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Roush Room: Ask Matt, 12.16.02 ...

Question: Matt, hands down the best, funniest, and most creative character on television is Kirk from Gilmore Girls. The Thanksgiving episode about Kirk and his cat, also named Kirk, was just hilarious. Part of me tunes in every week just to see what Kirk will do next! Kudos to the writing team who created such a wonderful character and the actor who portrays him! And here's to hoping that Kirk gets a love interest soon! Audrey

Matt: I know this isn't officially a question, but I so wholeheartedly concur that I felt it was worth sharing. One of the reasons I rank Gilmore Girls so highly in my columns (and put it in my current top 10 of 2002 list) is for the wealth of quirky and funny characters that support the Gilmore Girls. And Sean Gunn, added this season to the list of regulars, has really come into his own lately. He's probably the best comic neurotic on TV next to Brad Garrett on Everybody Loves Raymond, and I appreciate someone else pointing this out.

Question: I know you're a fan of Gilmore Girls (as all should be), but I was wondering what you thought about the overplayed Rory/Jess/Dean triangle that still lives on even after the break-up. It's forced the show to take a very Dawson's Creek-ish turn in some fans' opinions. I mean, almost-fights in dark alleys with horrible dialogue (Dean: "This is my town") are so not typical of this show. My real question is, do you think the teen shift will affect Lauren Graham or the show's chances of being nominated for awards like the Golden Globes and Emmys? I hope no, I fear yes. Your thoughts? Alexis

Matt: You make a good point. I still think the likelihood of this show getting acknowledged at the Emmys (the Globes are a better shot) remains pretty slim, mostly because of the way it straddles comedy and drama, and for whatever reason has never achieved the heights of major media obsession that Ally McBeal enjoyed at its peak. But on a creative level, I've felt from the moment that Jess arrived in Stars Hollow that a character out of the traditional WB playbook had been inserted into an otherwise original series (at the same time the writers seemed to lose interest in the heretofore charming Dean and turned him into a bore). The way the story has played out recently, Rory deserves better than either of these drips. And given the delightful wit of the rest of the show, the dollops of teen angst do feel awfully close to pandering to the network's target audience.
Credit: TVGuide Online

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