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Opposites Attract, 01.07.03 ...

Meet Rory: good girl, good grades, good boyfriend. Meet Jess: bad boy, bad attitude, bad news. Like in many tales of young love, they are crazy about each other in spite of their differences -- and we're crazy about them.

Ever since Jess arrived in Stars Hollow, pack of cigarettes in hand and chip planted firmly on his shoulder, he has been smitten with town sweetheart Rory. As they got to know each other, the two connected on a level deeper than friendship, but there was an obstacle: Rory was dating Dean, a guy any mom or dad would want their little girl to bring home.

Finally, Rory and Jess admitted that they were falling for each other. Since then, the romance has blossomed. The best thing is that it feels achingly real. They're nervous -- Rory worries about how to behave in public with Jess; ditto for him. ("How does one act with a second boyfriend?" she asked.) They're cute, but not saccharine, stealing kisses and brief exchanges consisting of "Hi" and "Hey." And the duo is in sync (you can bet each owns a worn-out copy of Catcher in the Rye).

Rory and Jess have put a fresh, modern spin on the classic "good girl/rebel" romance, hooking us in the process and making us look forward to the next chapter in their appealing relationship.
Credit: Soap Opera Digest

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