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The Charmed Ones

Alex Borstein as Drella ...

About the character: Drella is the straight to the point, no nonsense harp player at the Independence Inn. She is never afraid to add her two cents to any situation.

About the actress: Alexandrea Borstein comes from Chicago but moved to Los Angeles in 1980 with her family. She went on to graduate from San Francisco State University.

Alex was a member of the Los Angeles-based ACME Comedy Theatre before hitting the big time. While working on her stand-up comedy career, she was spotted performing in the Big Stinkin' International Improv and Sketch Festival in Austin, Texas by a MADtv casting agent. Since then she has been a regular on MADtv performing as very the popular Ms. Swan as well and many other noteable characters.

After being cast on MADtv, Alex has gone on to do many other things. She has written scripts for Casper, Histeria, and Pinky and the Brain and is also the voice of Lois Griffin on Family Guy. Not to mention that she plays Drella on Gilmore Girls.

Alex has two brothers, and is married to Jackson Douglas.

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