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Featured Pick, Gilmore Girls, 03.15.01 ...

How much do I love Gilmore Girls (WB, 7pm)? A lot. It's arguably my favorite show these days and is easily my favorite new show this season.

I love that Rory is a smart girl and yet very much a teenager, she's one of the most believable teens I've ever seen on TV. But then maybe I identify far too well with a girl who always carries a book wherever she goes (except when she carries the fiction issue of the New Yorker instead).

Stars Hollow is one of those quirky, but cool TV small towns that you can't help but want to visit and that you kinda wish were real. I like a diner in the hardware store. A pancake house that doesn't serve pancakes.

Lorelai (even though it drives me nuts every time I type her name because she spells it wrong. It's "Lorelei," dangit. Trust me, my Mom used to call me Lorelei and told me of the legend years and years ago. And then there's the Pogues song of the same name, too). Um. Where was I? Lorelai is funny and also maddening, she's quick-witted, but also immature at times. Yet she's a great Mom who clearly loves her kid and her town and her friends.

Mostly I love a show that's intelligent, which doesn't talk down to the viewers. It's clever without apologizing for certain jokes or overexplaining things. It doesn't insult the audience.

And I'm still pretty amazed that this is a sharp, funny, astute show that I can recommend to anyone without reservation. My grandparents could watch it, my parents could watch it, teens can watch it, and even my most cynical friends would like it, too.

There's a new episode tonight (WB, 7pm), wherein everyone react's to CuteDean's dumping of Rory (awwww). And older episodes are being aired on Monday nights at 8pm for those who are new to the show and want to catch up with the Gilmores and their friends.

If you're a die-hard Friends fan, go ahead and watch Friends and then flip over to the WB for the second half of Gilmore Girls . . . you won't regret it.

- Laurel Krahn, TV Picks

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