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The Watercooler, 10.29.03 ...

How odd! Since Rory (Alexis Bledel) left Stars Hollow for Yale, the allure she holds for the male sex seems to have waned. Last week, a boy in her dorm's laundry room rudely rejected her when she asked him out. This week, a churlish dude was sitting under Rory's favorite tree, where she loves to study, and refused to make room for her! What accounts for this sudden lack of chivalry? Most guys, like Jess and Dean, would fall all over themselves to win this beauty's favor unless they're gay, which wouldn't exactly be unusual at a progressive school like Yale. The real problem, like I've said, is that Rory should never have gotten that short haircut. Shearing her long, lustrous chestnut locks was like Delilah cutting the heroic Samson's hair in the Bible.

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