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Bach in the Saddle on Gilmore Girls, 10.02.03 ...

Let "Will & Grace" pile on as many Oscar-winning actors as they want for cameos. When it comes to sweeps guest stars, The WB's "Gilmore Girls" has the only one who matters. With masterful Baroque composer Johann Sebastian Bach permanently indisposed, "Gilmore" producers have turned to the frontman of the somewhat less masterful Sebastian Bach and The Bach Tight 5.

The former Skid Row belter drops by to visit the fictional residents of Star's Hollow, Connecticut on Tuesday, Nov. 11.

The episode finds Lane (Keiko Agena) looking for a new guitarist for her band (presumably to replace Dave, a.k.a. "The O.C.'s" Seth as played by Adam Brody). They get a demo from a kick-butt rocker named Gil (Bach) and invite him to try out. They're shocked to discover, though, that Gil was born before the invention of compact disks. Will the band hire the most talented musician or look for somebody younger and cooler? It hardly matters when Sebastian Bach is on hand.

As excited as viewers may be to see Bach, he's even more excited to be doing the show. Although Bach misspells the show's title repeatedly (he calls it "Gilmour Girls") on his website, he also uses enough exclamation points to make a teenage girl blush. "I'm kind of like the FONZ of the "Gilmour Girls,'" gushes the long-haired singer, who had done Broadway and touring productions of "Jekyll and Hyde" and "Jesus Christ Superstar." While the character of Gil is only scheduled for a single episode, sources at The WB say that things are left open-ended enough for Bach's possible return.

If Bach gets to return, security may want to keep a close eye on "Gilmore Girls" co-star Sally Struthers because he's a big fan of the "All in the Family" vet.

Bach writes on his site: "What is crazy is that my co-star in the first episode is none other than SALLY STRUTHERS who played the legendary 'Gloria Bunker' in one of the greatest TV shows ever, 'All In The Family'! I just got back from the first rehearsal & nobody told me I would be acting alongside Sally Struthers in my scenes , I couldn't believe it when she walked in the room today & sat down right next to me & we started to rehearse our lines! Wow, Meat Head would be jealous!!!"
Credit: Zap2it

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