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Style Profile: Keiko Agena, 01.24.01 ...

Quick-change Artist: Got parents or bosses who are fashion fascists and never let you wear what you really want? Take a tip from Gilmore Girls' Lane Kim.

If you're a fan, you already know that Lane's trendy nature doesn't jive with her prudish parents' sense of style. The remedy? Lane, a.k.a. Keiko Agena, is fast becoming a couture chameleon.

Two Looks In One: Picture this scenario. Lane leaves home with her parents' seal of approval, wearing a long zippered cargo skirt and a plain, conservative shirt. When she's a few blocks from home, she unzips and removes the bottom half of the skirt to reveal a pair of funky tights under what is now a mini-skirt. Along the way, Lane will also pull on an outrageously bold sweater that she stuffed in her backpack. To finish off her Urban Outfitters-inspired outfits, Lane ditches her loafers and Mary Janes for shoes that are chunky, clunky and oh-so funky.

Color Code: When she's under her mother's fashion-challenged eye, Lane sticks to colors that won't raise eyebrows. "At home, she's relegated to wearing staid, boring things, but once she leaves the house, she becomes totally hue-nique by snatching hot, hot shades like pink and turquoise from Rory," explains Caroline Marx, the Gilmore Girls fashion expert who gets many of Lane's adaptable outfits from

Walking Billboard: Hardly soft-spoken, Lane wears clothing that carries a message. "She likes wearing band T-shirts," says Marx. "She's got a Woodstock T-shirt and a cute shirt that says Foxy across the chest."

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