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TV Gal Has Seen the Rest, Now She Lists the Best, 12.09.02 ...

I've made my list, I've checked it twice. And in the spirit of the holidays, I'm only talking about what's nice. Here's my list of the best of everything television.

Best Partner: Dixon on "Alias." I might start a petition and demand we see more of his character. Who is with me?

Best Teenager with an Attitude: Vanessa on "The Bernie Mac Show."

Best Teenager, Male: Warren on "Ed." I can't believe I forgot to rescue him in my Nov. 21 column.

Best Teenager, Female: Rory on "Gilmore Girls."

Best Reason to Add a Seventh "Friend" : Paul Rudd as Phoebe's boyfriend.

Best Son: Raymond on "Everybody Loves Raymond."

Best Daughter: Amy on "Judging Amy." Although we simply have to get my namesake out of the funk she's been in this season.

Best Cop: Faith on "Third Watch."

Best Detective: Joel on "Boomtown."

Best Doctor: Dr. Cox on "Scrubs."

Best Dressed Detectives: Deaq, Van, and Billie on "Fastlane." That is, when they actually leave their clothes on.

Best Church: Glen Oaks Community Church on "7th Heaven." Jeremy London can be my minister any time. And you heard that twin brother Jason will be appearing on the show in January, right?

Best Dad: Andy on "NYPD Blue"

Best Mom: Annie on "7th Heaven"

Best Group of Friends, Teenagers: The gang on "That '70s Show."

Best Group of Friends, Adult: Who else but our "Friends"?

Best Brooder: Nick on "The Guardian."

Best Tech Geek: Marshall on "Alias."

Best Reason to Stay Out of the Sun: Spike on "Buffy."

Best High School: Chilton Academy on "Gilmore Girls." The kids in Stuckeyville have had the same English and math teachers for three years. That can't be a good thing.

Best Grandfather: Richard on "Gilmore Girls."

Best Grandmother: Marie on "Everybody Loves Raymond."

Best Bad-Boy Boyfriend: Jess on "Gilmore Girls."

Best Love Quadrangle: Wesley, Lilah, Fred, and Gunn on "Angel."

Best Villain: Nina on "24."

Best Place to Live: Stuckeyville. It's a small town like Stars Hollow and Everwood, except everyone doesn't know your business.

Best Boss: Josh on "The West Wing."

Best Older Brother: Ephram on "Everwood."

Best Older Sister: Val on "What I Like about You."

Best Place to Work: GBN Television Network on "Less Than Perfect." We don't ever see them actually doing work, do we?

Best President: President Palmer on "24." He just seems to take the job a little more seriously. (By the way, you must go see Dennis Haysbert in "Far From Heaven." Aside from being one of the best movies I've seen this year, Haysbert looks like a completely different person when he smiles, something we never get to see him do on "24.")

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