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Gilmore Girls Galore, 03.16.01 ...

Those of us that skip Friends and Survivor on Thursday nights at 8 pm have a secret. Over on the WB, a clever and engaging family show, Gilmore Girls, is toiling in relative obscurity. Single mom Lorelai (Lauren Graham) and her daughter Rory (Alexis Bledel), only sixteen years apart and the best of friends, exchange witty, heartfelt banter while dealing with the complexities of family life. While mother and daughter have much in common as they deal with dating and clothes-swapping, it's their differences that make them engaging. Lorelai is the free-spirited manager of a bed-and-breakfast, while bookworm Rory has her eye on Harvard and golfs with her grandfather, played by the superb Edward Herrmann.

Fear of the show's cancellation has prompted fansites ( mentioned) to start letter-writing campaigns to the WB, as well as various members of the media, pleading the show's case. However, cancellation seems unlikely, as the WB produces the show and has seen its ratings rise in that timeslot.

The girls themselves, Graham and Bledel, will be joining AOL for a live chat on Thursday, March 22 at 7 pm/ET. Stop by and ask Graham about her other television credits, including M.Y.O.B., with former Real World castmember Colin Mortensen, and Townies with Molly Ringwald and Jenna Elfman. AOL subscribers only.
Credit: TV Guide Online

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