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The Charmed Ones

David Sutcliffe as Christopher ...

About the character: Christopher is Rory's Dad and Lorelai's first major boyfriend. Lorelai and Christopher had Rory when they were both only 16 years old. The two flames never married and now Christopher is a part of an Internet startup in California.

About the actor: When he was younger, David Sutcliffe just wanted to be active in sports. But while playing on the varsity basketball team at the University of Toronto, he suffered a terrible back injury that would end his athletic career. Yet that didn't slow him down. David's college roommate was a playwright looking for actors to cast in his play, so David went for it and ended up with a degree in English literature.

Moving to New York, he broke into the entertainment business by doing commercials. His first television job was on an episode of the syndicated series Forever Knight which was shot in Los Angeles, which is now his home. David has since gone on to be in Friends, Will & Grace, Half Baked, and Jack & Jill.

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