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Gilmore Girls Gets Shelved in February, 01.18.01 ...

The WB 2001 Line-Up: The network just did a teleconference and talked a lot about the new shows (and a few old ones) and what they plan to do with them this year. Here's the lowdown:

Gilmore Girls is basically being put on the shelf in February so it doesn't get nuked by Friends and Survivor but I believe it will be renewed for next season.


Are you a fan of Gilmore Girls? Do you want to let Warner Bros. know how much you enjoy the show? Well now is the time to tell them. Networks are beginning to look at their schedules for next Fall and are going to be considering what shows they want to renew and what shows they are going to cancel. To let Warner Bros. executives know how you feel about Gilmore Girls, participate in the Gilmore Girls Writing Campaign.


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