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Bachelor Mom, 02.13.01 ...

LAUREN GRAHAM brings personal experience to the role of a single mom Lorelai Gilmore on The WB's acclaimed "Gilmore Girls": she herself was raised solo by her dad.

ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT: When you first decided to do the show, did you have a clue that it was going to end up with such great reviews and on all the year-end critics lists?

LAUREN GRAHAM: You never know. I picked what I thought was the best material that I had available to me at the time, which is what I've always done. This is the first show that struck a chord. I knew that it was special and I knew that I identified with the character, but you never know how something is going to translate. I have signed on to wonderful pilots, that after the fifth rewrite and the second recasting, weren't the original that I liked. So anything creative morphs, and you can't pin it down necessarily. This is something where both by the talent of the creator and by fortune of the studio and the network, it came together and we were supported. They put the show on the air even though I was signed to another show ("M.Y.O.B" on NBC). But all kinds of wonderful things happened.

ET: To what do you attribute the show's success?

LAUREN: The creator has a hand in every episode. I think that is why the quality is so consistent.

ET: The chemistry between Lorelai and her daughter Rory is wonderful as is the relationship between Lorelai and Sookie [her best friend played by MELISSA McCARTHY]..

LAUREN: I think the example we set is that these relationships are imperfect. That to me is important. We don't just show that we share the same music and the same clothes. We're friends, but I like when the show is exploring what the problems are with the relationship because that, to me, is what is most real. Clearly on screen and in real life, I love ALEXIS (BLEDEL) and she is wonderful. I sometimes get afraid that my teenage sister looks at the show and thinks, "I wish my mom were that cool," and I am like, "It's me and I'm your sister and you know how cool I am. I am sometimes cool and sometimes not." I think it is most real when it is flawed.

ET: Can you tell me about a challenge or obstacle you yourself faced as a teenager and how you overcame it?

LAUREN: There are so many I don't even know where to start. For one thing, and this is a show tie-in, I was raised by my dad. So, in my early teenage years I didn't have a lot of help from a mom telling me, "Don't wear that eye shadow, it looks terrible"! or "Stop wearing boys' Levis or Addidas -- you're a girl." I got it eventually from an aunt, babysitters and friends, but that was something that made me different, and that was sometimes hard.

ET: How did you overcome that?

LAUREN: I think through other family members, through women I looked up to. Frankly, I sort of made my own way and I found mentors and friends to help me out. They answered questions I had about adolescence.
Credit: Entertainment Tonight Online

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