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Livermore Hosts Evil Spirits, 03.09.03...

It may be hard for actors in "Dead & Breakfast," an independent film being shot in town, to really "feel" their parts. After all, it is not easy playing a dead person.

At least the schedule helps.

Crews are working 14-hour days and shooting the horror flick almost entirely at night in an effort to finish production within a tight schedule. Producers have less than a month to shoot the film, because the actors have other obligations.

"We are getting to sleep when everybody else is getting up for work," said EJ Heiser, one of the producers.

The movie is being produced by the companies Ambush and Pleasanton's Goal Line Productions, which is owned by football announcer John Madden and run by his son, Joe Madden.

For the past few weeks, film crews have been staked out at a Victorian estate in south Livermore that the Madden family purchased last year.

At the time of the purchase, family members said that Virginia Madden, wife of John Madden, hoped to turn the house into a bed-and-breakfast and wine-tasting facility. Family members recently have discussed transforming the house into a restaurant.

The ornate, two story-house is located on Tesla Road, next to Concannon Vineyards. Because of the scary storyline, the yard has at times been filled with unusual items, such as fake corpses. On one recent evening, the walls were covered in fake blood.

As of today, producers plan on changing location to Greenville Road.

As the story goes, six friends are driving in an RV on a road trip to their friend's wedding in Texas, according to promotional literature. Tired, they decide to stop for the night at a bed and breakfast in the "sleepy" town of Lovelock.

The owner of the bed and breakfast suffers what appears to be a fatal heart attack, and the visitors come under suspicion.

"But that's only the beginning as nearly all of the town's quirky residents become possessed by an evil spirit and pin down the friends inside the B&B," the literature says.

The movie stars Lauren Graham of "Gilmore Girls" and "Six Feet Under's" Jeremy Sisto.

Other actors include Ever Carradine, David Carradine, Bianca Lawson ("Save The Last Dance"), Erik Palladino ("ER"), Gina Philips ("Jeepers Creepers"), Oz Perkins ("Secretary") and Vincent Ventresca. The writer and director is Matthew Leutwyler.

When and where the movie will be shown is not yet known.

Producers hope to sell the film to a distributor, Heiser said.

He declined to say what the budget for the movie is, except to say that "it is certainly less than $2 million."

The film raises the possibility that fans of the movie eventually may come to stay at the Victorian house, if it is turned into a real bed-and-breakfast facility.
Credit: Tri-Valley Herald

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