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Who's That Babe, Jared Padalecki, 03.06.01 ...

Name: Jared Tristan Padalecki
Provenance: San Antonio, Texas
Born on: July 19, 1982
Height: 6'2"

How you know him: He's dreamy Dean, Rory’s boyfriend on the WB's “Gilmore Girls.” He also had a recent guest starring role on "ER" where he played a son brought into the ER with his father after a car accident (Jim Belushi played his father).

Hometown: San Antonio, Texas. Jared is a real hometown boy. He tries to visit as often as he can to see his family and friends. "It just feels like I belong there," he says.

Family Ties: Jared's mom, Sherri, is a high school English/Journalism teacher, and his Dad, Jerry, is a tax supervisor. He also has a brother, Jeff, who's 21, and a sister, Megan, who's 15. "My sister says people come up to her [at school] and ask her if she knows me," says Jared. "Obviously, with a last name Padalecki, how is it possible for her not to know me."

Wise Guy: A National Honor Society member, Jared graduated magna-cum-laude from Madison High School in May 2000. He was also a semi-finalist in the prestigious Presidential Scholars program.

College Bound: Jared actually planned to attend college after high school. "I was supposed to be there [The University of Texas] this year," says Jared, "but then I was cast in a pilot (see below), and that kind of changed things around a little bit." Even after filming the NBC pilot "Silent Witness" (which was never picked up), Jared wasn't sure if he was going to pursue his career or his schooling. "During the summer, I was still maybe gonna go to college. Then I got Gilmore Girls." Obviously, he chose acting, for now. "I'd still like to go back to college someday," says Jared, "but I think I'm gonna go ahead and give this acting thing a shot." It seems to be working out so far.

Acting Bug: Jared has been acting since he was 12. In high school, the first play that he did was called "The Happy Time." Jared reveals, "I got the lead in it. That what inspired me to go heavier into drama, when I got cast as the lead as a freshman."

Big Break: Jared won Fox TV’s “Claim to Fame Contest” and was one of two “regular teens” who got to present at the 1999 Teen Choice Awards. His sister alerted him to the contest in a magazine, and Jared went down to audition. When asked why he should be chosen, Jared said he knew he wouldn't get nervous. Also, he told them, "My mom's been working hard all year and I think she deserves a vacation." (You could take one person with you on the trip to Los Angeles.) Those answers worked, and Jared was flown to LA for a week. "I got to meet a lot of famous people and be on TV," says Jared, "and that's when I met my manager." (Jared's manager also represents Freddie Prinze Jr..)

Making the Cut: Jared was actually not the original actor cast as Dean in the "Gilmore Girls" pilot. According to Jared, "They had actually already filmed the pilot, and they didn't like the original guy they cast as Dean. So, they cut him, and they were looking for their new guy, and I came up and they cast me." Talk about a lucky break (for all of us).

Character Confusion: Jared often hangs out with Chad Michael Murray, who plays Tristan on "Gilmore Girls," when he's on the set. Recently, a Canadian school group came to visit and was confused because "Dean" and "Tristan" seemed to be getting along so well. "Everybody thinks that we're supposed to be enemies," says Jared, "So when they see us together, and we're friends, everybody's like, "Wait a second. Don't y'all hate each other?'"

Stiff competition: When asked about the fact that "Gilmore Girls" is going up against "Survivor II" AND "Friends," Jared admits that it's daunting. Still he says, "I'm confident in the show's ability to hold its own, because it's such a great show."

King for a Day:Last Thanksgiving, Jared was honored by his home city by acting as the Grand Marshall of the annual Thanksgiving Day River Parade. "So I got to float around on a barge, and, you know, wave and all that fun stuff," says Jared.

Up Next: Jared just filmed an independent film. It's a movie about baseball called “A Little Inside” and co-starring “Picket Fences” star Kathy Baker and that little curly-haired girl from the Pepsi commercials, Hallie Eisenberg. It's currently in post-production but should be out soon.

For more about "Gilmore Girls" and Jared, check out
Credit: Teen Magazine

Please note: the above article really does state "check out" for more information.

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