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Behind the Scenes of Gilmore Girls, 03.05.01 ...

The WB went behind the scenes with the Gilmore Girls, Lauren Graham and Alexis Bledel. They talked about their new show, their characters, and their personal lives. Read on and view the clips to see what they said.

Not long ago, Murphy Brown was a controversial show when Murphy (Candice Bergen) had a child out of wedlock. It was so controversial that during the 1992 presidential campaign, Vice President Dan Quayle attacked Murphy's single-mom status. His argument: she was undermining family values. The truth is, between 1970 and 1996, the proportion of children under 18 years of age living with one parent grew from 12 percent to 28 percent. With reality television being splashed all over American households, the Gilmore Girls is a refreshing, light-hearted show many families can relate to. Watch what Lauren had to say when we asked if there is a family-friendly element to the show...

Every actor hopes new and exciting themes are explored, with twists and turns in the development of plot and character. When we asked Alexis what developments she would like to see Rory experience in the first season, she talked about the challenges Rory faces...

As viewers, we often wonder how similar actors and their characters truly are and if they would handle their character's situations in the same manner. Lauren talked about the differences of her family background and Lorelai's, as well as how she identifies with her character...

Is the life of an actress all the glitz and glamour it's cracked up to be? Many of us wonder what celebrities would change about their lives. Do they resent not being able to go out in public without being noticed? Do they wish they could walk out in their sweats and a hat and not be on People's Worst Dressed List? Do they just wish there were more hours in the day? Lauren shared how overwhelming and frustrating even the simplest things can be...

Lauren recently worked with Keanu Reeves in the film Sweet November, released in 2001. She told us what it's like to be naked under the covers with someone you've spoken with for all of five minutes...

Just as visual artists have many media besides paint and canvas, actors have several media through which they express their art. Working in television and film is very non-linear, in the sense that different scenes are shot out of sequence and over the course of time. However, in the theater actors have the opportunity to read a script and work on a piece from beginning to end. Lauren shared with us her desire to act in a play...

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