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TV Gal Throws a Shower for Uncouples, 04.24.03 ...

Can men and women just be friends?

We here at Team TV Gal want to tackle this important and thought-provoking societal topic. Kidding. But let's chat about how all of this affects the world of TV.

There are some very interesting uncouples on television these days. Now I'm not talking about the star-crossed couples who we all knew would eventually get together like Nick and Lulu on "The Guardian," Carter and Abby on "ER," or Carol and Ed on "Ed." Even Kate and Jack on "24" are destined to get a little busy before the day is up.

I'm talking about those couple who have never been together, might never be together, yet the possibility of their romance lingers in the background.

Here are my favorite uncouples:

Josh and Donna on "The West Wing": Their flirtation has escalated (note how she kept teasing him and calling him good-looking and he threw rocks at her window during the inaugural ball), but they remain, for the most part, professional. He's her boss; she's his assistant. Clearly, they love each other, but the show has kept their mutual attraction lingering for four seasons. Will they ever find love? Or is Donna fated to only become smitten with guest stars?

Bruce and Amy on "Judging Amy": Sure, they kissed that one time, but once again, their relationship has remained completely professional (he even insists on calling her Judge Gray). Yet, when her mother's fiancÚ died, did she find comfort in the arms of her boyfriend Stuart (the positively adorable Reed Diamond)? No, she collapsed in tears the minute she saw Bruce. Will this fierce friendship ever become something more? The verdict is still out.

Luke and Lorelai on "Gilmore Girls": You know, I think the best thing about "Gilmore Girls" is that the show has succeeded in making every story line compelling. So this potential romance has been allowed to percolate (to use a coffee word) for three seasons. Yet Luke and Lorelai are great and loyal friends, decidedly curious about the other's love life, even Emily thinks something is up between the two of them, but, they've still only kissed in Lorelai's dream.

Joel and Teresa on "Boomtown": He's married. She respects that. But their mutual attraction is clear. Plus part of me thinks they did have a little affair they never told us about.
Credit: Zap2it

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