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Best of the Web: WB's Gilmore Girls Book Club, 09.16.03 ...

The WB's Web site for its critics' darling show, The Gilmore Girls, asks surfers, "Want to be more like Rory? Read a book! Need help choosing one? Join Rory's Book Club!" The club chooses two titles (one contemporary and the other classic) every two weeks and supplies fans with a message board to talk about the titles. The current titles are Lisa Tucker's The Song Reader (Downtown Press) and Dostoevsky's Crime and Punishment (Bantam).

"I'm thrilled," debut novelist Tucker told PW Daily. Her novel was a Book Sense 76 pick and had its first serialization in Seventeen magazine. "The support for this book has been incredible. I feel so lucky. The Song Reader has been embraced by such a wide variety of readers. It's very heartening to follow in the footsteps of David Sedaris, Alice Sebold and Ann Patchett, who were also Rory's Book Club choices."
Credit: Publishers Weekly

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