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Contact Editorials ... E-Mail of the Week receives quite a bit of e-mail everyday. Most letters contain praise for both the show and the site, others are silly and humorous, and then there are some that don't fall into any category. Good or bad, they're all pretty interesting. In this section, will highlight one e-mail per week that was especially intriguing and then respond with our own opinion.

Devon Michaels' Interview, 05.09.06
In a case of art imitating life, Gilmore Girls actor Devon Michaels is a real-life Yale graduate who plays a Bill, a Yale Daily News writer, on the show. A full-fledged actor since his early teens, Michaels performed both on and Off-Broadway before making the move to southern California to further his career. As Bill on Gilmore Girls, Michaels portrays a sweater vest wearing newspaper man, but in real life he's much more of a fun and relaxed guy (with a better sense of style, no doubt).

Adam Hendershott's Interview, 04.28.06
An actor since the age of six, Adam Hendershott has appeared in numerous television shows and can currently be seen on both of the critically acclaimed hits Gilmore Girls and Veronica Mars. As A.K., a Yale Daily News senior staffer on Gilmore Girls, he helped oust Paris as newspaper editor and as the principal's son, Vincent 'Butters' Clemmons, on Veronica Mars he runs a popular Internet radio show.

Brandon Barash Interview with, 03.20.03
Born in St. Louis, Missouri and raised in Calabasas, California, Brandon Barash is a relative newcomer to the Hollywood scene. The talented twenty-three year old attended high school in Texas where he fell in love with theatre. Recently, Brandon has been seen in several episodes of Gilmore Girls playing Paris Geller's first boyfriend, Jamie.

Alan Blumenfeld Interview with, 03.04.03
Alan Blumenfeld is a successful actor who has been in over 200 television shows and numerous plays. Earlier this season on Gilmore Girls, he portrayed the character Rabbi David Barans in the episode Take the Deviled Eggs. Recently, chatted with Alan about his time spent on the set.

Thanksversary Contest 2002, 11.25.02
In honor of's two year anniversary and the Thanksgiving holiday, has decided to hold its second annual Thanksversary Contest. Just like last year's Thanksversary Contest 2001, the "Thanksversary" Contest 2002 is a "hide and seek" game of sorts.

The 4th Annual Family Television Awards, 08.03.02
The 4th Annual Family Television Awards dinner, honoring the best in family friendly television, was held on Wednesday, July 31, 2002 starting at 6:30pm at the Beverly Hilton, in Beverly Hills, CA and was there to cover the event.

Curt Clendenin Interview with, 05.22.02
Curt Clendenin, an up-and-coming actor in the Hollywood community, grew up attending auditions in Chicago for various print and commercial work. His hard work paid off as he recently landed the role of Reese McGinly, one of Paris Gellar's Student Body President opponents, on Gilmore Girls.

Patrika Darbo Interview with, 04.30.02
With Patrika set to guest star in the Gilmore Girls episode Help Wanted, caught up with the actress to chat about her experience on the set of Gilmore Girls, how it differs from soap life, and memorable experiences in her career. Says Thanks, 02.27.02 (aka ORG) has been on the Net for a year and three months now, since November of 2000. As I was sitting at my computer this evening, I realized I have never taken time to thank all the people who help make the great site it has become.

Untitled New Year's Contest 2002, 12.31.01
In 200 words or less, those who wish to participate must explain why they are deserving of a Gilmore Girls poster. The two best entries will be chosen by staff and will be based on, but not limited to, creativity, uniqueness, and use of humor.

Impromptu Christmas Eve Contest 2001, 12.24.01
Because the staff of enjoys the holiday season so much, we have decided to hold an Impromptu Christmas Eve Contest. Like our past Holiday Contest and Thanksversary Contest, the Impromptu Christmas Eve Contest 2001 is a "hide and seek" game.

Thanksversary Contest 2001, 11.01.01
In honor of's one year anniversary and the Thanksgiving holiday, has decided to have some fun. Just like last year's Holiday Contest 2000, the new "Thanksversary" Contest 2001 is a "hide and seek" game of sorts.

Gilmore Girls at the Ebell Theatre, 09.26.01
On the dates of September 25th and 26th 2001, the Wilshire Ebell Theatre in Los Angeles was used by the cast and crew of Gilmore Girls for an upcoming episode. Once I heard about the filming, I decided I would stop by to see what was going on and maybe meet some of the cast.

Gilmore Girls at UCLA, 09.05.01
University California Los Angeles was home to the cast and crew of Gilmore Girls for the days of September 4th and 5th, 2001. The show was filming scenes for an upcoming episode where Lorelai and Rory take a road trip to Harvard. Since I live only a short distance away, I thought I would visit UCLA and watch the show film.

William S. Paley Television Festival, 03.12.01
On the night of March 12th, the Gilmore Girls cast along with the show's creators attended the Directors Guild of America Theatre Complex in Los Angeles, California for the Paley Festival. The festival included a screening of the episode "Rory's Birthday Parties" and also a question and answer session with the cast.

The Case of Amy Sherman-Palladino, 02.25.01
An article titled "WBs Girls are really boys" is allegedly written by Glenda Ruben of The Associated Press. The article makes accusations that Amy Sherman-Palladino, Gilmore Girls' creator, is just a fictitious name representing a writing collective of Aaron Sorkin (The West Wing), Patrick Caddell (The West Wing), and Kevin Falls (Sports Night).

Warner Bros. VIP Tour, 02.19.01
The popularity of keeps growing and as the site finds new visitors, it also makes new friends. I (Heidi) was contacted by Dean of Warner Bros. Studios' VIP Tours who said he enjoyed the site and also offered to take a friend and me on Warner Brother's VIP Tour.

The WB Network's 2001 All-Star Party, 01.26.01
On Saturday, January 6th the Warner Bros. Network held its 2001 All-Star Party and I was in attendance. Most of the actors from the cast of Gilmore Girls also attended. Each cast member was accommodating for both photos and autographs. Read about some of the questions that I asked the show members.

Holiday Contest 2000, 12.01.00
With the holidays fast approaching, wanted to give back to its community of fans. To do so, we have teamed up with in offering a holiday contest. The contest is a "hide and seek" game of sorts, where those who wish to participate have to find two "Christmas tree icons" in order to win.

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