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Toying With Fame, 12.07.02 ...

The price of admission to Motorola's fourth annual Toys for Tots bash, held at the Lot, across from the Formosa Cafe in West Hollywood, was a toy. So it was a fun game to watch what toys the stars brought to the party.

Jerry O'Connell carried a red Fling rocket toy. Christina Ricci brought a toy truck. Andy Dick tossed something called a Creator. Marla Sokoloff carried a white stuffed Hello Kitty. Shannon Elizabeth and husband Joseph Reitman brought a plastic tool shop called My Workshop. Fittingly, Tori Spelling brought a Barbie doll. Jeff Patterson ("Gilmore Girls") handed in a baseball mitt and glove. His favorite Christmas toy: "Robot Commando. It was a robot you controlled with a remote to open its mouth and fire missiles. I used it to torture my sister."

"South Park" creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker wrote a $10,000 check, which will buy a heck of a lot of toys. Sean Patrick Thomas brought a Tonka Truck, Jay Hernandez brought a Hyper Ride race car set, and Melissa Rivers chucked in Rumble Robots Invasion.

Already inside the loud, cavernous party with brightly colored furry furniture was a cross section of stars such as Mira Sorvino, Christina Aguilera, Demi Moore, Elisha Cuthbert, Taryn Manning, Joely Fisher and former "90210" star Ian Zierling.

Not all the party people tossed toys into the barrel guarded by Marines in full dress uniform. Poor little rich girl Paris Hilton was busy posing for photogs in her shiny white mini dress, leather jacket and newsboy cap. Former Hollywood party gal Heidi Fleiss literally cooled her heels in sandals, lace-up leather pants and furry jacket. Anna Nicole Smith, sans toy, was one of the last to arrive. Stuffed into a hot pink bustier dress, her platinum hair piled high, Smith jiggled like tapioca pudding as she trotted as fast as her hot little high heels would allow past the photographers. "My God, she's huge!" exclaimed an onlooker.
Credit: U-San Bernardino County Sun

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