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Go Get It, 09.21.03 ...

When Rynne Ragland saw Lorelei Gilmore wearing a glittery, Swarovski crystal-studded T-shirt on WB's Gilmore Girls, she had to have one.

She found them online, all right -- for $150.

Friend Brittany Benson stopped her before she could do anything rash. "Don't buy that. We can make them," she said.

And they did. And the shirts came out so great, the two have been selling their Twinkle-Tees online and at stores in Fayetteville, Ark., where they live.

Their most popular style, by far, is the initial shirt. Other styles are based on vintage advertising. Upcoming are sparkly pictures of dogs and drinks.

The shirts sell for $28-$36. Find them at

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