandy in Grease. Paris passes on the makeover, somewhat insulted by her buds' implication. Rory, on the other hand, tries to be nice and encouraging and tells Paris she's going have a great time.

Later, Lorelai goes to dinner alone because Rory has too much schoolwork to do. While she sits and studies, Paris comes knocking on the door in a total panic. She has nothing to wear and only one lipstick and it's barely even a color. Help! Rory invites her in but finds that Paris it's really true. The girl has absolutely nothing swank to wear. So Rory goes into Lorelai's closet for something sweet. Paris is so nervous; she's never done this dating thing, you can't put it on your college transcripts so what's the point? And why did Tristan ask her out anyway? Rory is super cool when it comes to calming Paris, telling her when she first met Dean, she was all butterflies but after a few dates it got easier. Then, Rory finds the perfect outfit and promises to find a lipstick with actual color. When it's all said and done, Paris looks amazing.

Over at dinner, Trix talks money with Lorelai. In light of Lorelai borrowing money for Chilton, Trix decides that loaning money is a dirty business. So, Trix has decided to set up a trust fund for Rory and arrange it so that Rory can access the cash now so she can use it to pay for Chilton. Wow! Lorelai is blown away. While Richard helps his mom upstairs to bed, Emily walks Lorelai out and abruptly tells her that Rory just cannot accept the trust fund. It will ruin Lorelai's relationship with Rory. Think about it. If Rory has the money, she won't need her mother anymore. Lorelai thinks it's all gibber-jabber until Emily hits a nerve. With all that cash, why would Rory backpack across Europe with her mom when she could go alone or take a friend or a boyfriend? Despite hitting that nerve, Lorelai leaves without giving Emily the satisfaction that she might be the tiniest bit right. Could she be right?

The next day, Lorelai gives Sookie the news but reluctantly admits that Rory still doesn't know about the trust fund. Lorelai gives Sookie the lowdown on the Emily speech. And what if the money does change their relationship? Cyndi Lauper said money changes everything and maybe that's true. Sookie assures Lorelai that it's all going be okay. This is just Emily's way of keeping control over Lorelai. The only thing to do is tell Rory what's going on and tell Emily to keep her trap shut. Easier said than done.

As they speak, Emily is ranting and raving to Richard about the havoc his mother has brought to their house. Ultimately, the real reason Emily is upset is because if Lorelai gets that money, she'll never come visit again. Why would she have to? So everything Emily was saying about Rory, she really meant it to be directed at Lorelai. It is Lorelai who won't need Emily anymore and that is just too difficult to deal with.

On Sunday morning, Paris arrives at school to finish the project and tells Rory that the date went really, really well. In fact, she can't stop smiling. But when Tristan arrives, and Paris tells him what a great time she had, he bursts her bubble by saying they should go out again, as friends. Oh the humanity! Paris doesn't agree but pretends that she and Tristan did indeed lack chemistry to save face. When she hears that Rory was behind the whole sordid thing, Paris goes off on her right in front of everyone. She can't stand the thought of being a charity case and blames Rory for her humiliation. Rory then admonishes Tristan for spilling the beans and then not really trying with Paris. But he claims it's better not to string Paris along, especially when he likes someone else. And who might that someone be? Rory thinks it means Tristan isn't over Summer yet, but that is not the case. Tristan likes Rory.

At tea that afternoon, Lorelai meets Emily and Trix. While Trix is in the ladies room, Emily and Lorelai have a moment alone to talk. Lorelai admits that she didn't tell Rory about the money, making Emily believe something she said made an impact. But that's not the case at all. Why does Emily have to take something good and twist it around so much that it seems bad and nasty? This money is a good thing. And just to prove it, Lorelai takes out her cell and promises to call Rory right then and there. Emily stops her. Mother and daughter start fighting in the restaurant but get interrupted by Trix, who arrives from the bathroom. She scolds them for fighting and then takes back her offer for the trust fund. Clearly, Lorelai isn't mature enough to handle such a large responsibility. Rory had this fabulous opportunity, and Emily ruined it. Emily feels so bad that she sincerely apologizes and promises to fix it. There's no need to, though. Lorelai is taken aback by Emily's sincerity and says it's all good, really. Just as long as Lorelai doesn't have to take back the coat rack.
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