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Holiday Contest 2000 ...

With the holidays fast approaching, wanted to give back to its community of fans. To do so, we have teamed up with in offering a holiday contest.

The contest is a "hide and seek" game of sorts, where those who wish to participate have to find two "Christmas tree icons" in order to win. There is one icon hidden on and one hidden on Once you have found the tree on, click the e-mail link and send your full name to be entered. Then head over to to find the other tree icon and do the same thing.

All participants who have found both tree icons on and and have also e-mailed the two sites with their full names will be entered into a drawing to find out who will be crowned the Holiday Contest Winner.

Prizes for this Holiday Contest include: the Remy Zero CD "Ville Elaine" (as heard on Charmed), the Splashdown "Redshift" CD (as heard on Charmed), the Sam Phillips "Zero, Zero, Zero" CD (as heard on Gilmore Girls), a base set of Charmed Trading Cards by Inkworks, plus more prizes to be announced later.

The holiday contest officially starts on December 3, 2000 at 12:00am EST and ends on December 26, 2000 at 12:00am EST. All e-mails must be postmarked between these times to be official.

Congratulations to Joshua Kershner for being the grand prize winner of the Holiday Contest 2000. As the grand prize winner, Joshua won an 8x10 color photo of Lauren Graham and Alexis Bledel, the CD "Ville Elaine" by Remy Zero, the CD "Redshift" by Splashdown, the CD "Zero, Zero, Zero" by Sam Phillips, and a base set of Charmed Trading Cards (Season 1, by Inkworks).

Congratulations also go to Alison Weyers for being the contest runner up. Alison won a base set of Charmed Trading Cards (Season 1, by Inkworks) and the Sam Philips CD "Zero Zero Zero." and would like to thank all who participated in the Holiday Contest 2000 and we hope you will continue to participate in upcoming contests.

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