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Gilmore Girls Catfight!, 12.10.02 ...

Looks like female fencing is en vogue since Madonna foiled herself in the masochistic music video for "Die Another Day." TV Guide Online has learned that the WB's Gilmore Girls plans a similar showdown on its Jan. 21 episode. The sitch: Prep-school girls Rory and Paris as played by Alexis Bledel and Liza Weil draw swords over a political intrigue in their student government. Reow!

"They take fencing for gym class," Weil previews, "and Paris uses it as a way to get Rory because she's upset at something she's done. It's scary and violent! At first, I thought, 'This is too much!'"

Thanks to the magic of television, these Stars Hollow lovelies who are better known for their verbal thrust-and-parry than Alias -style combat will be kickin' some tush. "We had to study fencing for awhile," Weil says. "It was really cool. We also had these amazing doubles come in I had Buffy's double, and I was star struck! She's amazing. They made us look really good."

Given Gilmore's tongue-in-cheek take on things, the catfight will likely be good for some laughs. "If anybody was behaving this way in a real school, you'd be expelled," Paris's portrayer smiles. "It is weird to be doing a sport in P.E. whose original objective was to kill people."

When she's not skewering Rory literally, the insecure Paris rivals her pretty schoolmate in study hall. "My character is much more academic and booksmart than I am," Weil admits. "I had a horrible time in high school, and just really didn't want to be there." Hmm... Do people expect the actress to be as clever as Paris in real life? "I don't know," she says. "I mean, nobody's ever challenged me to quote from The Iliad or anything..."

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