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Mag Has ‘JAG' Star, Graham Talking, 12.19.02 ...

"JAG" star David James Elliott tells the January issue of In Style that he's obsessive-compulsive - and proud of it.

"I'm an obsessive-compulsive maniac," he says. "Being obsessive-compulsive can be a good thing. If you harness that energy, you can be productive.

"But it can turn me on," he says. "I've always been a wild man - I just try not to be self-destructive."

"Gilmore Girls" star Lauren Graham, also featured in the issue, talks about her self-image. "Sometimes, when I'm trying to be glamorous, I could do without the freckles," she says. "But honestly, I'm trying to be as accepting of myself as I can be. I've tried to make that my focus."

The January issue of In Style hits newsstands tomorrow.

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