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Heavyweights Rumble, GGs May Get TKO'd, 01.18.01 ...

In this corner: Survivor
In that corner: Friends
And the loser is... The best new series on TV

No, I'm not talking about the torch-snuffers. I'm referring to the WB's heartfelt dramedy Gilmore Girls, which most likely will be the only real victim of the Thursday-night war currently raging between CBS and NBC--a battle that's only getting uglier, as NBC proved this week with its decision to plug in 10 minutes of extra Friends footage and live SNL skits to take up the whole hour against Survivor.

But Friends and Survivor will both live on. They're proven heavyweights that simply aren't going anywhere--the network execs would be fools to let them.

On the other hand, those poor Gilmore babes are in serious danger unless they're moved to another spot.

Talk about bad timing. Gilmore Girls, which already had the worst time slot this side of infomercials, has managed to keep its head above water. But the series has not yet been renewed for 2001-02, and its current upward Nielsens trend will undoubtedly be reversed when those Aussie dingo-lings hit the screen.

And now, just as the fledgling series starts to pick up some devotees, some critical buzz and four awards from Viewers for Quality Television, along comes big, bad Survivor 2. The whole thing makes me almost angry enough to swear off S2 altogether...almost.

Instead, I'll be taping the Aussies and watching Gilmore Girls to show my full-fledged support for a rookie series that boasts some of TV's best writing. The characters are so charming and witty, and yet so believable, they've easily replaced the floundering armadillo amigos in my viewing schedule.

Plus, with Luke and Lorelai's relationship budding (not to mention the gossip I hear about Rory's hunky teacher returning), you won't want to miss a second.

If you're a GG fan, I urge you to voice your support before it's too late. (We've all seen how effective postmortem campaigns are--remember Freaks and Geeks?)

You can fire off emails to the programming bigwigs at, or send letters to:

Jamie Kellner or Susanne Daniels
The WB
3701 Oak St.
Bldg. 34-R
Burbank, CA 91522

Credit: E! Online

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