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Secondary Star Power, 12.03.00 ...

It hasn't been the best fall for new series in either ratings or critical acclaim, but patches of green have managed to sprout through the topsoil. For example, several stellar supporting performers once again are proving that spotlights don't only shine center stage. These eight scene-stealing newcomers have the potential to become this season's Sean Hayes and Megan Mullally, or the next Allison Janney or Richard Schiff.

Appearances are deceiving when it comes to Gilmore matriarch Emily, a refined society matron trying to establish ties with her estranged daughter, Lorelai (Lauren Graham), and teenage granddaughter, Rory (Alexis Bledel). TV has a field day with this type: She's usually a cold-blooded broad more comfortable chugging Bloody Marys than hugging her own flesh and blood. Not so here. Bishop skillfully achieves that delicate balance between bitch and concerned parent without dulling Emily's razor-sharp edges. Whether she's chastising her rebellious daughter or manipulating bonding time between her husband and granddaughter, Emily is a distinctly delicious creation. Who would have thought that sugar and vinegar could blend so well?
Credit: Gist TV

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