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Grant-Lee Phillips, 02.06.01 ...

The following was written by musical artist Grant-Lee Phillips who is best known as the voice and vision of the critically acclaimed group Grant Lee Buffalo.

On another note, out of the blue came a call from the Gilmore Girls, the WBís smart new drama. Alexis Bledel and Lauren Graham star as an unconventional but instantly intriguing mother/daughter duo who reside in small Connecticut town.

Daughter Rory, is all of 16, discovering the world of boys, Sylvia Plath and Grandaddy albums, while mother, Lorelai, is fueled by a bottomless cup of coffee, and the kind of thirty something cynicism and wit that most of can only formulate well after after impact margin. Iíd be hard pressed to spar with the Gilmore Girls but I would be given to hum a few bars. Which is... sorted what I was asked to do. Yourís truly will appear as the local troubadour, strolling with duct taped assurance and ingenuity as I croon these songs of my own.

Itís sort of a cartoon version of myself really. At least thatís what Iíve told myself. Come to think of it, I show up on the set wearing my own clothes and then I sing my own songs... letís call it a selfish version of my own cartoon. Whatever you wannaí call it, this is the most fun Iíve had at 6:30 am in a long while. The script actually refers to me as "Grant" so I donít have to stretch too much to get into character. This recurring role will firstly be featured on Feb. 22. Thatís Thursday at 8:00pm on the WB network. Get all your snacks laid out before hand, and tape the thing so you can play it back in slow motion. Otherwise you may miss this opportunity of a lifetime to see me walk, sing and play the guitar at the same time on national TV. Iíll also be featured on the following episode and quite likely in future episodes as well.

Itís been a dream of mine to be part of something like this and itís genuine fun to try on a different hat for a change. The cast, crew, production folks and in fact every whoíve Iíve encountered on the program have made me feel right at home and among friends. Thereís a good vibe on the set and I think you can really feel that when you watch the Gilmore Girls. Sure hope ya do!

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