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When Survivor Attacks, 01.09.01 ...

Pretend that you are the producer of a new TV series. What could possibly suck more than having to air opposite Friends? How about having to air opposite Friends and ....Survivor? That's now the plight of The WB drama Gilmore Girls, a critical favorite that has been slowly building its ratings-but will face crazy competition when CBS's Survivor: The Australian Outback moves into the Thursday-at-8 slot on Feb. 1.

How did Gilmore Girls executive producer Amy Sherman Palladino find out about the horrific news? My husband called and said, "So, I just wanted you to hear it from me first," she recalls. "And I'm like, "You're leaving me?" and he's like,"No, Survivor's going to be on opposite you." And I'm thinking, Okay, what else can they possible put on against us? If they could just move Millionaire and some sort of live snuff film there, that'd be really good."

Still, Sherman-Palladino says that The WB hasn't pressured her yet to goose up Gilmore Girls with stunt-casting or other ratings-grabbing gimmicks, and the network maintains it has no plans to move the show. "I called (the network) and they were all chirpy and cheery," she notes. "I said, "Am I the only one freaking out?" But they said, "Don't worry, we love you. You're not going anyplace. It doesn't matter how many strange things they eat on that show, we're not going to take you off." I'm like, "Well, thank you, but cocktails would be better. Send booze."
Credit: Entertainment Weekly

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