Episode: The Breakup, Part 2 ...

Original Airdate: March 15, 2001

After last week's tragic event, the premature breakup of Rory and Dean three months after they started dating, we find Rory right where we left her. Inside her house, in shell shock. And who can blame her? She just lost her boyfriend and surely it's only a matter of time before the whole town will be buzzing from the news. As for Lorelai, she just can't believe it. After all, Dean did called Rory about 25 times a day. He was practically a stalker for Christ's sake! So, what gives? As Lorelai presses for details, Rory just walks into a room and begins to methodically box up everything Dean ever gave her, touched, or even looked at. And she wants to burn it all. Lorelai grabs the box and agrees to dispose of it; however, instead of watching it go up in flames, she secretly hides it in a closet 'cause she knows that Rory will want those things back one day, even if she doesn't realize it right now.

At 6 am the next day, Rory wakes up bright and early and promptly throws herself into denial. (Which means she's totally energetic and is not at all willing to wallow in her misery.) Lorelai's totally suspicious of her daughter's behavior, not to mention annoyed at being woken up so early and confronted with a list of activities (including getting manicures and checking out the local elementary school's production of Who's Afraid of Virginia Wolf among other random events) that will surely occupy the whole day. Lorelai reluctantly drags herself out of bed only to find that Rory has rearranged the furniture. Knowing this is a bad sign; Lorelai becomes extremely nervous and worried. Rory's refusal to grieve will surely come crashing down on her at some point, and then what? Lorelai begs Rory to wallow. At least sit in the dark and watch a sad movie and have a really long cry, but Rory flat out refuses to be that kind of girl, you know, the one who falls apart when she doesn't have a boyfriend.

So instead, the Gilmore girls head into town and start the agenda, but of course they must strategically plan their route in order to avoid any and all possible places where Dean might be, including, Luke's. But how can Lorelai possibly endure a day without coffee, the elixir of the Gods? Inconceivable! So, the two make their way through the back alleys of Stars Hollow to get to the diner, which is filled to capacity with the 6 am crowd (people Lorelai have never seen in her life). They spot Rachel, serving coffee and learn that she's staying around for a while. Lorelai hides her dismay and snags a table with Rory, who feels like everyone there is staring at her. Like everyone knows. Knows that she's been dumped. Lorelai tries to deny it but Rory is right. Everyone does know. And Lorelai isn't helping. In fact, when she heads to the counter to put in a special order with Luke (chocolate chip pancakes with extra chocolate), he gets the scoop and he's furious. He didn't trust Dean as far as he could throw him. And before Lorelai can get back to the table, another Stars Hollow resident is telling Rory that he didn't like Dean either, calling him a floppy-haired jerk.

Amid all this chaos, Rory continues to claim that she is just fine but she's got that look, the look of someone who's been dumped. The same look Lorelai had on her face when Max dumped her. As they discuss how long it takes to get over a breakup, Luke spots the offender in question. Dean. And he's heading toward the diner. The nerve of that floppy-haired jerk! Luke flies into action, runs outside, and says: "turn around bag boy," -- 'cause Dean ain't welcome here no more. Dean doesn't take him that seriously, which serves to turn their little pissing contest into a hilarious wrestling match. Lorelai and Rory run outside to break it up, and while Lorelai reprimands Luke, Rory and Dean have a moment alone. But nothing much happens because Dean just walks away after mumbling a few words. When all is said and done, the only thing to do is hit that list of activities on their agenda. First up, buying a soap dish for the kitchen.

Back at home, Babette, their crazy neighbor, busts in and wants to console Rory, but Lorelai cuts her off at the pass and tells her to go home. Although, Rory over hears some of the conversation and collapses on her bed in tears. She opens a schoolbook to stave them off, but then a piece of paper falls out of the book, and Rory finds an invite to a party being thrown by Madeline. And Rory decides to go to a Chilton party, even though the idea of doing such a thing would normally disgust her. She asks Lane to go too just in case the bash is a bust. Later that night, Lane comes over and says she saw Dean, who crossed the street when he spotted Lane. And if it's any consolation, he looked really sad. Rory takes this info in and then blows it off. She's going to a party and that's final, despite the fact that Lane has offered to stay in and help her best bud wallow. Before they leave, though, Rory spots the box of cornstarch, the one that she was holding the first time Dean kissed her. Lorelai grabs it and promises to throw it away but just puts in the box with the other stuff. And then Lorelai spots a box of stuff that she herself hid away, stuff from Max. Next thing you know, she's over at Sookie's place asking for a favor. She needs a car (Rory's got Lorelai's wheels) so that she can make a very bold move.

In the next scene, Lorelai is knocking on Max's door. When he answers, she begins babbling about Rory and Dean breaking up and winds up saying that she really misses him. He hesitates for a second before he invites her in.

Over at the Chilton party, it's totally swank and packed. Madeline's house is so big, the place needs a map. When Rory finds the Chilton duo, Madeline and Louise want to know where Dean is. Before Rory is forced to explain, Lane changes the subject by introducing herself. Then, the Chilton girls leave to knock boots with their boyfriends, and Paris is left standing with Rory and Lane. Paris is her usual bitter self until the three of them spot Tristan and his main squeeze, Summer, having a nasty fight. Apparently, Summer was locked in the bathroom with some other guy and can't be bothered with explanations. Things start heating up for Lane too when the only Korean guy at the party spots her and drags her to the dance floor. Now, Rory finds herself solo.

Meanwhile, Max and Lorelai have their hands all over each other. It's crazy, but they can't stop, but they have to stop. They need to talk about it, calmly. Their conversation turns to their relationship or lack thereof, and find that nothing has changed. Lorelai is still Rory's mom and Max is still Rory's teacher. So, Lorelai coming there was a bad idea. Maybe. Either way, they wind up between the sheets. But what happens now? Lorelai doesn't want to leave and pretend it never happened, but there seems to be no other solution. Max suggests talking on the phone on a regular basis in order to figure it out. He wants to solve this conundrum and the only way to do that is to talk.

While Lane actually has a good time, slow dancing with Henry, her Korean boy, Rory sits and reads a book until Tristan and Summer interrupt her private time with another fight. And then she dumps him right in front of everyone, including Rory. Ouch. Lane returns from the dance floor and has a mini-breakdown because she's actually falling for a guy her folks would approve of. It's her worst nightmare! But she can't stay away, once again leaving Rory all by herself. Rory wanders around and finds Tristan in the piano room, playing solo. She makes small talk about school until Tristan accuses Rory of enjoying the scene, loving every minute of Tristan being dumped. Rory denies it; she's got real sympathy and tells Tristan that Dean dumped her. Tristan surprises us all when he sincerely calls Dean an idiot. Rory returns the favor, prompting Tristan to apologize for giving Rory such a hard time for a while. She accepts the apology and then accepts a kiss on the lips from him. But it's only for a second because Rory bursts into tears and bolts, dragging Lane out with her. Back at home; Lorelai comes in to find Rory on the couch, ready to wallow.
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