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Gilmore Girls Boy Scoop, 03.27.03 ...

Okay, Gilmore Girls fans. So you already know Jared Padalecki and Milo Ventimiglia the cuties who play Rory's suitors, Dean and Jess will likely leave the fictitious Stars Hollow, Conn., for other TV towns this year. Jared is the WB's new Young MacGyver; Milo's Jess gets a spin-off series co-starring Rob Estes as his dad. That means a showdown between romantic rivals is brewing!

As actress Keiko Agena she's Rory's best pal, Lane Kim tells TV Guide Online: "Dean and Jess get into a huge fist-fight brawl over Rory at a party [in the April 15 episode]. I think Jared got hurt. I heard that it looks great on-screen, but the blows are pretty close. One of the punches landed! I think Jared needed to put an ice pack on his eye."

Agena says she'll miss Rory's men when they're gone. "I'm a little nervous because a lot of things will change next season," she shares. "Lorelai and Sookie start their own inn, Sookie's having a baby, and the young people are all going to different colleges. But I'm always surprised and happy when the scripts come in. I'm never disappointed."

Speaking of college, GG will have to keep Rory and Lane at Connecticut schools to be near their TV moms, right? "This isn't confirmed," Agena teases, "but in the last episode we just shot, my character agreed out of Korean mother guilt to go to a Seventh Day Adventist college and live at home. I'm thinking that keeps me and my mom involved in Stars Hollow. I'm pretty sure Rory's going to Yale and if she doesn't live at home, she'll be close to home."

But back to boys. In coming weeks, the guys vying for Lane's heart may also come to blows! "Her fake Korean boyfriend, Young Chui, actually falls for Lane," Agena chuckles. "Our original deal was Young Chui and I would go on three dates, and he'd break up with me. They agreed to that because both wanted to conceal from their parents that they were secretly dating non-Koreans.

"Now, Dave is getting jealous because Young Chui is so attentive and won't break up with me! It's getting close to prom, so things are heating up."
Credit: TV Guide Online

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