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Chad Michael Murray Live Chat, 05.10.01 ...

OnlineHost: Copyright 2001 TV Guide, Inc.;
OnlineHost: licensed to America Online, Inc.

TVGLive2: Hi Chad! Thanks for coming!

TVG Chad: Thank you.
TVG Chad: I'm extrodinarily late and I apoligize to everybody that was harmed.
TVG Chad: My goodness.
TVG Chad: Oh gosh!

Question: Hey Chad! I am the HUGEST Gilmore Girls fan....totally looking
Question: forward to the finale tonight! I'll miss it over the summer though.
Question: Anyway, I was wondering what similarities you share with your
Question: character? Thanks and I love you!

TVG Chad: The similarities that I share with Tristan is that he has a great level of confidence.
TVG Chad: It makes him stand out and is very interesting.
TVG Chad: As a person it's what we haven in common.

Question: Were you happy about the show's season finale? And how they wrapped
Question: things up with your character?

TVG Chad: Who knows where we'll be next year. I was happy that they gave me the opportunity to be
TVG Chad: on the show in the first place.
TVG Chad: If people enjoy the season finale, then I'm happy.

Question: Chad if you were a writer on the show, what would you have in store for
Question: Tristan and Rory?

TVG Chad: I think that the relationship between them is so great.
TVG Chad: I really really do.
TVG Chad: There is a chemistry between the two of them that by far stands out.
TVG Chad: If I was a writer I would have them in more intimate situations and become
TVG Chad: really close.
TVG Chad: Things that deal with the trials and tribulations of a relationship.

Question: I read you were doing the pilot for a new show called "Murphy's
Question: Dozen." Can you tell us anything about it?

TVG Chad: Yeah. It's a show about 12 kids, two adults.
TVG Chad: It's an Irish family.
TVG Chad: Kathy Baker is playing the mom.
TVG Chad: It's a great cast about a large family.
TVG Chad: My character is the rebel.
TVG Chad: He kinds of sticks out.
TVG Chad: He wears what he wants to wear and is what he wants to be,
TVG Chad: he doesn't want anybody to tell him who he is.
TVG Chad: He wants to be his own person.
TVG Chad: It's just a great show.
TVG Chad: I really really enjoyed shooting it.
TVG Chad: And I'm happy.

TVGLive2: The season finale of "Gilmore Girls" is on tonight! Don't miss it!

Question: I read you come from a large family. What's it like growing up in
Question: one?

TVG Chad: I loved it.
TVG Chad: I really loved growing up in a large family, due to the fact, that there is always somebod
TVG Chad: y
TVG Chad: there.
TVG Chad: You learn a lot about life.
TVG Chad: I've gone through a lot in my life.
TVG Chad: They get to learn a lot from me and I love going home and seeing my family.
TVG Chad: I love my brothers and sisters.
TVG Chad: They're great.
TVG Chad: In my family, I stood out, but I was always there as an entertainer.
TVG Chad: People would look to me to lighten up a situation.

Question: Are any of your siblings interested in acting?

TVG Chad: I have an older brother and he is 23.
TVG Chad: He is going into Architecture.
TVG Chad: I have another brother going to college.
TVG Chad: Then I have 2 others that are going through high school.
TVG Chad: Brandon wants to follow in my footsteps.
TVG Chad: Then my little sister, who can bug me at times,
TVG Chad: has a beautiful voice.
TVG Chad: She does drama and when she's ready I'll help her out here as much
TVG Chad: as I can.

Question: If you could have dinner with anyone dead or alive, who would it be
Question: and why? ~sorry my questions are so random~

TVG Chad: I'm just going to say Brad Pitt cause I highly respect him.
TVG Chad: William Shakespeare.
TVG Chad: That would be a really interesting man to have dinner with.
TVG Chad: He's dead though.
TVG Chad: And Benecio Del Toro, and Ed Norton, cause those guys always have something
TVG Chad: going on in their heads.
TVG Chad: That would be an interesting dinner conversation.

TVGLive2: Don't miss tonight's season premiere of Gilmore Girls!

Question: I was wondering what you do for the drug and alcohol prevention stuff
Question: and kids? What organization because I would like to help?
Question: Also now that Tristan is nice I really like him so I just wanted to
Question: let you know to keep up the good work.

TVG Chad: I like to do charity.
TVG Chad: When I'm available.
TVG Chad: I'm working on a point to where I can be a voice and a role model and kids
TVG Chad: will listen.
TVG Chad: If I can help people as an individual.
TVG Chad: As soon as I can find a great organization I'm going to get involved.

Question: do you have a girlfriend

TVG Chad: There is somebody I see, but relationships are impossible in this businesss.
TVG Chad: I'm just trying to concentrate on my career right now.
TVG Chad: As an entertainer, I'm trying to make people happy.
TVG Chad: If I meet somebody on the way that makes me happy, I'll be happy.

Question: I LOVE YOU CHAD! Moving you have a website fans like me
Question: can visit for more of you? Thanks!

TVG Chad: There's Galatic gallery., and Gilmore Girls.
TVG Chad: Try
TVG Chad: And to Heidi, who is the head of my fan club, Hi and thanks for all the work.

Question: Do you get recognized a lot in public?

TVG Chad: Not an exuberant amount.
TVG Chad: I keep in my home and at work.
TVG Chad: I bump into people now and then, but I wouldn
TVG Chad: 't s
TVG Chad: say it's a ton.

Question: Who has inspired you most in your life and why?

TVG Chad: I would say my father.
TVG Chad: He's always been there for me.
TVG Chad: He's sent me to go after my goals and achieve them.
TVG Chad: I've always loved this business.
TVG Chad: I've resepcted Robert DeNiro and Ed Norton and it's always what I wanted to do.
TVG Chad: But my father pushed me toward it.

TVGLive2: The season finale of Gilmore Girls is on right now (east Coast)! Don't miss it!
TVGLive2: Thank you Chad! Looking forward to all your future projects, and wish you the best of
TVGLive2: luck in everything!

TVG Chad: Once again sorry that I was late.
TVG Chad: Thank you so much to everybody watching.
TVG Chad: And I hope you enjoy the show.

TVGLive2: Bye!

TVG Chad: If you want to write care of the fan club.
TVG Chad: I have an address and a place you can do that.
TVG Chad: Chad Michael Murrary
TVG Chad: 11271 Ventura Blvd.
TVG Chad: #248
TVG Chad: Studio City, CA 91604

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